Palomar Artesian Spring, Palomar Mountain, California, 92059


Posted: July 12, 2013

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Palomar Mountain State Park
Palomar Mountain, California‎ 92059 United States
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Located in the elevated beauty of Palomar Mountain State Park between San Diego and Los Angeles, this isolated watering hole is a refreshing oasis in the southern heat. The water is pumped up, so it’s not the levitating variety considered superior by discerning connoisseurs, yet is cold and quenching nevertheless. Note the appreciation of the architectural craftsmanship. The structural masonry houses a neat seat for large containers. The process is simple: park n fill. I didn’t take and measurements but the temperature is fairly low as well as the TDS, according to my intuitive calculations.

Here’s basic directions from LA,

90 east
Head south on I-15 Fwy, go east on Hwy 76 for approximately 20 miles, turn left onto South Grade Rd. (S6), follow South Grade up to the top of Palomar Mountain. The spring structure is found within mile marker 46 and is hard to mistake.

Here’s the link to a video of this spring on my youtube,

  1. Luke Storey says:

    *This spring is closed! Do not attempt to visit. Drove 3 hours from LA yesterday (Sept 22 2013) only to find it literally covered in cobwebs and sand. Done.

    Locals told me it was closed by the land owner in 2007 due to a petrol spill on the hill above. Owner did’t want to deal with the liability of tainted water.

    Maximum bummer.

    Park on the top of the mountain was beautiful at least, which helped to ease the heartbreaking waste of time.


  2. Was Just there on 4/20/2014 and the center “spring” is open and running. It seems to change through out the year. You can always continue up the road a few miles to fry creek camp grounds where you will find some of the best spring water in socal. Stay Hydrated!

  3. Cosmic Owl says:

    THIS SPRING IS OPEN! It has been for a few months now!!!

    I got an email from Palomar Mountain Spring saying the Spring is open to the public FOR DRINKING. There was a sign that said WATER ONLY FOR RADIATOR USE that sign has been removed and this water is good for drinking! Please change the status of this spring so people can continue enjoying this amazing water!

  4. Thirsty Thoroughbred says:

    Any tests on this spring? tds, ph, toxins????? I would love to visit, but CA has become dirty, dry and dead. Anybody?

  5. Matt Blackburn says:

    I went there today and the spring appears to be dry. Three gallons trickled out and then it began to squirt brown water in spurts, which I imagine is built up rust in the pipes.
    Please update if anyone goes there and it is operational again.

  6. Spring is open to the public again as of April 2014. Site is not pumped like stated, is is a free flowing spring with a pump and a small supply tank to fill bottles faster. Please remove all litter and be considerate to others so we can keep the spring free for those to use. Enjoy Address is: 33400 S. Grade Road (County highway S-6) Palomar Mountain, Ca 92060

  7. Margo says:

    I was there a couple of weeks ago, seemed like there was air in the pipes, filled our bottles, water flow was slower than usual.

  8. Brez says:

    I live in Escondido (about 30 min. from Palomar Mtn). I buy Palomar Mountain Spring Water. It’s trucked down from an old spring on the mountain and is bottled here in Escondido. You can go to the bottling plant and buy it in bulk at 50 cents per gallon. It’s the best there is — “high mountain spring water” — the only way to go.

  9. Spratt says:

    Hoping to go up to the Palomar Spring soon. It’s rained a couple of times so we are hoping it is running. Has anyone gone recently who can give an update? Don’t want to drive 1 1/2 hours for a dry spring.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Megan says:

    Just went to this spring yesterday…it’s open and the water is flowing. Tastes great!! Filled up 40 gallons and no one else was there so it didn’t take long. We went hiking in the state park afterwards, so it was a great day 🙂

  11. Debbie Vincent says:

    Drove up in the rain January 11th. Closest to mile marker 47. No one there. Water was cool, clean and fast flowing. Filled a dozen bottles super quick. Absolutely beautiful in the middle of the clouds! Just wish we could have found a port-a-potty…

  12. Katie says:

    I went to this spring last week; the water is running very fast and it tastes clean.

    For those interested in seeing a standard drinking water test, it can be obtained by emailing customer service at Palomar Water (

    However, I am concerned about possible contamination remaining from the petrol spill mentioned in the first comment above. Does anyone have more information on this? I am looking into having it tested for petroleum/EC’s.

  13. Roz says:

    First of all you shouldn’t refill your water bottles especially if they are plastic unless you ionize them first. You will be drinking contaminated water this way.

  14. Mary says:

    Went here today. Spring flowing very good. Filled a bunch of containers. Located just after mile marker 47 on the left of South Grade Rd.

  15. Scott says:

    Hi, any recent updates on this spring? I have never been and would like to try it out, coming from San Diego. We’re there any tests done since the oil spill mentioned in one of the earlier posts? Thank you.

  16. Fadia says:

    The details says that the spring structure is found within mile marker 46. Actually, the spring is between the markers 47.4 and the 47.5 on the left side of the road as you’re going uphill. We went yesterday and filled out water from it. It was very good water!

    However, on the right side of the road at marker 46, we saw a driveway to a private property. We went up that driveway and found faucets that did not have water. That’s probably the ones they referred to in the first comment when they mentioned the petrol spill.

  17. Tim McClure says:

    I am also wondering about the contamination from the spill. I am new to this spring hunting. I live in wildomar next Murrieta. Does anyone know of a fresh spring that isn’t being pumped? My first spring was in greer arizona and it was so good. If anyone knows of one and doesn’t want to give it up to everyone. My email is

  18. Shaun says:

    I am planning to drive to this spring from Orange County in the next few days. I’ll take the 1 south to the 5 then go east on the 76. I was there in February this year and filled up my bottles with no problem. The water was great! If anyone would like to carpool to get water, please fill out a contact form at (Sorry, I have learned not to post my e-mail address because of web crawlers that collect them for spamming/hacking.)

