Lynnwood Artesian Well, Lynnwood, WA


Posted: July 22, 2009

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2399 164th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
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Well in Picnic Point-North Lynnwood, Washington

Has a spout, shelter and parking for 5-6 cars. 2 spouts, five gallons per minute from each.

Nearest Address

164th Street, Lynnwood, WA

Directions from Nearest Address

Off I-5 exit 183, go right on 164th 3-4/10 of a mile to the bottom of the hill and you will see cars on the north side. Quite a popular place; busy even late at night. One can go there 24/7 and get free water. There are two “fill up areas” and each spills out five gallons per minute.

It is on 164th St SW, roughly half way between 22nd Ave. W and 25 Ave. W on the N. side of street. So, it is a left turn (west) from I-5 if you are coming from Seattle.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 64
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7.4

Hours Spring is Open:



47.850159, -122.265591

Map Link: Lynnwood Artesian Well

Submitted by: Amith Seshagiri, Jim Casale, Damien Abel

  1. Matthew K says:

    To The Nice people who posted the Lynwood spring…

    Do you know of a spring in Issaquah? I will be working at the village theatre in the fall and will not have a car so will have to rely on bicycle or a once-a-week ride to fill up, so it needs to be close to town. Any ideas?

    • Bill Johnson says:

      I don’t think there are any springs nearby, so it looks like you may have to either buy Crystal Geyser water (highly recommended) or you’re stuck with drinking King County’s fluoridated and chlorinated water….. flouride kills, so you had better buy the bottled water instead. I haven’t drank city water in over 20 years.

      • Christine Elijiah says:

        I used to be a spring water only person, but it was giving me a sour stomach. I did some research, and found out that the acid level of spring water can be quite high, so it’s a good idea to check its acidity and add a smidge of baking soda. I have since switched to distilled water — it is the same as rainwater essentially and it is preferable in my opinion.

        • Lacey says:

          Spring water is not the same as distilled. All the good minerals & ions have been removed by the distillation process… Think table salt compared to sea salt. Overtime, drinking distilled water will make you mineral deficient. At the very least, add mineral drops to your distilled water.

          Distilled water is more acidic than spring water. Maybe something else was causing the sour stomach. Maybe the water wasn’t acidic enough for you because more acid is actually good for the stomach.

  2. Ravisraman says:

    I just visited this spring, wow what a find! It is so easy to get to from Seattle or Bellevue/Redmond. Just 10 minutes on I-5 and 1/4 mile away. There is ample parking on the side of the road in a little lot and the well itself is sheltered.

    When I visited, around noon on a sunny Saturday – there were another 6 cars there. I waited about 10 minutes and got my turn. There are two spouts, each flowing 5 gallons per minute. The water is ice cold and very refreshing and clean tasting.

    There is also some more information posted at the site itself about the water source. It is from an Artesian Well. Depth of the well is 400 feet and tops out at 120 feet. The Lynwood Well is drilled down to 200 feet and the water is completely untreated – however they do test the water their regularly.

  3. Ravisraman says:

    Image of the well:

    <img src =””>

  4. tenuki says:

    Actual location is somewhat east of this link. (… )

  5. tenuki says:

    Actual location is somewhat east of this link. (… )

  6. nyapapaya says:

    I love this spring. Easy to get to and the water is ice cold and sch a blessing to drink. The directions were alittle off. When you get to 164th ave you need to take a right not a left. The google map version is wrong. You will see a Fred Meyer on the left of you and you need to take a right on 164th ave. The location is on the right. Next time I go I will get pictures and post them. Happy spring ventures!!!!

  7. Yardsnacker says:

    Good water! Cold, clear and refreshing. Timing is a challenge sometimes as it is usually packed even in the late evening, so parking is tricky. People go pretty fast even with a line of 10 or more people. Plan on driving past once or twice on a busy day.

  8. bobguy98074 says:

    To ease some people's minds, the property is owned by the local Alderwood Water District.

  9. Shaun Rose says:

    Visited the well for the first time yesterday! 5-15-10. When coming from SEATTLE, you must make a left turn on 164th from the exit!!!!
    Interestingly, there were about 9 or 10 adults in line and every single person except for me was an immigrant! People from Asia, Mexico and Samoa. I pointed this out and we had a good laugh! Thanks, Daniel, for starting this site!!!!

    • Christine Elijiah says:

      I bet your parents or grandparents were “immigrants” too. Thank you for pointing out how much more alike we are than different. They drink water, just like us! And they prefer NOT having to pay for water that is free of flouride, bromides, chlorine and other contaminants. What a crazy world we live in!

