The Jesus Well

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Just off the road with easy access. Awesomely sweet and pure.


  1. We always get our water here and it has been delicious. Today we filled our containers and noticed a green tint in the water. Does anyone know about what causes this? We decided not to drink it and will have to go buy water now:(

  2. This is the best water, but why is there a sign there now that says, “drink at your own risk, not a public drinking source”?

  3. Hello,

    We would love to have more information about The jesus Well.

    Such as:

    Who is the owner?
    Is this water already officially tested?
    How much water comes out, every day

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,

    Heidi Schoefs

  4. I just went there today and it was flowing! It is a great space. Very easy to see driving by. Lots of room for parking. You can fit multiple people there at once if you all trying to fill up. I and one other person were there filling up at the same time. I could fill a 6 gal. carboy in about a minute. Water tastes great, very clear. Will post another comment if I get sick at all. So far two water bottles in and still fine!

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