River Road Water Spring, Moab, Utah


Posted: August 29, 2010

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River Rd.
Moab, Utah 84532
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Small cove right off river road, leaving Moab. just a few minutes from town. There is spout coming right out of the mountain. Water tastes amazing! icy cold, pure spring water, great place to refill all bottles.

Nearest Address

River Road.

Directions from Nearest Address

Leaving Moab toward colorado border. turn down river road it is on the right hand side of the road just a few minutes from town (Route 128, just east of its southern intersection with Route 191).

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: River Road Water Spring Map

Submitted by: anonymous

  1. John Savarese says:

    I believe this spring has been shut down. Anyone out in Moab or Castle Valley know why ?

    • Robert says:

      The powers that wish to be did close the spring.  They dismantled to pipe an spout that had served so well for so long.  They then ran a pipe from the stub of the old pipe to carry the water under the roadbed of Hwy 128.  Locals winched out the pipe.  The powers that wish to be pulled the pipe that brought the water out of the rock.  The locals built another spout.  Thus far, the powers who wish they were have paused in frustration. 

      No, I don’t know who the PTWTB are.  My guess is people in the federal bureaucrasy.  Perhaps some of the locals will enlighten me. 

  2. Joelle says:

    I just found this info, and was hoping to go try it. Does not sound promising after last comment.

  3. Trickster says:

    This spring is open. There was some noise about closing it a little while back but lots of people love this spring and it’s fine. It’s right on the side of the road about 100 yards from the main highway.

    • Joellesgarden says:

      Oh Thank You for responding, I really didn’t think I would hear anything. Just to confirm (cuz my husband is the one who would go get it and he is terrible with vague direction), as you are leaving Moab on HWY 191, you turn right on the road (where all that construction is/was) that goes out to the ranch and the winery (sorry I do not know the names), and after you turn right it is about 100 yards? Is it on the right side of the road or on the left down by the river? It says it is in a little cove. I am so excited.

  4. Moabbumpkin says:

    The correct name of this spring is “Matrimony Spring”. It is located on highway 128, AKA the “River Road”, which follows the Colorado River. The local authorities removed the pipe and tried to close the spring due to the presence of non-pathogenic (harmless) fecal chloriform bacteria. There are no known cases of illness caused by this water and the public still has full access as of 08/07/11.

  5. Joelle says:

    Just an update.  We have been getting water from this spring for about 4 months now; it’s awesome!

  6. Katduvall27 says:

    Thanks Daniel for creating this website.  I just stopped in Moab to visit Arches National Park.  While in town we stopped at Moonflower health food store and asked about the spring.  A gal there said it was closed down for a while, and that there had been a huge controversy about the spring, and that is was now open again.  The water is very easy to gather, I filled each of my gallon jugs in about a minute each.  The water tastes wonderful, and feels energizing.  It’s really an amazing spring and worth the time to stop and fill up.   

  7. Melissa says:

    Great tasting water.  Easiest to access when driving East on 128 – the pullout will be on the right a couple of pullouts after leaving the intersection with 191.  The spout is a little hidden by the large boulders at the end of the pullout, but the water is evident.

  8. Mbabian says:

    Mike B I stop at the spring today for the first time, I ck the TDS it was 165 and the temp was 68 degrees.  The water come’s out crystal clear and has a sweet taste to it.  I filled 2 five gal bottle’s and 2 one gal bottle’s 12 gal’s total.  It took 2.5 min on the five gal bottle’s.

  9. Thank you all- God bless each one of you!

  10. mike stoye says:

    Just a quick note: locals have been drinking this water for hundreds of years…a local geologist told me the spring has been flowing continuously for probably tens of thousands of years. He said the water comes ultimately from the Lasal Mtns. and takes years to get to that point, a few feet from the river, being filtered by many layers of rock during its passage. I like the fact that it is naturally fluoridated only, although Moab city water also has low fluoride levels. Also it is naturally structured water to boot. The myth is that if you drink this water, you will return to Moab…try not too!

  11. Brett says:

    The waypoint is off. If you follow the road a 1/4 mile to the trees on the right side (south-east side) of the road, you will see a small pull out.

    And this name on the topo maps – is called “Matrimony Spring”. Someone should change that.

  12. Eve-Marie says:

    Would like news of this spring : is the water still good? is there bacteria again? Is it accessible near the road, we would like to fill the water tank of our rv there!

  13. Jeff Conner says:

    The water here was very sharply tasting like iron. All the rock surrounding it is red, oxidized iron clay. The mouthfeel was great, but the water was dry tasting. I didn’t drink more than 4-6oz.

  14. SeldomSeen says:

    Not sure how long this spring has been out of commission but was not flowing January of 2018 when I visited my beloved Moab after living abroad for 12 years. I drove up and down the road thinking to myself “I swear it was RIGHT here!” Hadn’t heard news of the controversy while away. Bastards!!!

  15. Hayduke says:

    Not sure how long this spring has been out of commission but was not flowing and pipe could not be found as of January 2018 when I visited my beloved Moab after living abroad for 12 years. Hadn’t heard news of the controversy while away, but its really too bad since this is the second best spring water I’ve had around the world and would always drive out of my way to get my drinking water if camping anywhere near the area and take carboys of it home for homebrewing. Total Bummer!

  16. Sharon Stubbs says:

    Hi, does anyone have any recent information on the condition of this water? I have been drinking from it gratefully and periodically the last few months. I do wonder the truth in hearing mixed info.

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