  10. Francy says:

    I read your comment on the Lynnwood spring. You said to take a right, but one other comment said to take a left. So which way is it, east, west, north or south? THX

    • FastFoodFairy says:

      Depends if you are going north or south on I-5. If going south (towards Seattle, away from Everett) is is a right hand turn onto 164th. If going northbound (like on your way to Canada) you will need to turn left at the 164th off ramp.

  11. Red lautirips says:

    Getting off of I-5, head west. It's on the right (north) side of 164th at the bottom of the hill before it starts to go back up. It's wonderful water. I've been going there for two years now. Definitely worth the drive.

  12. Jeannezzzzz says:

    First time here. lady in about her 60's has been coming here for over 18 years comes from over 50 miles away. Said it is the only water she has drunk in that time. Lifted15 5 gallons containers into her van. I did a TDS. It measured out at 64. It is so sweet. Just here visiting my son who lives in Everett. They will be getting there water from here from now on. Thank you sooo much for posting this site.

  13. tom says:

    Here are the coordinates for the well: 47.850159, -122.265591 It is on 164th St SW, roughly half way between 22nd Ave. W and 25 Ave. W on the N. side of street. So, it is a left turn (west) from I-5 if you are coming from Seattle.

  14. Bill Johnson says:

    This is probably the BEST spring in Washington. If you enjoy this water and would like to help the public have it thoroughly tested, please visit this new blog and help spread the word to others who use it. Water testing is very expensive, but if we join together and all donate a tiny amount, we can share the results and know that the water we drink is clean and pure:

  15. Ementele says:

    Has anyone drinking this water had a bad stomach ache and diarrhea lately? A friend and I have been drinking the water here for some time now. Recently both of us have had stomach problems.

    • Sujatabhatra says:

      Yes, something went off recently. Maybe contamination from all the rains?

    • Christine Elijiah says:

      You need to use scrupulously clean containers and be sure to keep the water refrigerated. Rinse the containers out with a little bit of water and bleach before filling them. If you can’t keep the water refrigerated, if it sits for more than a week or so the natural germs in our environment will start to proliferate. There are websites that offer advice on the best way to store water, for me I add a few drops of Clorox to every gallon. It’s still better than ingesting all the bromides and flourides that are in tap water.

  16. Cbonz2002 says:

    The water is really good and you can get it anytime. I wouldn’t go on the weekends though as it looks like a used car lot with all the people there.
    But is worth making the trip, as the water is again very good and very cold.

  17. Kristen says:

    When I called the City, this said this was not a Spring but a Well. Has anyone tested the water to see what it’s actually picking up from the earth?

  18. Joshb2025 says:

    Does anyone know the pH of this water? Is it reported anywhere?

  19. CT says:

    Hey everybody, I requested the quality test reports for the spring in January 2011 and Lynnwood Water happily complied! You can see them here. They’re valid as of January 2011.

    It’s true, this is the best water in Washington, maybe even the world! I mean, not even imported water is of this high a qualilty with this few pollutants!
    I only ask that if you have a lot of gallons to fill up (over 25), you be polite and go to the end of the line to fill up the rest!
    I once had to wait for a guy to fill up 44 5 gallon jugs, along with a ton of other people (as you might imagine). He was totally unapologetic about making everyone wait almost an hour and said he did this “monthly” (though I don’t believe him). He was Canadian none-the-less! And I was the only one to speak up and call him out. NOT okay. He should have at least let the next in line go after every 25 gallons or so. Next time, I’m gonna make myself the well heckler. I know it’s not socially acceptable because it’s a free public resource but someone’s got to call people out and remind them of human decency, in a decent manner.

    • nicewater says:

      dude, the world doesn’t revolve around you!!

      • Jason89 says:

        LOL~!.Whether you have a small bottle or hundred of gallons to fill, Its first come first serve guys. So people who have no patience, please stop complaining. And when there are times u do have to wait a while for your turn, just be thankful and blessed that this water of this quality is available for all of us to enjoy. City fluoride and chlorinated tap water sucks. The wait is so worth it. 🙂

        • Hanna554 says:

          if your going to have more than 5-5 gallon jugs I agree with other posts that you should fill your 5 then go to the end of the line for your next 5. Poeple that are rude and tie up one side for over 30 minutes filling up 20-5 gallon jugs or more will cause the water district to shut this thing down or regulate it is some way, neither of which I hope happens. But keep up with your rude attitute and well all loose this privilage.

        • Vlad says:

          Arrogance will inevitably backfire on people who consider themselves “the centers of the universe”. The forms might be various, immediate or remote in time. But if I am there while you or other people like you, Jason, filling your tanks for longer than 5 minutes, I will make sure you (or them) do consider others around. Respect, and be respected! 

