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Posted: February 14, 2010

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New Bethel Road where it intersects with Long Creek Road
Lafayette, TN 37083
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Plastic pipes have been put in and it is right off the road and VERY easy to get the water. It is free-flowing and cold. Nestle bottles their water in that county and my husband’s grandfather would drive there to get his water even though he had a spring on his own land. He said it was the best in the area for taste.

Nearest Address

New Bethel Road where it intersects with Long Creek Road. It actually intersects two times but it is the northernmost intersection and there is a large red barn on the corner.

Directions from Nearest Address

It can be a bit hard to locate but if you follow the nearest address section you will find it.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 6.8 – 7.0

Hours Spring is Open:



Submitted by: Karyn Kirtland

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  1. Terry Neal says:

    I have been here many times. This is an excellent place to get clean water. Easy access.

  2. Blake Arnold says:

    This water is very good and pristine. I have tested the pH of this and it is between 6.8 – 7.0. It is very good has road side access. It can be a bit hard to locate but if you follow the nearest address section you will find it. I plan on testing it for many other things and I will post the results as I find them.

    Thanks for this great site!

  3. Karyn Kirtland says:

    Blake, I am so glad to hear you had it tested. I had wanted to do that, but didn’t get around to it and given that the spring is so cold, I was not all THAT worried about it. I drive up from Nashville to get the water and my only concern is leaving it sitting in bottles for the many weeks is sits around here.

  4. Matthew Coffman says:

    Just went to this spring yesterday, and it’s fantastic. Definitely not the easiest spring to find, but the picture definitely helped–as soon as I saw the spring, I recognized it from the photo.

    Thanks for this resource and this website! Does anyone know of any other springs that might be a little closer to Nashville?

    • Karyn says:

      I am glad you were able to find it. I too live in Nashville and it is quite a drive for water. I only go when I want to take a drive anyway. I did visit the one on the east side of Cookeville and it was close to the road and easy to get to though the area was hit hard and all the trees are down.

      • Charles Bowman says:

        Can’t say all is still there but if exploring try Hidden Valley just outside Cookeville. I was there in 1980/81 school yr. That’s one I’d love to own. A person should only use glass with good seal. Blake PH is not the thing to worry about so much. Containment’s are.. After/during a heavy rain over a period of time and several samples tested by someone like Nestle (for everything) would tell the facts. Pool test wil give PH.

      • ryann says:

        Do you have address/crossroad location to the spring in Cookeville?

  5. Karyn says:

    I live in Rogersville, TN so if anyone knows of a spring close to me, I’d sure love to hear about it. A bad back makes a long drive not feasible for me.

    • pat says:

      karen, there is a spring on 11E/11W as you travel from blountville towards kingsport. If you are headed towards kingsport it’s on the left side of the road, it is coming from a white pipe & people have left a white plastic bag tied to one of the bushes to mark it. Be careful as you will pass it & not realize it.

  6. Amanda White says:

    Would anyone be interested in a monthly/bi-monthly pick-up situation? Like every time I go, I get extra for others an vice-versa? I’m in Franklin so it’s a haul! If so, email me at Thanks!

    • Charles Bowman says:

      Always a possibility.If this is the same spring I have known for 63 years I haven’t drink from for 20 plus years. It’s just off Long Creek RD. TURN left at bottom of hill considering one going in from HWY 52 at stop light and onto Long Creek Rd. or by the New Bethel Rd. That Property was in my Step fathers family so I’ve drink from it many times. However, now without having several test done at certain times I would think twice. There have been many homes built on the long creek road with normal home sewer systems above it. I knew a family that had a very sick child in the late 60’s that was on a new well with new house. When Vanderbuilt diagnosed problem they had well checked. It was determined a few short minutes after the commode was flushed one could hear water pouring into well. Since she was only one sick one has to assume she just happened to drink at right time. Outside of that yes it’s very cold on hottest day and did taste great. Charles Bowman

    • Ryann says:

      Hey Amanda! I just emailed you:)

  7. Evey says:

    Did someone ever get this water thru a chemical test? We have well water but I recently found out the state is dumping flouride, among other things, into our water source.

  8. Anoth says:

    So i went by today and filled 6 jugs worth. I’m gonna go ahead and say the waters ok cause sum1 connected a pvc pipe to a tank that feeds their house… not sure what to say about that. I drank the water and im ok. If i get sick or experience unexpected limb growth, I’ll reply to my post. Otherwise, g2g.

    • Anoth says:

      Ok so i have almost finished my water. Drank it straight, cooked with it, gave it to my pets. No issues. 2 jugs left. I’ll make the drive 4 another 6 jug refil when im done.

  9. Ryann says:

    Hey all! Has anyone been back to the spring recently?! any updates will be awesome:)

  10. Has anyone been recent? I went about a month ago, and the pipes were not connected anymore, and unable to get the water. I am hoping someone can answer this before I make the trip! Thanks in advance!

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