Little Yellowstone Spring, Kathryn, ND


54th Street SE
Kathryn, ND 58049
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Lovely tasting water pumped by hand from the spring you can hear flowing underground. It is located on the west side of Little Yellowstone Park, which is a great campground to overnite at as well. There is parking by the spring and a hiking trail from the spring that is only sometimes mowed for walking use. There is a beautiful spring fed creek that flows through the grounds. The park is located in a big valley, beautiful hillside to hike up.

I am told by a local geneology researcher that the spring used to be free flowing and when the old highway used to go right past it and everyone would stop to fill up water containers. I am unsure why they put the pump device in, but the water still tastes great. The nearest big city is Fargo, ND which is about an hour and 20 minutes NE.

Additional info:

Nearest Address

54th Street SE Kathryn, ND 58049

Directions from Nearest Address

Located on the west side of Little Yellowstone Park campground. You will need to drive 1/4 to 1/2 a mile past the actual campground staying on highway 46. You will be going up the hill out of the valley and on your left you will look down and see a gravel road to turn onto at the top of hill. This takes you down to the spring. As a landmark there are usually cows grazing in the pasture next to the gravel road. You will also see some signs about no hazerdous materials or chemicals past this point.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Intermittent
  • TDS: 250-280
  • Temp: 57.2° F
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



46.51772 -96.27806

Map Link: Little Yellowstone Spring Map

Submitted by: Crystal Dawn

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  1. crystal dawn says:

    The TDS should be 250-280… oops! I swear I double checked all my typing before I submitted the spring. I wish it was a 20 though =)

  2. crystal dawn says:

    The map link for this spring is wrong. It shows up in Minnesota instead of North Dakota. I am not sure if this is from the GPS coordinates I listed or not. I used my Garmin GPS to grab the coordinates so they should be correct. Use the nearest address to find directions instead.

  3. Moniqa says:

    OMG this water is nothing short of miraculous! we got some today & drank it all the way back to Bismarck about 155 miles. my daughter & i were both having aura cleansing. i took many many deep breathes without even trying they just kept coming. we both felt a lightening up, proper thought processes. We felt a a calm energy field around us & reconnection to the earth & universe. These waters are parent water from glaciers that once were in this state. awesome feeling. thanx for the post.

  4. Moniqa says:

    i think it should be noted that the directions are if you’re traveling west. we got a little confused even tho you said it was on the west side of park. we didn’t know if the park & campground were in seperate areas so we weren’t sure where to turn. we finally found it but ended up several miles out of our way trying to find it.

  5. crystal dawn says:

    Yes… the directions given are if you are coming from the East heading West… sorry about the miscommunication… the first time we went to find the spring we never found it and had to come back on a different day.

  6. Moniqa says:

    we’re going again today to get water. we just ran out of water & i’m so anxious to go back. i love that i finally drink water in abundance. its been a week since we were there last. we brought back 13 gallons. i drank 6 gallons my daughter drank 6 and we drank on the way back. i can really see the difference in our thought process & i can tell other people are feeling my good energy coming from a reconnection with the universe. And there’s no better time than 2012 which is a time of an abundance of water according to the Mayans.

  7. DL says:

    We just got back today from camping there! Great place to camp, though we never got any water from the spring fed creek. It’s extremely cold, I know that after putting my hand in it while hiking through the woods where the spring runs through.
    Such beautiful scenery, and so very quiet where we camped, in the primitive area.
    As for directions, very simple. Just head south off I-94 at exit 292 at Valley City, ND and the signs will take you 20 miles down the road and to the park. So simple.

    • liz brown says:

      Hi There –

      Just wondering if you have been to this spring recently. I’m hoping to go this weekend and want to be sure it’s still running. Thank you:)

      • Crystal Dawn says:

        In my experience the spring is always running… I have only not been there in Dec, Jan, Feb, or March… all other months I’ve gone it is always ready to use. I’ve been drinking the water for 3+ years.

  8. Crystal Dawn says:

    The TDS was 240 when we were there a few days ago.

  9. Genevieve Ulmer says:

    My kids and I went to this pump yesterday and couldn’t get any water. It was very disappointing. We pumped and pumped, then tried some more, but still nothing. Is there a trick to it or perhaps the pump is broken? The only consolation was to have discovered the Little Yellowstone playground and campsite nearby. My kids could have explored the woods and played in that spring fed creek for hours. 🙂

  10. David says:

    This spring is pretty good. The TDS is a little high for me but otherwise quite refreshing in this scenic country.

    I spoke with a local woman while I was there and she said the local authorities shut it off during the winter season. I stayed at the campground nearby and thoroughly enjoyed that. This is a great spot for taking a break on a long road trip.

    For those looking for an even more superior source of water, I highly recommend the nearby location on this website by Crystal Springs.

  11. Kalli says:

    Visited this spring today and it was flowing strongly! Delicious water. Gravel road was just west of the mile 66 marker. Looking forward to returning again soon.

  12. Crystal Dawn says:

    I tested the water yesterday and got the results: negative harmful bacteria, 0.0 ppm copper, 0.0 ppm iron, there was a total Nitrate that tested 0.0 ppm and just a Nitrate that was 2.0 ppm (the tap water in town, which I don’t drink has 10.4 ppm nitrates, and not sure what he difference between the 2 Nitrate tests are???). The PH was 9 (alkaline) hardness was 250 ppm, 0.0 ppm chlorine, the water also tested negative for both lead and pesticides.

  13. Crystal Dawn says:

    The spring is going to be shut down by the end of summer 2016 by Barnes County. I’m not sure that it even works now. Last time we were there it was really hard to get and there was no water pressure from the hand pump.

  14. Crystal Dawn Nicklay says:

    The county has shut the spring down and installed well water pumps throughout the park. ????

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