      • Rafail says:

        It is first come first serve, and I respect that, but there is also a general ettiquette there as well. I’ve been going there for well over 10 years, and one time recently I saw a couple wait in line together, then take up both sides of the well. I was right behind them with one 24 oz bottle, but they didn’t seem to care at all. I just find the consideration level going down as time goes by, and I think it would be wise if the county would post some guidelines for those who don’t care, or know about the ettiquette of the well so that everything is clear.

    • Suzanne says:

      Being a Canadian, I take offence to the comment of this person being Canadian “none-the -less”.  As a well founded rule, Canadians are very polite and generous by nature and we DO share our water with US citizens.  That being said,  as a fellow Canadian, I must apologize to the folks having to wait for the ungrateful person selfishly going along with his business of gathering water without any kind of regard for other peoples’ needs….he probably did not say thank you to those of you from the states for the water so I will say it for him… Thank You and apologies to all
      Suzanne from the West Kootenay, B.C. Canada

      • Christine Elijiah says:

        The only way we will have world peace is if we have ONE continent — ONE country — ONE world government. Look at all this arguing over what is MINE and what is YOURS! It’s all God’s and we are priviledged to use it to keep our bodies refreshed and energized!

        • ThirstyDooood says:

          Holy crap… spare us the kumbaya drivel and focus on the point made: A modest degree of respect for others waiting in a line should not be too much to ask. If the occasional self-absorbed deadbeat shows up with a trailer full of water bottles to fill up, others should be able to limit the deadbeat’s time at the tap. A maximum time/quantity limit should be exercised when others are waiting… a posted sign would be useful for those otherwise lacking the basic common courtesy.

    • Bijou says:

      Life is all about choices.  You can choose to be appreciative, loving and kind in ANY circumstance or you can choose to be miserable.  This spring can be a wonderful opportunity to improve your reactions if you are often at the mercy of your habitual, negative responses.  Try something new.  Find understanding and patience for a stranger whose upsetting you.  Or at the very least, focus on how fortunate we are to even have such a well in the first place.  See you at the spring!  (I’ll be the happy one.)

  20. Pool_guy98116 says:

    I am all for waiting patiently in line but cmon some of these people have like a 100 containers all under a half gallon,,,buy some 5 gallon jugs!!

    • Postal canary says:

      Lots of people don’t bring 5 gallon jugs, cuz they r too heavy for us to carry. I’m old. I need the smaller containers so I can carry them into my home. My earth home I built when I was younger most people don’t even know my house is there. ????. I know I get tired of standing in line too.

    • Yama says:

      Doesn’t it take about the same amount of time to fill 5 one gallon container as it does a single 5 gallon container? I mean, the amount of time to set down a container and pick up the next is negligible.

  21. Christine Elijiah says:

    I totally understand where Rafail and the others are coming from because I used to feel the same way until I read the Urantia Book. About halfway through — it dawned on my that my selfish attitude –worrying about imagined rules being bent by others whose situation I know little about — was leading me into the darkness and out of the light. 
    Once you realize how much joy and happiness you can receive simply by serving others, the opportunities that result from being in tune with the Love Circuits will be an extra bonus. 
    Consider that we could never know our brother’s sorrows, therefore we are in no position to judge or impose imagined rules of ettiquette. He could have a bad back and not able to lift more than one gallon at a time, or perhaps he spends his day’s work on more worthy causes, such as food for his family or donating to men on the street. 
    But we also need to go easy on the complainers. Just because they haven’t yet figured out the secrets to life’s true cause doesn’t mean we need to railroad them for posting their opinions, it’s within their right and we should all be so lucky to have freedom of speech. 
    We ALL need to patient with one another and mind our manners when it comes to our brothers and sisters. If you have extra money, why not buy a load of 5-gallon jugs and give them away to those who need them?
    We are all being tested and watched to see who will make the cut for the challenges that are just around the corner. We must be loving and kind and keep our gaze soft and gentle when judging our neighbors as well as ourselves. Shalom. ~

  22. Dagobah says:

    I saw a parent let their child urinate next to the well 🙁 this well has become too popular.

  23. kikiG says:

    I went to the well recently and everyone was very nice and respectful. You go with a mindset of waiting anyways. The only thing i have to complain about is the parking. We parked right up front and got blocked in by other people. Other than that. It was great clean water. Meet a few others that have been going there for years. Who cares if somebody is filling up to much water and its taking to much time. We are all in to much of a rush to do nothing anyways! Talk with people around you. Have fun in life.. chill out bring a cuppa coffee with you and relax. 

