Kuruvungna Springs, Los Angeles, California, CA, 90025


Posted: June 27, 2013

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1439 S. Barrington Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90025
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This is originally a Tongva India site that now is surrounded by a highschool. The Tongva Indians continue to prevent LA from plugging it up.  Which is insane, as during an intense earthquake, this might be the only water available for weeks to come for the entire metropolis.
This is the campus of the University Highschool.  There is a natural pool to collect from that hosts crawfish and other signs of healthy water life next to the Kuruvungna Springs Cultural Center and Museum on the property.  And the actual spring source is at the head of the field. The site is open to the public the first Saturday of every month. www.gabrielinosprings.com

  1. Anand Sahaja says:

    Smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles at a sacred Indian Spring. This place needs good legal assistance from someone who cares about Indian rights. Please let anyone who fits this description know. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kuruvungna-Springs-and-The-GabrielinoTongva-Springs-Foundation/175237389216646

  2. Alex says:

    tds: 1020 ph: 7.25

  3. Angie says:

    Went to this spot and it had an open sign but was all locked up. Only open every first Saturday of the month! Will go when open to check it out. Wish I was able to fill up

  4. Hashim says:

    We went here on 10/13/13. The staff at the school said that the water may be contaminated, and they are asking people not to drink it.

  5. nybe says:

    What a waste: this is an ancient Indian village and it’s a ruin because of the city. Beautiful fresh spring water, about 22-25k gallons/day just running off full blast into the storm drain… Old story I guess. Spent about an hour taking to Angie, the lady that takes care of the place. I’m pretty sure this spring supplied the city of Santa Monica prior to the Mullholland deal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serra_Springs_(California)

  6. Natacha says:

    Any feedback will be appreciated, is it contaminated? Is it possible to collect some water there?

  7. QueWeezy says:

    I just want to know if the water is drinkable or not.

  8. ELOHIM says:

    Been drinking the water here. Happy with the results. Surrounding plant/animal-life appears to be healthy/vibrant. Gates to spring-site are usually locked, in which case you’ll be tasked with climbing a chain-link-fence to access the spring. Bring a partner &/or containers that can survive being dropped over the fence (6-foot tall) onto piles of leaves/dirt. When main gates/entrances to the school campus are locked, the spring is practically inaccessible, so only come when the campus is open. *WARNING* there are 2 on-campus parking lots right next to the spring which both have gates that are routinely locked, so BEWARE when parking here there is RISK of having your CAR TRAPPED. I recommend parking on the street (Texas Ave) unless you sense that the on-campus parking lot will remain open long enough for you to fill your containers and leave. Street-parking is only approx 50-feet further to travel your containers. The energy of this spring is divine; a powerful, tranquil, & ancient site. In-joy~ Peace~

    • Daniel says:

      So even if the campus is open i still have to jump a fence? So if the school was closed would i have to jump 2 fences? Thanks I am getting ready to go and pick some up so I just want to be prepared. Best Regards. Thank you

  9. Kurt4Peace says:

    went on this first saturday of the month and was told that it was closed. Contaminated, supposedly from dry cleaner chemicals. My heart cries!! It’s a shame that humanity is so lame!!! This natural spring water now runs straight into the sewer… :-/

  10. Daniel says:

    I just called and the lady said, that i could not take containers to bring some home with me. So what is this location for?

  11. Grace says:

    Does anyone know if the water is still contaminated? I bottled some and am afraid to drink it….

  12. Sarah says:

    So is it contaminated or not?

    How can we verify?

  13. Saintaolo says:

    Elohim above just told you guys the water is drinkable. Why keep asking. I am sure they posted the warning to prevent nature lovers from enjoying this gift. Enjoy it … or not!

  14. David says:

    So, I’m *not* an expert of any variety. I’ve been visiting this page for over a year trying to deduce if there is potable spring water that can be collected in or near Los Angeles. Believing Alex’s comment about the “TDS” (second comment) which stands for “total dissolved solids” I’ve just learned, 1,200 is in the unacceptable category. Or at least according to the sources I found. So unless you know some magical way to treat the contaminated spring water, which seems to sort of defeat the purpose, it seems getting drinking water from here is out. http://www.safewater.org/PDFS/resourcesknowthefacts/TDS_AND%20_pH.pdf

  15. ErikaH says:

    We were there in July on first Saturday. What a lovely place a former memorial garden with huge old growth trees. The water is living as it wells from ground near museum. Please if you go be respectful of the Tongva people who manage that land. We saw people take water that day tho it was frowned upon greatly. The school who own the land does not like people taking water due to risk of illness or lawsuits though there is a recent water quality test on file somewhere. But the land is very healing just to go and sit and be with living water in center of major metropolitan area. It needs PROTECTION many times it has been threatened with condos or parking lots. It would be the greatest shame to lose it. They have a Before Columbus party in October there the public is invited to join.

