Santa Rosa Spring, Ribbonwood, CA 92561


Posted: November 2, 2016

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Truck Trail / Forest Route 7S02
Ribbonwood, CA 92561
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There is a pipe with water flowing out near Santa Rosa Campgrouund.  Santa Rosa Spring appears on the map.  I don’t know the history but it appears the spring has been developed for easy access to fill containers.

  1. Sheresa Cole says:

    Is any of this water sold at stores locally? I live in Vallejo Ca.

  2. Sheresa Cole says:

    Is any of this water sold at stores locally? I live in Vallejo Ca.

  3. Mike says:

    My family and I have personally made the trek to this remote spring. The water is great! They have it tapped with a pipe for the easy filling of bottles. We have taken as much as 4 gallons at a time for light consumption at home. It tastes of a high mineral content, probably having filtered through many layers of granite to get to the source. Be wary of wildlife, ticks, and spiders at the source, as it is on a semi-remote mountain in somewhat dry terrain. Take only a high-clearance or short wheelbase vehicle, as road conditions may vary with the season. Water is clean with very little possibility of contamination. Estimated flow = 2gal/min.

  4. karissa anthony says:

    can i get to the spring without 4 wheel drive?

  5. karissa anthony says:


    Toyota Yaris made it, be careful, there is a 7.1-mile dirt&rock path to the water source. do not go on or a few days after a rain will get very muddy unless you have 4 wheel drive. If you have a car like mine, just be sure to ride the rocks carefully and know how to maover over them satfley without scratching up the underlining of your vechile. Otherwise, safe travels!

  6. someplaceelse says:

    its possible the flow rate changes throughout year but at end of october 2017 it took me about 2 1/2 minutes to fill 1 gallon.
    its easy to miss the forest route/truck trail road off the 74. look for a large sign/might be 2 saying something like “welcome to santa rosa mountain” or “entrance to santa rosa mountain”. i missed it because i was looking for more of a street sign which there isn’t. its between springcrest and santa rosa rd.

    also when driving up the forest route its something like 45 minutes or longer going 9-12 miles an hour. you know you are close when you see sign on right that says something about preventing wildfires or fire safety then pretty soon on the left will be a sign of a faucet and a cup of water which then leads to spring.

  7. Johnny says:

    Does any one know any thing about mt shasta water?

    • Dane says:

      Shasta has three public springs. One at McBride Springs Campground, one near Panther Meadow Campground, and one next to Horse Camp on the mountain. All three are amazing.

      I believe in Mt Shasta City a public water fountain also has amazing water. Also at Mt Shasta City Park.

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