Boston Clear Water Company, Lynnfield, MA 01940


Posted: July 22, 2014

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165 Lowell Street
Lynnfield, MA 01940
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Clean Natural Spring Water

  1. Mario says:

    Self service bottling.
    Its the Best direct spring fed water source on the north shore.

  2. Gail says:

    I see on google maps that it is surrounded by a golf course and lots of homes with swimming pools…

    I’d like to check it out and wonder, are there hours or can you source water there at any time of the day?

    Nice to see that there is another source in MA.

    • Gail says:

      We went to see this site, and no water to be found. At the time we arrived was late on a Saturday afternoon, and there were a couple of closed down buildings, with no signage whatsoever. Don’t waste your time!

  3. Daniel says:

    The spring can be accessed any time of day/night. Open the doors next to the entrance to access the spouts. I ran into the owner yesterday, they encourage you to leave a donation if you can. I’ve been going to Exeter NH for months so I’m excited about this closer spring. I can’t comment on the quality of the water yet as I’ve only drank it once so far. I am curious about the plumbing they are using because I sense a subtle flavor that might come from tubing or tanks. I did run the water for a minute to purge the lines, it started coming out much cooler after that. I look forward to other peoples feedback on this water. Peace!

  4. Belinda says:

    Looks like this is now:
    Pocahontas Spring Water
    163 Rear Lowell Street
    Lynnfield, Massachusetts 01940

  5. Craig says:

    Pretty sure this is the place:

    They’ve relocated to Middleton. More info on their Facebook page.

  6. Diana says:

    Went to this Spring today. Met the gentleman that bought it with his wife. His name is Anthony. He raised his family in Lynnfield and has recently retired. They have decided to make no profit off of this spring. They made a nice life for themselves and are donors to a charity for mentally disabled individuals. There is a donation box at the Spring and you can leave whatever you wish when you fill your jugs and ALL proceeds go to the charity. He was a very nice, genuine man. They now have signage up as well.

  7. Ron says:

    I think Gail just had bad timing. I just went there yesterday and it had signage on the street to see the driveway you go down and when I went down I found a large garage with a swinging door on the front where you open it up to reveal the spiggots. I was able to fit a 5 gallon water jug underneath the spiggot so feel free to bring the big containers. I think they are charging .50 cents per gallon honor system. The water is refreshing and great and I am pumped to have this resource near me. I think they are just getting their act together because their website domain name isn’t even active yet but the water is flowing!

  8. Brian Shea says:

    Hello Anthony, I personally think what you are doing is quite honorable. BUT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET .50 CENTS A GALLON POST THAT ON YOUR SIGN. I know people will take advantage of the situation ! Another item your cash box needs some type of cover, I put my money in and if fell off of the top of the box and on the floor. The door was open so I picked it up and tossed it in the box. The place is really looking great , good luck ! Brian

  9. victo says:

    Has the owner done any water quality testing? I’m concerned about the proximity of the golf course. Funny all those blue chlorinated pools on the google map image.

  10. Robert says:

    I used to go to this place when it was Pocahontas Springs. I’m very glad to see they have reopened and from what I can tell from the above posts have the same pricing.

    The water was always excellent tasting and well worth the trouble of filling your own gallon jugs. I can’t imagine Boston Clear tasting any different.

    I’ll be visiting there soon.

  11. H2O says:

    The MINERAL Spring is open for Self- Serve.
    The MINERAL water is tested by an independent lab and is third-party controlled.
    The only treatment is Ultraviolet light.
    This is one of very few MINERAL Springs that does not filter out any natural MINERALS from mother earth.
    This is a MINERAL water product similar to the great springs of EUROPE and EXCEEDS the USA requirement for MINERAL WATER as defined by codex.
    The State has approved this is as a Public Water supply source.
    The source of the MINERAL Spring dates back to the formation of the earth and is protected from groundwater.
    MINERAL rich in content and is Naturally high in Alkalinity and Electrolytes.
    The Spring’s rich history is well known in the community.

  12. Rosemary says:

    I’ve been filling up 5gal jugs at this spring for a while now. The water is the best I’ve ever tasted. Very smooth. Makes great coffee too 🙂 My daughter likes it better than Fiji water. What a great resource to have in our midst.

  13. Manolo says:

    What’s the update on this place? Is there water or not? Last comment was September 2015 (almost a year ago).

  14. Ellen says:

    Had water from here in the summer of 2016, late July. It was fantastic. I believe they also have glass bottles for sale. Working on getting a friend to drive me out there today or tomorrow.

  15. Laurie says:

    I love this spring. I feel healthier, more hydrated and look forward to drinking this water. I highly recommend everyone try this water!

  16. Lillie James says:

    I went to this spring in January of 2017. It’s easy to find using Googlemaps and there is signage. It’s a self serve bottling station, but you can go around back and see the spring area (it’s beautiful and I recommend it). Boston Water is only about 25 minutes from my home in East Boston were the water upsets my stomach and leaves my mouth raw, even after filtering multiple times. This water is tasty and causes me no issues. My dog also likes it quite a bit more than tap water. It costs 50 cents a gallon to fill up, which seems reasonable for a private spring. This is well worth it for me, and I’m grateful to have found it. I can drink all the water I want again.

  17. Sarah says:

    I love the water at this spring and the people who run it are so dedicated to providing the best water. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  18. Brian says:

    Checked it out last week with my TDS meter and a watersafe kit from amazon.

    TDS 269-322
    Copper – 0 ppm
    Iron – 0 ppm
    Nitrates – total .5-2.0
    Nitrite – 0
    pH – 6.5-7.5
    Hardness – 120-250
    Chlorine – 0
    Lead – negative
    Pesticides – negative

  19. Andrew O'Such says:

    This is the purest and healthiest water you can get and far superior to local tap water. It’s 7.7pH and loaded with natural minerals. It tastes delicious and makes my pasta/coffee taste better too. You can fill up gallon+ jugs and there’s a change machine on site.

  20. bill josephson says:

    Do you home deliver?

  21. J Chatman says:

    Unfortunately the Boston Clear Water company passes this water through a cotton filter and a UV light. I like my water wild and unprocessed like Daniel Vitalis talks about on episode #80 of the ReWild Yourself Podcast. But this water is definitely better than tap, RO, or bottled water!

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