Marion Mountain Campground Spring, near Idyllwild, CA


Posted: October 9, 2009

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Stone Creek Campground Road
Idyllwild, CA 92549
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There are many spigots at the campsites all from the same source.

It’s about 5,000 ft. elevation in this area

Nearest Address

Drive north on the 243 from Idyllwild a few miles to the San Jacinto State Park Entrance. Turn right and follow the signs for Marion Mountain Campground.

Directions from Nearest Address


Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 51
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 5.8

Hours Spring is Open:

24 hrs. / campground



Map Link: Marion Mountain Campground Spring

Submitted by: Jacob

  1. timothy says:

    I visited this area on Nov. 28th while the whole area was covered in snow and was informed by a local that the spring had been capped off and not available anymore. has anyone gone here?

    • Dorothy says:

      there is a spring south of the Lake Hemet store on Hwy 74 just before the landmark, down under the culvert of the south fork of the San Jacinto river which empties into lake hemet.  Dorothy

  2. mikelund says:

    I haven't gone there yet, but this is one of the closest springs to me and I planned on going soon. I'm going to find out more and post it. Thanks Timothy for the info.

  3. mikelund says:

    I haven't gone there yet, but this is one of the closest springs to me and I planned on going soon. I'm going to find out more and post it. Thanks Timothy for the info.

  4. mikelund says:

    I called the Idyllwild Ranger Station today Jan. 11 2010 and the women who I talked to said the campground was closed, which is where the water is flowing, and you can't get into the campground until they upon again:( She also said the Bay Tree spring is capped off.

  5. timelesseye says:

    did they give any information on when the campground would be open again?

  6. mikelund says:

    May 17th. I also talked to Jacob who posted this spring. He is from Earthling Organics. He said I may be able to just walk in and gather water, if the roads are just blocked, and you would have to carry your water. Might be kinda far. I may go up there in a week. I will post what happens

  7. timelesseye says:

    The Lake Hemet spring is great for all of you looking for a spring in the area… It is an hour drive from Temecula but it is the closest spring around.

  8. Kvfarnan says:

    Water is still flowing.

  9. Kvfarnan says:

    Recommend filtering this water. This water is suspect for quality. Is there any experience with using this water?

  10. Eternalpum says:

    I filled up one of the spigots next to the campsites. Before I left I stopped and talked to the campground check-in people.The older gentleman told me that it’s actually well water! And they treat it “a little bit”

    • Kvfarnan says:

      Well water isn’t continuous year round or have a tds below 50 and a 5.8 ph

      • Anthony says:

        I totally agree…most people just dont understand the concept of a free flowing spring, they dont even know they exist. I had to to explain the full hydrological cycle to people in my agency the other day and they were baffled that water just springs out of the earth lol…this is a spring for sure…it couldnt have such a low tds and be free-flowing 24-7

      • laurel says:

        I didn’t know this about well water. Thanks for teaching me! A tds below 50 sounds great (is it?) and idk what a 5.8 pH means in terms of my health: is that too alkaline or too acidic? Thx again.

  11. Kvfarnan says:

    I doubt this was a well..

  12. Anyone know the GPS coordinates?

  13. Eagleheartsong says:

    Sadly, they have capped this spring. We were there this past weekend (August 4, 2012) and they appear to be installing large tanks to contain the water. Will keep you posted. We have been drinking from Lake Hemet Spring (down the road) for the past 3 years, you can find it on this site as well.

  14. jenshakti says:

    We talked to an old timer who had been camping here for years, and his most recent stay in the past 2 weeks. He had the info from the rangers that the spring had been contaminated, a break in the pipe somewhere. At that time there were “boil before use” warning signs on the spigots. It was repaired, and the water tested ok now. The spring is farther up the mountain, its collected into holding tanks for use at the campsites. He also said that the campground is closing early this year on Sept 30th, so get up there quickly to get some amazing water!! Relieved this spring hasn’t “died” like the nearby bay tree spring. Heres a video of the location-

  15. Kate says:

    I went here today and was informed by a lady (park ranger/employee, I believe) that the spring has dried up and so the water now comes from their well.

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