Rock Spring Water Company, West Orange, NJ



Near the South Mountain Reservation.

Nearest Address

479 Northfield Ave.

Directions from Nearest Address


Vital Information

  • Fee: Call for pricing
  • Access: Private
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 450
  • Temp: 48° F
  • pH: 7.4

Hours Spring is Open:

Monday to Thursday 7:30 to 4:30 Friday 7:30 to 3:00 Saturday 9:00 12:00.


Map Link: Rock Spring Water Company Map

Submitted by: Karen Corona


  1. It looks as though the owners have sold this property AND the rights to the spring.  My husband went to get our 5 gallon jugs the other day, and they sent him to the corner liquor store to pick them up.  The bottom line is that they will continue to sell water, BUT they told my husband that it would be from other sources. WHAT!?!  We are extremely disheartened to say the least.  If you purchase from Rock Spring you cannot be guaranteed that the quality will be the same as before.(which was incredible.) I just want to know what these people will be doing with this precious resource?  I thought others might want to know this is happening.  Maybe we can get a movement going to demand accountability for this spring.  This is a travesty!

    1. I agree with you Beth, they just shut down and didn’t say a word to their customers. I have 10 jugs at home and I’m sure I will not get my deposit back on them, I’m sure there are other customers  in the same position. What a shame

    2. I went for the first time to get my water some weeks ago and the guy asked my name and phone number so they could keep contact with their customers because they were moving at the week’s end and to pick up water from the liquor store. At that point I noticed my water jugs said Diamond Spring Water, Ridgefield,NJ. Then when I inquired within I was told that the company now pays Pocono Springs Water Company for a tanker to deliver the water, they, in turn, dispense the water in their own jugs, because they are selling the company (one of the owner’s doesnt feel like doing the business anymore). So, buyer beware, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE WATER YOU THINK YOU’RE GETTING DIRECTLY FROM THE ROCK SPRING OF SOUTH MOUNTAIN RESERVATION. Bummers! :-/

    3. hello can try rain spring water in nutley nj..they have great water and deliver to west orange area..also they have a pickup location..river spirits in belleville (liquor store)

  2. Rock Spring Water comes right from a spring that flows out naturally. No calcium deposits left behind on my stainless steel pots, good balanced water that tastes great.
    I use this water for cooking, drinking and making medicinal teas.
    Last comment;, extremely convenient and very affordable.
    Be Well,
    Anthony from Livingston NJ

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