Rock Springs, Apopka, Florida 32712


Posted: July 18, 2013

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117 Springhollow Blvd, Apopka
Apopka, FL 32712
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In a park.
$1.00 fee
hours from 8am to 6pm
Public access
Continuous flow

  1. Ricardo says:

    Theres nothing here. Looks as if there was a little river of water that should be flowing under the road as you pass into the neighborhood, but its all dried up. I was so disappointed :/ i wonder who posted this.

  2. Melody says:

    What’s up with how this site handles submissions? This location, whose name is also Kelly park, is the springs listed here, Completely different address, and definitely not in the middle of a suburb. This place is a true gem of central Florida, and it deserves a proper entry on this site!

    • LeighLon says:

      Melody thank you so much for the update. Users submit the springs to us via the spring submission form and provide us GPS coordinates. Unfortunately this leaves room for error so we appreciate your update! I visited the link you attached. Updated GPS coordinates would help us get this spring pinned to the proper location on the map. Many thanks!

      The FindASpring Team

  3. Mark says:

    Kelly Park is where the actual spring is, and it is beautiful.

  4. Cheryl says:

    28.760079,-81.503645 updated coordinates

  5. jaime says:

    Now, I know where this park is, but my question is, where exactly to extract the water from

  6. Yolanda says:

    Oh i cant wait to go!!! Where can we extract the water at Kelly Park Springs?
    The last time I had good – clean – mountain river stream water was in The Dominican Republic, as a young girl. The water was beyond delicious and because we also used it for bathing, it made my skin, hair and body look and feel wonderful. I thought over the years that perhaps I felt that way because I was younger. But, my grandmother who lived near that stream had access to it from her well, all of her 16 children including my dad, had wonderful skin, they grew up on that water. She passed away at 103 yrs of age, skin was still glowing, and my aunts and uncles are aging so gracefully. When we visit now, I can see the difference in the skin of my family from D.R. compared to those of us who live in the states, theirs is just more vibrant. I’m telling you this because good spring water that is naturally filtered is beyond a thirst quencher, it’s essential, and promotes vitality. I’m telling everyone I know about this website. 🙂

  7. Regina says:

    According to this website there are NO Springs in Florida in which you can draw water from. Sigh…………..

  8. Regina says:

    By the way this website is very useful. They have a Florida Spring locator map and lots of information.

  9. Cathreen says:

    Kelly Park, rock spings run is one of my favorite places ever. Beautiful, clean and local! Its worth the trip!
    #motherofmen #floridanative

  10. Hoi says:

    Lake Apopka was the site of a major chemical spill, which was incredibly destructive to the wildlife by way of xenoestrogens. This is a cautionary note to those who are considering drinking this water. Find more about it in this audio:

    • Matt says:

      The spring is not fed from Lake Apopka. If it was, it would not be sting water at all. It is fed by the aquifer.
      Second, the was no catastrophic spill. It was a slow leech of pesticides and fertilizers from the farms in the shores of the lake
      That being said, the spring is fine to drink from, please don’t collect water from the Lake.

  11. Alli Rodriguez says:

    Where do we extract the water from?

    • Jonathan says:

      Bad map pin. Supposed to be in Kelly Park. It’s North-East of where the pin is dropped currently. Go out of that neighborhood to the east/right then take a north/left turn follow main road till it T-bones then right.

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