Paradise Valley Spring, Eagle, WI


Posted: October 17, 2009

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S91 W39091 HWY 59
Eagle, WI 53119
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Remnant of turn of the century healing spring resort, round stone spring house with octagonal roof missing, but well shaded by trees. This is a wonderful, quiet meditative space.

Nearest Address

S91 W39091 HWY 59 Eagle, WI 53119

Directions from Nearest Address

Located in Southern unit of Kettle Moraine State Forest, located off highway N near Eagle, Wisconsin

Vital Information

  • Fee: State Park Fees
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: 10 C
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Paradise Valley Spring Map

Submitted by: Eric

  1. harryhood says:

    I went to try and fill up here the other day but was unable to find the source. Where at this location is the filling source? If anyone knows please pass the word onto me and the others! Thanks you!

  2. Adam says:

    I've seen a video on youtube about this spring and I think there isn't one. I believe from the way it looked that it's underwater, water is pouring in from beneath.

    • Bob says:

      I’ve been to this spring and it does seem that the source is underground in the stone circular building. No pipes or anything accessible. As a kid on a hot day we visited there and got pushed into the icey waters. Yeow, very cold and refreshing.

      There is also a hand pump well (source unknown if spring water or not) on the state owned Stute Family Farm property just west of this spring. Also, there is a cooling house for milk from the farm days building around a spring source you can see by looking in the screened windows. It’s inaccessible. Before refrigeration fresh milk was stored in the cool waters in the classic metal containers before being taken to market.

      Also just before Douseman there is Ottawa Lake that is spring fed. You can tell because even in August it’s fairly cool to cold. It takes a hot summer to warm up that lake. The source comes up from underground and used to be visible (at least one source) on the beach to the right till they landscaped the beach a few years ago and brought new sand in. Not sure where you can see it bubbling up now.

      The Pine Woods camp also has a hand pump water source

    • Steve says:

      Thats correct,,,its all underground springs. I grew up right near here and it was a great place to hang out until kids started wrecking it. 

  3. Meadow says:

    We took nature walks here when I was young; especially around Scuppernong. I know there were signs there about the springs but they seemed to bubble up and form the ponds; not accessible above the ground. What fond memories we had there. If we had been able to drink from the springs all the better.

  4. Bec Jwilliams says:

    It's hard to believe this is all that is left of the beautiful resort that was once owned by my godmother. I was way too little to remember any details about the resort myself. But I do remember hearing stories about a few gangsters using it as a hideout/meeting place back in the day. Also that a mysterious fire is what destroyed it. I truly wish I could find more info about it so I could share it with my kids and grandkids.At one time my mom had worked at the bottling house and told us kids about having to use a stick to get the snakes off the bridge they had to cross to get to work in the mornings. I wish she was still around to ask her more about it.

    • Vdojaq says:


      This property was last owned by my Grandfather from the late 50’s up until the early 70’s when the state took it over for back taxes. There was no fire that destroyed this place other than the vandalism that took place when this place was dormant. My Grandfather built the stone resort that was on this property.

  5. James150 says:

    The map link above sends you to the wrong place. Paradise Springs is actually NW of the town of Eagle, WI about a mile. Go west from Eagle 1/2 mile to CTH N and then north on CTH N half a mile to Paradise Springs on the right.

  6. I’ll post the same information to my blog, thanks for ideas and great article.

  7. Dustbunny says:

    The Native Americans have legends that say that the springs around what is now known as Waukesha County (and some others throughout Wisconsin) are sacred.  On top of this, in the 1800’s an individual visiting a local farm drank water from one of the springs and believed it to have healing/restorative power.  He promoted this idea and word spread, creating a booming spa and recreation era that actually was the basis for the FORMING of Waukesha county.  In a way, you could say we wouldn’t be here had it not been for those springs.  Sad commentary indeed then, to think that all that is left are a few places like Paradise Springs, whose pond water is filled with rotting shopping carts, metal girders, potato chip wrappers and all manner of other human waste.  A shame indeed…

  8. Nik González says:

    Went to Paradise Valley Springs today. It was a beautiful place, but there was no place to bottle water at the source of a spring. I went up the hill to look for the source of the spring but I did not see anything up there; no lush green vegetation, no birds and animals congregating or surrounding a particular area, no little water streams flowing away from a source, and no piped water source. The spring structure with the missing roof is gorgeous, the water is super cold, there is beautiful green algae growing below, and it is so transparent and organic looking, but I would not have filled up any water with the abundance of bugs, sticks, frog skeletons, and natural debris in the water. I will go back and I will keep exploring up the hill to find a spring head, if its there, and I will follow up with another report. Nik González

  9. Nik Gonzalez says:

    The Springs are dried out at this park. They are currently trying to find the funds to restore the park.

    • Mark says:

      I was there yesterday. The spring source is in the spring house ( octagonal building with no roof. Note flow of water OUT of spring house. I too heard stories about gangsters here when I visited here w/ my da in the late 60s. I remember finding bottles & caps in a dump in the back.

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