North Stonington Spring, North Stonington, CT


Posted: July 27, 2009

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Rte. 184
North Stonington, CT 06359
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There is a spout. It is on side of rt.184. There is a blue sign stating “this is not an approved water source. Users do so at their own risk. North Stonington health department.

Nearest Address

Intersection of rt. 184 and rt.49 North Stonington, Connecticut 06359.

Directions from Nearest Address


interstate 95 southbound to connecticut exit 92.
take right onto rt.49 north. proceed (less than 1 mile) until stop light at intersection of rt.184 and rt.49.
spring is at the intersection.

take right onto rt. 184 east at stop light and park in the pull-off on immediate right hand side. you will see a blue sign.


interstate 95 northbound to connecticut exit 92.
take left onto rt.2 north (toward foxwoods casino).
at rotary take 1st right onto rt. 184 east.
proceed (less than 1 mile) until stop light at intersection of rt.49 and rt.184.
spring is at intersection.

Park in the pull-off on immediate right hand side after stop light.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 22
  • Temp: 51.9 F
  • pH: 5.5-7

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: North Stonington Spring Map

Submitted by: Stephen Law, Erin

  1. rawstrength says:

    I love this spring. It is my main source of water.

  2. del says:

    I went there today (Nov. 21, 2009). It was easy to find, thanks to your video and direction Stephen. The water is awesome. On the way home, I recalled my dad use stop by a place in North Stonington when he went fishing out there. This must be the place he was talking about. Back then I was just a little guy didn’t quite understand why he went through all that trouble when he could have had water straight from the tap. Now I understand! I’m now collecting my water in glass bottles with corks. It’s more than just getting fresh drinking water. It’s really a spiritual journey into our mother earth. By the way, Stephen Law’s cacao is pure magic too.

  3. del says:

    I went there today (Nov. 21, 2009). It was easy to find, thanks to your video and direction Stephen. The water is awesome. On the way home, I recalled my dad use stop by a place in North Stonington when he went fishing out there. This must be the place he was talking about. Back then I was just a little guy didn’t quite understand why he went through all that trouble when he could have had water straight from the tap. Now I understand! I’m now collecting my water in glass bottles with corks. It’s more than just getting fresh drinking water. It’s really a spiritual journey into our mother earth. By the way, Stephen Law’s cacao is pure magic too.

  4. Erin says:

    I too collected with my family after the video was posted. I am concerned about the pH of the water. I am only getting a reading of 5.5 which is way too acidic. Any one else pH test?

  5. John Cleveland says:

    I met a DEP official at the spring a few weeks ago, and he said he's had it sent up for State testing, and the water came back with a neutral pH (~7), 98.2% purity, no metals/contaminants in it. Also, a friend of mine checked the TDS and that reading came to 22 😀

  6. Real Thirsty says:

    Just got back from the spring! The water felt extremely cold as compared to the air tempature and tastes great. Is the PH reading of 5.5 correct? Another post here states a PH of 7?

  7. Cable Guy says:

    Tested PH today (8/20/10) and got a reading of 6.2. –Jason–

  8. Ms5smith says:

    Well I am only using pH-Strips to test the water, but I did it twice and each time got a 6 – 6.5 reading. I don’t think the strips are the proper way to test pH though.

  9. this spring is really easy to find. i have just had a few sips thus far, and i have noticed my biceps are a good 2″ larger in diameter, and i can read peoples minds when i flex them…. well, maybe not…. but it is easy to find! and tastes pretty good. i would like to think this is the same water source that the pequot forbearers of the land gained their strength and wisdom from.

  10. anyone know of one closer to old saybrook though? that was a haul.

  11. Kooodeal says:

    I changed my tropical fish water ,and used this water ,they went into breeding right away.

  12. Lee Goodness says:

    We’ve been getting our water from here the past few weeks too…it’s great–much better than the bottled stuff we’ve been buying over the years in the stores 🙂

  13. NStonington Native says:

    Back in the early 80’s or late 70’s they did a test. They put dye in the cow pond at the top of the hill from this “spring”. A day later the water from the “spring” on 184 was flowing with green dye. Still amuses me to this day all of the people drinking the pond water from this pipe on the side of the road.

    • Swayne630 says:

      Do you really believe that story?

      • Mstpierre270 says:

        It was in the NL Day newspaper, so yeah I do believe.

        • Tyais Terry says:

           don’t believe everything you read in the paper.

          • Cow pond??? I’m not aware of there being any ‘cow pond’ on the hill in question. I do know the dairy farms in the area, I use to pick up the milk from them. There is a cemetery at the top of the hill and when we go and get water here I often tease my son about the water having dead people in it.
            But lets forget all this for a moment… You folks that seem so worried about the cow pond thing, let me ask you; have you ever lived in a rural community? One where you had no sewer lines or public water system? I have most of my life, and let me remind you of just what goes into the very same ground your well is/was on via that cesspool or leach field.
            The Earth naturally filters the water and this is why when you have a septic system and a well they must be a certain distance from each other, so the Earth can filter the water back into the water table.
            I find the dye story a bit hard to believe and even if there was a ‘cow pond’ on the top of the hill, that would mean there’s a cow farm there, too… And where do you think that farm gets it’s drinking water? I’ve known lots of dairy farmers, many of them ate bacon & eggs 7 days a week and smoked, too. Many of these guys live well into their 80s and get up early every day.
            If you reallty want something to worry about just do a search on contaminated drinking water from public systems. You might also ask yourself about just how clean the pipes are that carry that water, and if there are any ‘cow ponds’ in the area… It all goes back to the Earth eventually.

