Newkirk Artesian Well

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This artesian well sits right beside the road.  It is used to load water onto trucks for the road crews, farmers, and fire fighters. It has a valve that can be turned on and off.  It is said to flow 78 gallons per minute when conditions are good.

The water is a good laxative, but otherwise it’s not good to drink.
The water is said to be a cure for poison ivy when used as a bath.
The well sits on the east side of N. Union Street about 3/8 mile north of the intersection of N. Union Street and W.  Earth Road. 
Form Newkirk, take Peckham Road west about 2 miles to N. Union Street.  Turn right (north) onto N. Union Street (an unpaved road) and go 1 mile to W. Earth Road then 3/8 mile further.  The well sits on the east side (right side) of the road.
The well is at least 80 years old.  The history of the well has been lost, but one claim is that this was a seismic shothole where explosives are detonated in shallow holes to explore for oil.  This hole spouted water and was later cased by the County Commissioner.  That story has not been verified.
A few hundred feet north of the well is a spring (or another shot hole) that flows a lot of water.  This is just over the fence on private property.  However, you can see the water and hear it flow from the county road.


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