Murphy’s Hollow,Whiteside, TN / Trenton, Georgia


Posted: March 12, 2014

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Interstate 24
Whiteside, TN / Trenton, Georgia
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Small like spring, beautiful drinking water, was used during the war during early 1860’s as a major route during the Chickamauga Campaign. Very rural, scenic.

Public access.
continuous flow.
24/7 access.

Located down Murphy’s Hollow Road on East side. South of Interstate 24.

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  1. Ali says:

    I have been drinking this water for over a year. A friend conducted a water test and it came back good. I also met a couple filling their cistern who relayed that the GA Dept of EQ was there testing recently and said it was “the cleanest water in the region.” Additionally, was contacted by the land owner who said that test once per year and have always had good results. Please take a trash bag with you and clean up if you feel called to help steward this beautiful place. So grateful for clean, wild water.

  2. Justin White says:

    Went to this spring last weekend. It looks nothing like the picture anymore. It is a trickle (at least in June) compared to what the pictures show. I should have taken a picture to post. Next time! There is still plenty of flow to fill up jugs. There is a pvc pipe which collects the water from the little stream about 10 feet from the source and dumps it right where you park. Very convenient. I enjoyed climbing up to the source and drinking straight from the little stream. I have drank one gallon of this water this week and am fine. That doesn’t tell you everything about the water quality, but I’m satisfied.

  3. Elliot says:

    I looked all over for this spring and couldn’t find it. I’m guessing it is all dried up because the river bed was completely dried up in the area and I was driving up and down murphy’s hollow road, unless the spring is accessed from the interstate? I don’t know. There have been wildfires all over so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all dried up.

  4. Justin says:

    To get to this spring, follow the road south for a little bit. You will eventually pass a clearing for the powerlines. Shortly after that there is a small waterfall and homemade PVC aqueduct on the left. The exact coordinates to the spring are 34.9590180, -85.5066950.

    The easiest way to get to this spring is to take exit 17 off of i-59 (highway 406) and head west. Turn right on Murphy Hollow Rd at the deadman’s corner.

    • LeighLon says:

      Thank you. The coordinates for this spring have been updated, thanks to you!

    • Lindsay says:

      Justin ~ thank you so much for putting coordinates in the comments section! We went out there 4/23/17 and it was gushing with pure, spring water… It definitely tastes mineral-rich and I’m curious if anyone has done a mineral analysis of the water?

      I do see in comments below that the state of GA regularly monitors and tests the water?

      • Amber says:

        We lived in Trenton ga for nearly 7 yrs and drank this water all the time. Great tasting water, very clean and a great place to tale fily for a picnic.!!!

  5. Amber says:

    People I’m that area have been drinking that water for hundreds of years. Great quality and always cold.

  6. Amessnger says:

    We stopped today for the first time. VERY thankful for the GPS coordinates posted by Justin. There was a line of people waiting for water. Some had large containers, so it was a loooong wait. The water was strong and very cold. So happy we found this website.

  7. Tall says:

    Just filled up our jugs on a roadtrip visiting parents in GA on route north. Beautiful flow, easy to spot. Bypass the PVC by scampering up the hill and filling directly from the weaping stones, just keep your legs attentive to slippery rocks and poison ivy. Tastes great!

  8. Amanda says:

    Our family of 8 has been drinking this water for over a year now. Sent a sample off for independent testing and it came back good. Love not having to choose between paying extra for good drinking water or drinking the fluoridated, chlorinated crap that comes out of the tap.

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