Round Lake County Park, Horton, MI


Posted: August 14, 2010

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1298 Round Lake Rd.
Horton, MI 49246
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The artesian well is located just south of the parking lot right on the lake shore.

Additional info:

Nearest Address

1298 Round Lake Rd.

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Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:

Open regular park hours


Map Link: Round Lake County Park Map

Submitted by: Inigo Montoya

  1. Lin0 says:

    Where the hell is the parking lot?

  2. Jesseturton says:

    rom the link above.

    “Round Lake County Park
    Round Lake Road in Liberty Township, this 2.5-acre park has grills, picnic area, boat launch, playground area, portable toilets, and a flowing well for filling your water jugs.”

  3. Shane says:

    Coming from liberty RD turning onto Round Lake RD, the park will be on your right side. The park is very small. We blinked and drove rite passed it. I gathered about 12 gallens of water. I just ordered a TDS meter and waiting for it to arrive. As soon as I test the water I will post the results.

  4. Beth says:

    I filled my water bottles at this spring yesterday. Thank you, Inigo, for posting this spring. I like the taste of the water, and enjoyed the drive to the spring. I’m going to try to add some pictures.

  5. Beth says:

    Here’s a picture of the sign just before the parking lot closest to the spring. It relates to an intersection just south of the park. Traveling south from Liberty Road, there’s a sign before the park that reads “Playground”, but I didn’t walk down and take a picture of it. There wasn’t a convenient place to park close to that sign–the road curves and there are private driveways. That’s my car in the picture. The spring is just in front of the car, close to the water.

  6. Beth says:

    By the way, the pin on the map from the link above shows the spring south of the lake. I drove past, all the way to highway 12, and turned around. The spring is actually a couple of feet from the water’s edge on the east side of the lake. It’s in the park. The sign on the road says “playground”.

  7. I located the park where the spring is located, but didn’t stop to check it out because the place was crowded with folks enjoying the wonderful weather.  I continued down I-127S to the Rome Center spring, but it’s been shut down by the state for about a year.  I will return to this one in Round Lake Park before giving up on Michigan and heading to Ohio, Indiana, and even Canada.  It’s a shame we’re not allowed to have naturally occurring water with all the “life” still in it.  We’re being poisoned with chemicals in the tap water and from plastic bottles.  Even with the most advances water filter system like reverse osmosis, we’re being robbed of the minerals needed to balance our metabolism.  No wonder so many people have kidney failure.  I’ve been suffering from kidney stones, which the doctors tell me is from not drinking enough water.  The truth is the “dead” water that’s coming out of the tap or from plastic bottles even when it’s filtered doesn’t contain the natural occurring minerals needs to keep us healthy. 

  8. John Waddell says:

    Question for Shane: Did you have the water tested?

  9. eric says:

    Spring is flowing and open. we checked it today and it’s flowing just find. Very cold water and very good!!!

  10. Eric says:

    UPDATE!!!! Two week ago i was here and it is no longer flowing. It isn’t capped off its just not doing anything. water table must have dropped.

  11. dawn says:

    This is a lovely spring, we have come here as a family since april but in OCT it was not flowing, we come from ann arbor so that’s not cool. love this pure water! will be testing it soon and will report back with results. please let us know when it is running again. Eric, are you a local near there? I would love to connect with you before we come. you can email me at thanks

  12. Kristy jean says:

    Visited the spring today (4/8/17) and it was flowing. Tasted very good.

  13. Fischer says:

    As of now (5-9-17) the flow is 15 gallons per minute and the TDS is 275.

  14. Fischer says:

    9-25-2017 update: Flow reduced to 2 gallons per minute. TDS 300 with a temp of 53 degrees F. Still very popular amongst locals.

    • Jim says:

      I went there today for the first time. The water is great with no taste of iron. My TDS meter said 306ppm.

      The temperature today was around 90 degrees, even this late in the year. It’s a nice little park where you can swim in the lake if you want.

      Of any of the springs I’ve visited, I think the water here is the best. I will definitely be back.

  15. CJ says:

    Went here on Wednesday, October 18. Spectacular day. Saw a gent marking the spot as he rowed about the lake for exercise. Then met another nice gent and his son filling dozens of bottles. Took some asking around where the spring was as the peg position is way off. Flow was nice but not a lot of pressure. Only brought two bottles with me to fill and haven’t tasted it yet. It looks good. Exact position is 42.084664°, -84.470303° Enchanted lake, enchanted place. There’s a place to get honey on the way just opposite the Long Horn cattle pasture. Liberty general store needs to sell the honey, beef and water as it was want for some fresh food.

  16. High Q H2O says:

    I went by there the other day and tried some of the water, it had a bad smell so I dont think it is drinkable which is sad.

  17. Jim says:

    I went there on July 28th. It was flowing very fast. I estimate about 40 GPM or more. My gallon jug filled very quickly.

    I’m not sure how to update the site data because the map is off slightly. I was able to get exact GPS coordinates of N 42.084520 W 84.470163 for the spring.

  18. Tumika says:

    Hello! Does anyone know if this spring is still flowing?

  19. Lorrie says:

    Hello! I was at the spring 3/20/2020, and it was still flowing. I come about 3 times a year and it has always been flowing about the same amount- takes less than 5 minutes to fill a 5 gallon carboy.
    TDS 299, still popular with locals
    The TDS of the bottled water Absopure was 289.

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