  14. Mike123 says:

    I have been very excited and interested in finding a spring to go but
    unfortunately I have yet to find one in CT that hasn’t either been
    closed or contains peoples comments that scare me away.

    I haven’t even been able to find any clean or open springs in the surrounding states either, based on this database.

    This one seems to get some good reviews, but it contains one of the favorite comments that I have read so far, that this spring is connected to a local cow pond?  So does anyone from this area know if this is really true? Or is this just a ploy to keep people away from the area?

    My goal in doing this is for improved health, as I would imagine is
    everyone’s reason for doing this, so I would like to know that the water
    that I am drinking is actually healthy. 

    Does anyone know of a spring that is truly clean and safe to drink from around here?
    Or preferably more towards the center of CT, this one would be a really far drive for me to make every couple of weeks (although if this one is safe I will do so).

    Also does anyone know of any other springs in CT that are not on this database?

  15. Yo says:

    We always ,would stop here and fill soda bottles on the way to the ocean (WesterlyBeaches),as a child ,I’m 61 ,now ,all my kids ,with my grand kids still stop here on the way to the beach ,and the water refreshes . I saw someone had the water checked on his own ,and had a Town official involved ,but the sign is just their way to take no responsibility for the spring…It is an over a three hundred year old, public right of way..So as long as the public keeps coming to use it ,the spring keeps it status as hands off Public Domain.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    We have been getting our drinking water here for about 2 years now and finally had it tested for chemicals and bacteria at the same lab that tests our well water. This is very clean water, and came back from the lab with an A+ for safe consumption. July 2013.

  17. Rhonda says:

    I’ve seen videos online explaining how the water from a Spring comes from deep within in the earth and is VERY clean. (called an aquifer)

    Also, the way you know it comes from deep within the Earth, is because it will be very cold water, even when it’s quite hot outside.

    I’m looking forward to collecting some of this wonderful water.

    John Cleveland & Elizabeth —
    THANK YOU for having the water tested and sharing your results & experiences!

    It means more to me than you know! I trust my fellow human first and foremost, rather than corporations with an agenda to sell water.

    This is a WONDERFUL way to heal our bodies with pure water and heal the planet by reducing our plastic usage too.

    There are no manmade filters on the planet that can equal Mother Nature’s filtration system!

    Blessings and unlimited good health to all of you. Hope to see you at the Spring……….

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Ironically, after passing the purity test this summer, the past 2 times we’ve gone to collect water (September and today October 12, 2013) there were quite a few brown particles floating in each of the 8 3-gallon bottles, any thoughts from site visitors? Thank you.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    UPDATE: collected water 12/5/13 and no particles, just the clean, clear beautiful water we’ve grown to love. While there, another water collector told me that he’s been drinking it for over 40 years and another visitor shared that there’s a woman who regularly scrubs the pipe. Thanks!

  20. Christopher says:

    Gathered water yesterday 12/27/13, water is perfectly clear and the TDS came in at 60.

  21. Christopher says:

    Gathered water 1/11/13, TDS still 60-65! Truly amazing water, soft to the taste.

  22. nate waters says:

    tested this water professionally from a local testing facility. they said it had small amounts of coliform. this was about 5 days after a mild rain storm. not sure if that had to do with a flush of bacteria. but 5 days after it shouldnt have been an issue. all in all im still drinking it. havent had a problem yet! 🙂

  23. Christopher says:

    Has anyone ever tested this water for Radon? Im a little concerned because a nearby house was said to have Radon in their well water.

  24. Peter says:

    Went to the spring on 08/28/14 and it was dry, only droplets would trickle down. We didn’t have much rain lately and the temperatures were unusually high, so my question to the old-timers is, if this is normal or this Spring is done or someone has damaged it?

  25. Scott says:

    This spring was down to a trickle in August due to lack of rain in the area but has since recovered from recent rainfall. We have been collecting and drinking water from this spring for many years and occasionally will see particulate in the water, but our feeling is that is better than drinking town tap water pumped with too much chlorine, flouride and other chemicals, plus the metals that leach in from the ancient town water pipes that deliver the tap water to the house. I have run into people at this spring who have been drinking from it for over 40 years, one person stops on his regular trip from New Jersey to Boston to collect water here. We are all still alive. It gets tested every year by someone, if it was contaminated it would be shut down.

  26. Krystal says:

    I recently came across this spring and gathered water. The sign scared me a little but I’m still going for it. Has anyone tested it recently? I would love to hear from regulars who drink this spring water!

  27. Tina says:

    I have been drinking from this spring as my main water source for many years. I know people who drive all the way from Cranston, RI to get water here. I have never had any problems with it. It is pure, delicious and safer than flouridated, chlorinated, chemical-laden town/city water. I love it!!

