Roadside Spring,Star Tannery, VA, 22654


Posted: March 12, 2014

Category: United States, View All, Virginia

U.S. 55 John Marshall Highway
Star Tannery, VA, 22654
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Developed roadside spring, popular with folks who drive up to fill their bottles and then carry it home to drink.

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  1. Debra Ann says:


    The water is delicious. Is it tested for safety?

    • Shannon S Jensen says:

      I don’t know where the link is right now, but I do remember reading that the state had been out to check it and apparently comes on a regular basis.
      I did my own PPM test and it came in at 6 PPM. I was only using a cheap little $10 digital tester though…

    • Jerry says:

      Has anyone ever had this water tested for bacteria or parasites?

  2. Sandra says:

    1751 and 1849 Wardensville Pike
    Star Tannery, WV 22654

  3. Brian Root says:

    Roadside Spring Wardensville Pike 55/48 near Wardensville, Virginia near Star Tannery, Virginia. 3 miles west of SR 600 Pifer Rd on US Highway 55/48 on South side of 55. 11.8 TDS. 56.3 degrees. 7 gals. / min. 420 gals. / hour. The source of Spring is 17 miles down valley according to local Forest Service guy.
    Google Maps Pin:
    Excellent. Tasty. Fun.

  4. A_W says:

    Tested for Coliform/E. coli by Viginia Tech:
    7/5/2016 – Positive Coliform and E. coli (MPN/100mL = 70 and 1 respectively)

  5. Tom says:

    Great tasting water. Tried to post a picture but couldn’t figure it out.

  6. Lila Sterling says:

    We’ve been gathering water from this spring for 8 months now. Water has tested consistently at 9 ppm (parts per million) of tds (total dissolved solids). We live in Berryville and the tap water here tests at 136 ppm of tds. We tested this same tap water after running through a Brita pitcher and it tested at 34 ppm of tds. Amazing “living” water.

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