Mile 109 Mountain Spring, Anchorage, Alaska



I had this water tested by a local water filter outlet. In addition to the information below, I was told the alkilinity level is 170…city average is 70. And hardness, based on calcium and manganese is 11…a nearby waterfall was 6…I suspect city is much lower, but I forgot to ask.

Nearest Address

just a smidge before mile 109 on the Turnagain Arm, there is a pull out on the Hwy and a spout jutting from the mountain rock face

On North side of highway directly across from a pullout and within a few hundred yards of the Mile 109 highway marker, Anchorage side. This is just South of Beluga Point and McHugh Creek on the Seward Highway on the South end of Anchorage, Alaska.

Directions from Nearest Address

Head down Seward Hwy, pass Potters Marsh…pass McHugh Creek…start looking for sign posts shortly after McHugh Creek…when you see mile 110, keep your owes out for the pull off on the right and the spring tube on the left…and often a line of people gathering water

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 152
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7.5

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: Mile 109 Mountain Spring Map

Submitted by: Crystal Hutchens, John Peck


  1. So you had it tested?  Its completely safe to drink at those levels of alkalinity?  I would love to  go and fill up, but I am worried for my kiddo’s if it is safe for them. Thanks for the info!

  2. Yes, I’m curious. I am about to visit AK for the first time! I have a job working in the hospital and I would love to be able to fill up on spring water while there. Is this safe to drink and does anyone know of any other great spots out there? Thanks! Heather

  3. Hey, I will be visiting Anchorage (near the providence medical center) for the first time on the 02/24/12 and I would love to fill up some water bottles. If anyone is headed that way and back I would love to catch a ride with you! Thanks~

  4. Hey does anyone know if this spring is open right now? I know that there is alot of snow right now- let me know!

  5. I live near here and love this water!
    could I please get a copy the test results?
    this would be really valued by me and my whole family.

  6. We’ve been filling up our jugs at this spring off and on for a few years and the water is cold, clean and delicious. It looks like they’ve graded around the area so there isn’t such a steep depression where you stand to fill your containers. A vast improvement, especially in the winter so there’s *not as much* of a danger of slipping! It flows all year long.

  7. Flying out of Los Angeles today. We should be passing marker 109 around 3:30 am.(2) 5GAL water bottles at Wal-Mart in anchorage(open 24 hours ) will give us plenty for the week.

  8. Does anyone know if this water has been tested for arsenic? My well water contains arsenic but I didn’t know until recently. Don’t want to continue making the same mistake.

  9. In Whittier Ak. our water is collected from glaciers . It is virtually untreated, no chlorine, no fluoride. Our water has been rated the 3 rd best ..Nationwide, and First in Alaska..I believe come over to Whittier and bring your water bottles

  10. This summer there was a fire close to the spring and there was fire retardant used as well as seawater, so we’ve been hesitant to drink the water since then. Not certain how or if the chemicals affect the spring, but there you go.

    1. Excellent point! I was just going to headed to the spring and thought id check this site first….
      Ya have to think that crap will be seeping in for a bit of time.

  11. July 8th 2012 12:30pm beautiful day. A head on accident occurred because amateur Seward Hwy driver pulled out of the turnoff causing a chain reaction accident making a monster tie up on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t go get water during peak weekend time. Forest Fair, personal dip netting is open! People coming to Anchorage Airport to catch a flight! Don’t stop to look at the Sheep either! One person is critical! Don’t get water there!

    1. Correction July 9, 2017 12:30 pm.
      It’s not worth losing your life over. Alaska has a lot of natural arsenic in many fresh water aquifer supplied sources.

  12. I’m not sure this pipe counts as a “spring”.

    It’s a pipe on the side of the road that allows the water that is running between fissures in the rocks to escape and thus reduce the risk of rock fall onto the highway.

    Almost all of the water comes from rain and snow that originally fell on the slopes above the cutting.

    The water is cold and it may look crystal clear but it went through bear poop, dog poop and possibly even human poop on the surface before it made its way to the pipe.

  13. This water is fantastic! That said, please be careful if you use this site. There have been multiple injuries from falling rocks. Also it is not a very safe place to pull out or cross the road. DOT and State police have requested that people not stop here.
    Even though we have enjoyed this water in the past we no longer stop here. It is too risky.

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