Kinzel Springs,Townsend, Tennessee, 37882


Posted: April 28, 2014

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Long Branch Road
Townsend, Tennessee, 37882
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The spring is located over a small wooden bridge on the left of the road: the water flows out of a copper pipe.

  1. Denice Tinsley says:

    Went to this spring this weekend. Gathered some water. It is clear and cold. Coming out of the side of a mountain with copper pipe. There is a pvc pipe that someone has placed around the copper pipe covered with moss but it doesn’t touch the copper pipe. I don’t know about the quality of water but have been drinking it this week with no ill effects. Will probably stick to the spring off Love’s Creek Road in Knoxville since it is closer for me and Knox County does test it periodically. There is a place to pull over on the road but it leaves your car in the road a bit. The road is not heavily traveled so it wasn’t a big problem. We used our gps on phone to find road and it took us right to it. Coming from Maryville, the road is right after you see the century 21 office on the right before you enter Townsend. The spring is on the left side of the road and you will need to turn around to get a decent parking space. The flow is decent but not as good as the flow at Love’s Creek site in Knoxville.

  2. Norman Fox says:

    Went by there yesterday and there’s been a cave in of sorts. No water out of the pipe anymore. It seeps up from the ground and runs into the creek but no way to put a jug under it anymore.

  3. Jake says:

    Our family rebuilt this spring last year, so it has much better flow now.

  4. Ginger LaRue Marshall says:

    My family owned a cabin near Barefoot Jerry’s story.We lived in Knoxville but spent every summer on “Little River”.
    Our cabin did not have running water,so we walked to the local spring’s for our drinking water.We had a rain barrel for other water and an outhouse.We would cries the swinging bridge and over to Spring Rd.with our glass gallon jugs(Coke aCola) to retrieve our water.
    There where (2) other springs we also used.Peewee on Old Walland Hwy.just down river from Lovers Lane,which flows from Mnt.Matthew,and is still running to date.The other mom would drive to at the old Laurel Lake.It was near where the gate is at “Laurel Valley”
    today.This would have been been the 1950’s

  5. Anusha says:

    Hello, does anyone use or know the water quality of Kinzel Springs? …or possibly where I can have it tested? I stumbled upon it last weekend and would love to know if it’s safe.

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