Magnetic Springs, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

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Small, covered spring found within city park. Anything metallic left in spring becomes magnetized. You may access water straight from spring or sample from spring fed drinking fountain. Includes covered picnic area and parking area.


  1. Drank water yesterday I felt good all day it is very cold and has no taste that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It comes out of a mountain so how can it be contaminated it’s rainwater filtered by the mountain.

  2. I just visited the spring today. It is A very professional set up, with a drinking fountain and also a large covered area where you can fill up at the actual source. I got a personal recommendation from the health food store in eureka Springs to come here, they said it was excellent quality and that a tourist recently sampled the water and reported that she felt she was “floating” due to the water’s metaphysical properties.

    Apparently native Americans came here for this water as well, according to the health food store.

    Tasted pretty amazing to me!

    One local landscape worker nearby said he thought it might not be safe to drink, however he didn’t seem to know what he was talking about in my opinion 😉

    1. This water is not potable. Do NOT drink directly from spring. At one time, it was potable but no longer. Sadly, none of the many springs in Eureka Springs are potable at this time.
      There is a misleading drinking fountain labeled “Magnetic Springs” just below the spring but it is actually city water.

      1. Why do you say it is not? I get the drinking fountain but how is the actual spring city water and why is it not potable?

  3. Listen, people. The fountain is city water, which has chlorine and fluoride in it. The spring itself is not city water, but it is contaminated. Yes, it’s at the foot of a mountain, but directly above it, that mountain is owned by the Great Passion Play, which is a large tourist complex, with old clay sewer pipes that leak down through the karst terrain. Do not drink that spring water!

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