Kristin Spring, Ogden, UT


Posted: July 22, 2009

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27th Street
Ogden, UT 84404
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It’s piped into a pool that runs downhill through the forest.

Nearest Address

27th street, Ogden, UT, 84404

Directions from Nearest Address

Take 27th street East to the mountain, park and follow the right hand side trail (with a long gate), traveling south east and upwards into the trees. Listen closely because you should be able to hear the running stream of water, which will lead you to the spring. (Note: I have been drinking this water for a year, and it’s the best water ever.)

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 56
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7.2 – 7.4

Hours Spring is Open:



Submitted by: Chris Hill

  1. Wildgeeser says:

    I think that this spring is [also] called the “Malan Spring”. TDS is 56.

  2. Hcgresearch07 says:

    Arrived in Salt Lake today for a convention. My first business trip as a wild water seeker. this was only my second spring to find and it was fun. When We arrived at the end of 27th street the electrical company was doing some construction and asked us not to park there. I could identify the long gate spoken of and headed south east up into the trees following a small rock path. the further I walked the more unlikely a spot it appeared to be but my 16 year old daughter encouraged me to keep exploring. suddenly we began to hear the water. traveling up just a bit further finding the spring was a lovely surprise. a young man and his dog were there and assured me that he had been drinking the water for some time and that it was safe.I am new to this and don,t know enough to be certain about what I am discovering. The water was ice cold and delicious as was the experience.Much thanks to Michael for carrying our water to the car. Today was my daughters first hunt and she will never be the same. Our lives have all
    taken on a new magic since we became wild water seekers. Thanks to all.

  3. callredy3 says:

    Does anyone know: What is the source of this spring? Should there be any concerns about the pipe used to bring this water to the surface? I have started drinking this water and I like it, just questions I’ve had in mind. 

  4. Trinitylovesya says:

     for your info this spring is contaminated but is safe for plants, update log 03/14/12 please be careful out there when trusting others without having professional lab results posted thank you

    • Rune Star says:

      Yes, I’d like to know the specifics on the safety of this spring as well.

      Just starting out and would like to find a great water source!

      • Rune Star says:

        I went and gathered 8 gallons from this spring and met people along the way asking their thoughts on the 2 springs in this canyon. A couple people called this spring ‘dog pond’ which is cute & interesting, and one mentioned that the water up further (City Spring) has even better water– though I didn’t make it to the City Spring before the sun set. A couple of others say they see people drinking out of ‘dog pond’ all the time. Another said they have drank from these two springs for years.
        So I’ve been drinking nothing but my gathered water for the past week and I feel good. The water actually feels like it is more energized and pure.I’d still like to know how ‘Trinitylovesya’ thinks this is ‘contaminated’.

  5. Cami says:

    its sad to see this place go not enough springs in Utah

  6. Hintsofharmony says:

    I have tried this spring and never gotten sick but there is a high likelihood of giardiasis and other bacteria in the water. Does anyone know where I can find documentation of what is in the water for this spring and others?

  7. Gambit says:

    Contaminated? With what? How are you aware of this contamination? 

  8. Sean says:

    My TDS meter says its 114.

  9. Ron Thornburg says:

    I am writing a book for the Ogden Trails Network committee called “Secrets of the Ogden Trails.” I would like to talk with an Ogden-area “wild water seeker.” Please e-mail me if you could educate me about the springs in the Ogden foothills.

  10. Bill says:

    I think Kristin Spring is located half a mile up the trail from this one. You follow Taylor Creek to the second bridge crossing and cross the bridge and go up the trail steeply a couple hundred feet. A risky (lots of care to avoid falling off the mountain) thin trail leads to the spring. The spring comes out of the side of the mountain and is enclosed in concrete with 4 hooks. 25 years ago, there was a metal sign that said “Kristin Spring” attached to the hooks. Several years ago, the sign had fallen and was laying about 25+ feet drop under the spring in an almost impossible to reach location. I have hiked in the area above the spring for about 1400 feet of elevation gain and there is zero water, so the water comes from very deep in the earth, more than 600 feet above the city. I have drank from this water many times. It tastes best in the spring and early summer and is slower and has a higher mineral count in the fall. I am quite sure this is private property owned by the Malans family and they have permitted the public to hike on it assuming we respect it. The lower spring is on what is now called the “pond trail” and is a pipe that empties into a pond and then becomes a small creek. This water also tastes good right out of the pipe. This is the one that most people come and fill their containers from. It is perhaps a half mile walk and 100 feet of elevation gain from the top of the city (27th street). I am not sure who owns this land, probably Malans or the city. Taylor creek flows past about 100+ feet to the north during the runoff season in a good water year. So this spring is basically earth filtered ground water from deep under the Taylor creek bed. It is easy to assume both these springs to be 100% free from pesticides and fertilizers people in the city put on their lawns and road salt. I am guessing that it is very unlikely to have any kind of unhealthy bacteria or bad metals in these waters. But nothing is marked and there is no testing of the water, so the drinker assumes all risks. City water on the other hand is tested for a few of the common bad things and the city puts things that are known to be harmful into our drinking water all of the time (example: chlorine and fluorine). And our city water comes from sources that are known to contain traces of road salt, runoff from farms, and many other bad things.

  11. Bridget Nielsen says:

    I just filled up 10 gallons and really enjoyed it. I’m sensitive to bacteria and didn’t feel anything was wrong with it. We used a dolly to carry the water since it’s a mile roundtrip. Love it!

  12. maricella says:

    If there wasn’t a local guy that showed us to way we wouldn’t have found it. So here some
    more detailed directions: Once you park you will see the long gate on the right (south). Follow the main trail, you will pass a building on the right that has a fence and bob wire around it. Keep going on the main trail. After a few minutes you will see three to four large white rocks on the side of that main trail and a smaller trail going left. Take that smaller trail on the left. You will cross a small wooden bridge. The second wooden bridge is where the spring is at!

  13. Dominic Sternhagen says:

    I tested the water for bacterial contamination on March 14th, 2018, and my tests came back negative, so it seems that it is safe in this respect, at least in winter. As has already been noted, its TDS is excellent!

  14. Nicholas Smith says:

    Maylan pound is the first spring you meet on your way up Taylor’s canyon, although, just recently there has been a very slow to no flow.. Kristin spring is the next spring and has a better pH and seems to flow a bit better, I’ve been drinking this water for months now and it’s way better than bottled water or tap water. Living and energized water, mature with mineral memory! There a multiple springs the further up into the canyon you go! It’s a fabulous adventure!

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