  19. Tyler says:


    Just went to the spring today, water was running quite slow. Takes between 8-10 minutes to fill a 5 gallon jug. Regardless, I spent the time to fill all my glass as this is the best water available in San Diego. Crisp, cool, full of minerals. Word on the streets is it’s rich in silica. Don’t tell your friends though, keep this spring a secret for us cool folk.

  20. Ebony says:

    My girlfriend and I went to visit the spring today, and it was completely dried up. I am getting in contact with Palomar Mountain Spring Water to get more information. Because we are new to this, I do not want to put in a false report just in case we did something wrong. I am also interested in buying the five-gallon glass bottles from the company for a dispenser we want at the home. However, my concern is if the water is dried up due to the drought, then where is the water coming from? I am looking out for the health and safety for myself and my loved ones, and I know the value of spring water and just want to ensure I am making a responsible decision.

  21. Janice says:

    Any updates? Want to make sure that’s it’s open before we head out.

  22. Scott says:

    Any updates on whether it’s open or dried up?

    Thanks for any information.

  23. SM says:

    Its open again. I went there a couple of weeks ago.

  24. Mike says:

    I was there Monday July 18th 2016 and the water is flowing. Filled up 15 gallons, only took about 2-3 minutes or so to fill a 5 gallon jug and nobody else around. Water tastes good and clean. I will soon have this actual water tested for my own piece of mind. You never know what may be in the water. However On the Palomar website, they invite the public to enjoy free spring water at this location. I would imagine the water is tested safe to drink or they would not advertise such. I’m from Colorado and used to drinking ElDorado springs which is some of the best in the world. In comparison this water tastes fine. Hoping for good test results as I enjoy taking trips and filling up at springs and having a fresh water source.

  25. Mike says:

    On a side note… You will notice another spring not far below this spring that has been shut down or dismantled. This could be the one that was contaminated. Just an observation.

  26. danny williams says:

    Drove out today and there wasn’t any water flowing. Talked to the ranger at the state park and she said it was shut off. I did meet a couple that had driven up for water and said that they had filled up last month.

  27. Danny Williams says:

    Updating my last review, I filled up 4 out of my 8 carboys today. It took about an hour and 15 min and I gave up haha Water flow was strong at first and gradually slowed to a trickle with the last bottle taking an eternity. Living over an hour away, the rate of flow and risk of it not even flowing I’m not sure its worth the drive when Carlsbad is reasonably close at 70 cents a gallon. If anyone has any ideas to ad you can reach me at hxcsurfer22(at)yahoo

  28. Charlene says:

    Drove to the spring yesterday. It was flowing good. Filled 2 five gallon jugs.

  29. Megan says:

    Tried to get water Nov 25th and it was completely shut off. Ranger said that the spring was purchased by a company and they turn it on and off at their will. Not a reliable spring anymore, if you’re driving from LA, like me. Very sad.

  30. Dave M says:

    Just went there today and filled up 4 bottles while tooling around the area. Timed the last bottle fill at 2 mins 30 secs to fill up a 5 gal bottle. =)

  31. Corinne says:

    I was here 11/25/16. Looked like the fountains had been shut down for a while. The hardware had all been removed and capped off. I will try to upload pictures.

  32. Heidi Bounds says:

    I went up on january 17th and the faucets were shut off. Anyone else have any updates?

  33. Greg Smith says:

    I was up on Palomar 4/2/17 and the Artesian No1 on South Grade is bone dry. Bummer to make the trip up there only to come home with empty bottles. Always love driving up Palomar for water. Is this permanent or temporary anyone know? Are there any other locations for water on the mountain?

  34. Matthew says:

    I went today (7/16/2017) and water is flowing! Fresh and COLD! Beautiful drive! Beautiful scenery! Lots of green and life around the spring! Water is the BEST EVER! LOVE!

    Coordinates: 33.314500, -116.870528

  35. Matthew says:

    I went again on Sunday (9/17/17) and the spring was dry. I am manifesting a flowing spring next time! I live in San Diego and the next best in the area I have found is the famous Carlsbad Well…


  36. Neil T says:

    Hey everyone. Does anyone know for certain if this spring is still shut down and not flowing?

    I’ve been going to a spring in Ojai which is in the middle of the wild fires and need spring water!

    Please let me know!

  37. Sophia says:

    Filled 30 gallons last week. Amazing water!

  38. Matthew says:

    March 11, 2017
    Filling station handle has been removed! Does anyone know how to fix this? Not able to get Spring water today!

  39. Matthew Clark says:

    I was at the spring yesterday and the handle had been removed from the filling station. There was no way I could see to pump water. If anyone knows how to fix this, or replace the handle you would be doing a GREAT service to our community!

    Please update this if anyone knows a way to get water from this spring. The water here is truely the best ever!

    • Matthew Clark says:

      UPDATE (5/14/18):
      I went back last week and a new handle was installed! Water is flowing again and tastes clean and fresh as ever! Best Ever!

  40. Matthew Clark says:

    I went last week and a new handle was installed! Water is clean and flowing! Best ever! 🙂

  41. Mike S says:

    Visited the spring last Sunday 9/16/18. It’s pouring and delicious.

  42. Annie says:

    The reason this spring is sometimes not working is because people leave the faucets on. So then the owner removes them. At least that is what a local told me. I was here Oct 2019, no water. Faucets were there, just a trickle, so disappointing. Locals frown on us coming for water. He said that the owners has it running for those who live on the mountain. I rarely make the drive, so when I do and there is no water, I go home in tears!

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