  16. Lamont says:

    To know for sure, I’ll go to the spring, get a sample, and pay to get the water tested. I’ll post the results before the first saturday of next month, so everyone can be sure whether it is contaminated or not. let’s pray for the latter.

  17. RaClair says:

    @Lamont: that would be awesome! I just found this site, and have been ‘laboring’ over what to do about the clean drinking water “issue”! I live in LA and am astonished and so happy to find out about something like this!Sounds so beautiful and peaceful, too! Please post the results when you find out! I would so love to get clean water, naturally. 🙂 Cheers!

  18. kelly says:

    I live less.than a mile from site. In the 90’s the (now gone) Mobil gas station was closed due to a major leak pouring into the earth. It was a big deal. I suppose it is all cleaned up but its location is a stones throw away (corner of Bundy/wilshire. Approx 12054 Wilshire blvd) from the spring, which concerns me. Maybe this is the cause of the pollution? I wouldn’t drink because of that.

  19. emil g. jr. says:

    Think about it folks.. if you had a well in your back yard it would be prudent for you to test this water at regular intervals. Because of the location of this Spring and all the Commercial Activity ( it is not in the middle of the forest ). So until someone tests the water and the Test Results are Posted, I wouldn’t take a bottle home to serve my family. But, if I go their on one of the Saturdays they are open, I am sure I’ll try it. Why someone doesn’t Bottle it up and sell it.. Or is it that the Owners drink Tap Water and do not buy $1 a gallon Sprint Water like the most of us do. For me I’ll look for another Spring that I feel is safe.

  20. ELOHIM says:

    Follow-up to my prior comment:
    This spring is currently not realistic as a source for water. Being on a school campus means it’s regularly closed off to the public. The site itself is natural, beautiful, & pristine, however the surrounding area is a dense urban environment. The last time I went, the water did not taste right. That said, it’s better than tap water & the majority of bottled water, as long as you’re able to gain access & escape afterwards…
    You’re much better off going to the spring in Duarte which is part of the Angeles National Forest.


  21. Raclair says:

    Hi, All, the water at this site is being tested for contaminants, and, unfortunately, it is definitely contaminated. One of the ladies there told me the upper spring (which is apparently a really big one, I have not seen it) tested positive for a dry cleaning chemical, and I can vouch that the lower spring (the one you see immediately as you walk onto the Tongva site) is contaminated, most likely w/ same. 🙁 I took some water recently but it definitely was not good, and I ended up returning it to the site, just ’cause I felt it was the right thing to do. Right now this site is not an option for clean water, and the people who run it are very concerned about people getting sick until it is restored (hopefully) and made safe. They are working on it. I put in a couple calls to the superintendent of LA Unified, Steve Zimmer, as they actually own the land, and stopped by the City Council in that area and spoke at length w/ the Field Deputy to Councilman Mike Bonnin: Len Nguyen, after speaking w/ Paulina at the site. At Zimmer’s office Claudia Vizcarra and 1 other person are working directly w/ the Tongva Indians. Anyone who can help or be supportive to them please contact them to find out what is most important to have communicated at this time (there were several different things/difficulties going on at once) and then contact Steve Zimmer’s office @ LAUSD to voice concerns, (213) 241-6387, and Len Nguyen @ Mike Bonnin’s office, City Council. The sites at Duarte or Monrovia are better options for now if you are in LA.

  22. RL says:

    We need to hold everyone accountable and see if this can be cleaned up immediately. We must be the most ignorant people in the entire Universe to contaminate a Natural Spring like this. This is an Earth Crime!

  23. YB says:

    Go get your water from the Carlsbad spring..right near the ocean.. It’s great..taste delicious..I’ve been drinking it for about 3 wks..sleep much better and I feel it’s good. However, I have not had it tested. Where does one get it tested?

  24. Powdered Canyon says:

    Any recent updates of this site?

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