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Posted: November 21, 2019

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Baker Hot Springs Rd
Nephi, UT 84648
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Baker Hot Springs in Utah provides an excellent soak in a unique location. The hot springs has three baths, and even though they are small, one tub can fit about three people.

Situated in a desolate land north of Delta, the location is a wonderful getaway for the weekend. There’s a relatively low number of visitors, and if you come in a weekday, you may even have the entire hot spring to yourself.

Natural Hot Springs Pool in Juab, UT

The pool tubs are constructed in a way that the hose gets slightly-sulfurous, heated water from the primary source a few hundred feet away.

The source of the spring temperature reaches up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The unique feature of these pools is that you can configure the temperature of the water by controlling the water flow. You can bring in more cool water vs. the heated mineral water if you don’t really like it to be too hot. It can go the other way around also.

For new visitors, it’s advised to create a warm pool. Then, as you get accustomed to the heat, you can make it hotter. Soakers usually bring extra towels to plug the hoses and command a better temperature control.

The minerals in Baker Hot Springs, Utah came from the heat of volcanic activity that eventually led to the creation of Fumarole Butte, an elevated section along the hot springs road.

Camping and Other Features

Baker Hot Springs doesn’t have an in-house accommodation or hotel, but guests are welcome to camp out.

The land is hot and dusty, but there’s an abundance of springs around the area. There are also nearby ponds that can be refreshing.

Pets are not allowed inside the pools. The roads are pretty rough, but most cars can still pass. Just make sure you bring sunblock, water, and other accessories to make sure your visit is comfortable. Lastly, there are no restrooms around the area, so pack-in/pack-out.

Baker Hot Springs is public property, and to preserve it, it’s essential to clean up before you leave.

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