Lithia Springs, Shelby, North Carolina


112 Springbrook Dr
Shelby, NC 28150
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Local spring in Shelby, NC that locals have been using for years to obtain fresh spring water. Located at the end of Springbrook Drive in Shelby, NC (behind the Ingles on Highway 18), you will walk across a wooden bridge and the spring is at the end of the walk way. The water you will get is coming out of a PVC pipe.

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  1. Gloria Coleman says:

    Where is your water sold other than groceries?

  2. Aisu Kushida says:

    This water contains Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulphide) Do NOT drink!!!

    • Bambi Myers says:

      Aisu Kushida,
      Are you saying that the Lithia Spring, in Shelby, NC contains Hydrogen Sulfide?
      If so, how do you know this?

    • My grandparents started drinking this water around 1973 – it helped them immensely – there is nothing wrong with the water – it contains some sulfur which accounts for the smell, which is temporary. I have gone there for years to pick up a jug or two and have met locals there who have drunk it their entire lives – some of them in their 80’s and 90’s.

  3. Aisu Kushida says:

    Well it is quite obvious that it does contain hydrogen sulfide because the water in the bottle i took was clear but smells a strong odor of rotten eggs which is usually caused by hydrogen sulfide. I went to a lab just to make sure.

  4. Ethan says:

    Why is there a PVC pipe? Those are plastic and unnatural and may leach toxins. Could a glass pipe be used? Or just getting it out of the hole in the rocks?

  5. Kathleen says:

    It’s not harmful to drink water that has sulfur in it. The smell dissapates in less than 24 hours. I called Public Works in Shebly and the man I spoke with, who’s in his 60’s, said the spring is outside the city limits but he knows people who have been drinking it all their lives.

  6. marty bradley says:

    I went by spring today and did not see the pvc pipe. I need to know if this water is safe to drink and where to find the pvc.

  7. What is the final word on the water quality..I used to drink it as a kid in Shelby. What is Lithium?

  8. Elliot says:

    hydrogen sulfide is safe to drink and so is lithium. Lithium has been known to have properties to make one live longer and is an antidepressant. These quantities are likely much smaller than those used for treating mental illness. Here is a good website about lithium. Currently without a mineral constituent test we don’t know how much lithium this spring even contains or why it was named lithia spring.

  9. Sarah Mellon says:

    I drink this water all the time. People drive great distances too full up jugs. It’s a key ingredient for many people to living a long, healthy life.

  10. Scott Sullivan Carpenter says:

    I have been drinking this water for 8 years! Shhh! Keep the secret. Getting too crowded!

  11. Kairaba says:

    Does any one know if this spring still functional?

  12. Dre day says:

    Ok so I finally found the spring and yes it smells like rotten eggs but after 24 hours the smell goes away..according to locals alot have been drinking this water there whole life! Anybody on here can confirm this? How can I test it…

    • My advice is don’t worry about it. I know too many folks who have drank it daily for their entire (long) lives – it is owned by the town of Shelby and is open to the public – if there were a health issue, it would not be. It has been there at least 100 years with no reports of problems that I am aware of. Just stopped there on my way from Ft Bragg to Asheville this morning and got 3 gallons.

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Comment:Give it 24 hours to loose the sulfur smell and then you are good

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