  28. Jean Stover says:

    Hello, I love the taste of this water, but i got really nervous about bacteria in the water and stopped collecting. Has anyone tested it lately?

  29. Alicia Ellemingo says:

    I went to the spring today which was flowing beautifully. I tested the water using the H2Ookay drinking water kit. Here are my results
    Total Hardness ppm – 0 (yay!)
    Total Chlorine ppm – 0 (yay!)
    Alkalinity ppm – 40 ( is in the okay range but on the lower end)
    pH – 5 (too acidic 🙁 )
    Nitrite ppm- 0 (yay!)
    Nitrate ppm – 0 (yay!)
    Copper ppm – 0 (yay!)
    Iron ppm- 0 (yay!)

    So I haven’t tested the bacteria levels (anyone have any good advice on kits or how to methods?)

    Also, With the pH level, is this something we should avoid drinking :/

    • Steve says:

      Pure water, when it sits in the air, absorbs CO2 from the air which reacts with the water to form carbonic acic (H2CO3). Although pure water (free of any dissolved gases or other solutes) has a pH of 7, the presence of the carbonic acid lowers the pH into the 5 range. This is normal and safe. For comparison check the pH of a carbonated beverage such as soda or beer.

  30. Peter Mitchell says:

    After reading through the comments here, I visited tonight after work and filled up a few bottles. I am curious to bake breads with a local spring water. This was refreshingly cold with a slight taste of some minerals. Very refreshing.

  31. Maggi says:

    Peter, I’d love to find out about your results.

    I did a bacteria test from a water sample last August and it came out low. I remember the first time I went there to collect water, one of the gentlemen stated that he’d been collecting since 1979 and that the people from Pfizer test it regularly.

    I’d be curious to find out more details.

    Any one recently do any tests?

  32. Cathy says:

    Need some help…We’ve been getting water from this spring for about a year. All has been fine, water has been great. On Labor Day (Sept. 4, 2017) we filled up our 3 five gallon containers for the week. In each one we found tiny shrimp like bugs in the water that were alive and swimming. I did not notice them until I poured a glass of water and they were darting around from top to bottom in my glass. I have not noticed them before but now I’m not so sure I want to continue getting water from this stream as this has grossed me out. Has anyone else noticed them or does anyone know why they would be in this water? I found at least 20 “shrimp” bugs. Here is a link to a picture I found online that shows what they look like: Some people are calling them lawn shrimp but I’m not sure that’s what these were. They were actually smaller than what the picture shows. Thank you!

  33. Cory says:

    Spring has been dry for the past week. Super disappointing! We need some good rain.

  34. Sue-Ann Wayne says:

    I live near the N. Stonington Spring and have found that my body loved it. But two weeks ago when collecting water with a sieve and funnel I found at least 3 bugs in every two gallon fill up. I don’t know what they were…small, squiggly things. I boiled the water that time and then on Oct. 1st the spring-tube was DRY. I haven’t found anyone that is testing it.

  35. babaji99 says:

    We’ve been to this spring every two weeks for years and were always happy with the water! However, we’ve been back three weeks in a row, and the spring is no longer flowing. I believe that when the property adjacent to the spring was sold, the new owners shut it down! So, this spring is no longer running!

    • Brian ORourke says:

      We’ve been using this spring for water for my indoor plants. Recently observed that its been sabotaged, not flowing out pipe. if anyone has any interest in getting a work party together, to get it back up and running, I would make myself available. Its Town property.

    • Peter says:

      I tried 3 times from Warwick RI and still no water is flowing. If the new owners shut it down that would be a horrible thing to do on their part, especially without any new signs posted. Perhaps, the pump broke, can someone look in to it?

    • Skip Kimpan says:

      I went to the spring today. The water is still flowing but I believe it is broken. The water comes out of where the pipe is. Is there some way we can raise a fund to have it fixed?

  36. Maggi says:

    I went there yesterday and it was definitely not flowing. 🙁 Does anyone know how to contact the new owners?

  37. Kp says:

    Is this still not running? Did anyone ever get a clear story as to what happened to it?

  38. Gary says:

    Was in the vicinity today so stopped by just in case … and EUREKA! the water is flowing again! Filled up my small drinking bottle and tasted as good as ever!

  39. Steve says:

    We went back to the spring yesterday and the pipe had been cut and no water was flowing!!! I will miss this lovely little spring! Evidently the owners of the property want to deprive people of a valued resource that took very little maintenance, and cost even less!

  40. JRC says:

    We repaired the spring on 8/11/2019. We replaced the rusted metal pipe with a plastic one, and dug out an area for positioning a jug under. We also moved a stone for standing on. As of today, water is flowing from the plastic pipe.

    The spring quality seems to be good. The water is cold and clear.

    GPS coordinates are: 41.4317, -71.8479.

  41. Rossbith says:

    First time for me visiting and getting some water. My husband had been here approx 20 yrs ago. I was very impressed! Spring running strong, clean and delicious! The stepping rock was very nice, thank you. We’ll be back. Tried to submit a picture to this site w/o success.

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