  24. Anonymous says:

    Water is hard to find.  Much less water that is not polluted by PVC pipe or metal spouts.  PVC is made from Dioxin, which is the most poisonous chemical on the planet and the epoxy and pipe sealant used is toxic….  Plastic has been proven to be made of PBA, which is a female hormone causing three different types of cancers in laboratory male rats.  Also, as i searched into the mountains around Oregon i keep finding springs that have been polluted by the logging companies, spraying “Round Up” to kill all undergrowth to make it easier to get to the trees.  “Round Up” and other chemicals are seeping into the ground water, making it’s way to the rivers and killing the fish and their habitats….

    Please can we work together to stop these types of things….?  Return to using rock and stone to build up our spring sites, collecting the springs with a pour-over ledge to fill our containers.

    I am designing a way to correct some of the spring sites i have found and hope that others will help correct the ones in their areas

    Water is the Source Of All Life.

  25. David says:

    The water is tested by the owner, Alderwood Water and Wastewater District, and posted online at

    There is a Facebook page at

    I fill up two 5-gallon containers about twice a month. I have gone at all times of the day and night. My average wait time is 10 to 15 minutes. The water quality is excellent.

  26. Jingle says:

    Does this water have fluoride or chlorine?

  27. Penelope says:

    The water is the best there! I have been getting water there since the 60’s. There were only a hand full of people that even knew about it..We had to walk back into the woods a little ways back then and there was a primitive old pipe that was just sticking out of the ground that gave us access to the water! Great memories but, I am grateful how they have made it so much easier to access the water! Enjoy everyone!!!

  28. James says:

    This is my 100% personal experience. My experience might not match everybody else. I drank this water only for about 2 years. Recently I had begun to have major pain in both of my kidneys. I would have to pee constantly, my body was no longer retaining any of this water. I don’t know why it took so long to figure out, but I finally for a week after trying numerous things, decided to stop drinking the water.

    I felt better. I’m feeling better. I’m typing this about a week and half since I’ve stop drinking this water raw. The first week I had no water to drink, so I just drank organic juice. Now I just bought a distiller and I’m distilling this water. My kidneys aren’t hurting when I drink it this way so far. The water leaves behind a ton of junk in my distiller. I might make a Youtube video and tell my story.

    I know there’s a lot of talk back and forth about spring water vs distilled water. I guess this is well water and not even from a spring? The quest to find good, pure, healthy water shouldn’t be this hard. Here’s a couple things I would like to add that I have learned..

    – Don’t use plastic ever. Use glass. I used plastic containers / jugs, water bottles, etc. It’s a huge huge mistake. I think everybody can agree on this. Switch to glass.

    – If something isn’t feeling right, listen to your body.

    My body was in extreme pain for far far too long. I should have put 2 + 2 together and stopped drinking the water far earlier. I was drinking a gallon a day. I was all but on my way to the doctor, or the ER. I had already decided to go and felt like whatever was wrong with me was going to cut my life on this earth drastically. I had already accepted it and felt depressed. That’s how much pain my kidneys were in.

    It’s only been like a week and 3 days and I can’t believe how good I feel already. I can’t say for certain that distilled water is better for everybody. I need to wait more time before I make that judgement, but so far it has been good to me.

    I’ve heard everything from ; distilled is lifeless water and it takes out all the minerals the body needs. I’ve also heard that these minerals are inorganic and not healthy to be in your body and distilled is water in it’s pure form without these toxins. I’ve heard that going back and forth from spring to distilled is best. Etc, etc.

    I only know what my body tells me. I’m sorry for the long message. I hope health be amongst you all and hopefully together we can find the truth about what is the healthiest water for us to be drinking. I might make a Youtube video about my story and follow up with how my body is doing with the distilled water I’m drinking.

    Take care.

    • Heidi says:

      I honestly dont know too much about this well, but you are not the first one to get sick from drinking it. Our family got blessed in the beginning of the year with a Kangen water machine and it is the most hydrating, alkalyzing water around. Drinking distilled water is actually very dangerous because it is totally stripped of all minerals, thus stripping the minerals in your body when you drink it. Check with the WHO (World Health Org.) There are findings that distilled water causes heart desease. If you want to drink the best water shoot me an email and I will tell you more about Kangen water. Take care.

    • Natalia says:

      Hi James. I did Lynnwood water also for sometime and also got symptoms in the kidney too and stomach issues. Then I read that that water in Lynnwood was coming mostly from Martha Lake and there are a lots of houses around Martha Lake. I got a distiller instead and even if it makes zero toxins water, it’s still not optimal since there are no minerals there and without minerals it’s not that healthy.

  29. Gary Herald says:

    I drive 140 miles round trip with about 10 all-glass 1 gal Carlo Rossi wine containers. No plastic. My morning coffee is to kill for. My health is to live for.

  30. Jason says:

    I love this water! I have been drinking it for 7 years without a problem. Its always flowing, nice and cold and busy! Its been there for 20 plus years and tested every month by the Alderwood Water district. fuck yes!

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