Shelman Spring, Union Star, KY


Posted: November 4, 2009

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79 Bruner Ridge Lane
Union Star, KY 40171
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Water comes out of cave continuously. This is a magical place. I have met quite a few people there that have been drinking the water for over 30+ years. They test and do upkeep on the spring regularly.

Nearest Address

79 Bruner Ridge lane Union Star, KY 40171

Directions from Nearest Address

The spring is off of Bruner Ride just past 79, which is a huge farm. Just past that you will see a gravel road that goes downhill. Take that road and follow it back about a quarter mile and then off to the left you will see the spring. You can see the water running over the road from a good distance away. If you can’t find it, ask someone and they will know what youre talking about it.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 60
  • Temp: 40 F
  • pH: 6.8

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Shelman Spring Map

Submitted by: Brandon Gilbert

  1. KYT says:

    We just went filled a bunch of containers from this spring.

    The directions are off just a bit.
    I wouldn't say its “just past 79”, its quite a ways from 79.
    If you're coming from the east, definitely take KY-376 to shortcut the 144 loop.
    Its down the road labeled “Bruner Valley Rd” on google maps, I never found a “Bruner Ride”
    The map link above has its location on a road on the north side of 144, the spring is down the road on the left.
    Just like the description says, watch for a gravel road that goes down hill.
    Its not very far past the cemetery.

    The water was very very clear.
    And this area is loaded with life, so that's a good sign.
    Lots of caterpillars, and butterflies which don't seem too afraid of humans at all.

    Aquarium water test strip results:
    Nitrate: ~20ppm
    Nitrite: 0ppm
    Total hardness: ~150ppm
    Chlorine: 0ppm
    Total Alkalinity: ~200ppm
    pH: 7.2

  2. Northeastern Caver says:

    I’d be wary of the potability of any water coming from a cave.

  3. Bettyann says:

    can someone let me know when the last time it was tested?  I am very interested, I hate city water and the plastic bottled water is not much better, you have to trust what they say about it and they are really in it for the money, after all.  Thank you so much, Sincerely

  4. Pat says:

    First off, the name of this spring is wrong.  Than the directions are TOTALLY wrong!  I have been drinking this water for over a year and it’s great.  Like an earlier post said, it’s tested once a year by the locals. If you want to find this spring bad enough, you will.  I did.

  5. Steve Pierce says:

    Gathered 5 gallons from this spring last weekend, direct from the flowing water from the pipe (yes it had moss growing at the end) 

    We then ordered First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit.Filtered water through Brita Water Pitcher and then ran tests.

    Lead / Pesticide test – negative
    Bacteria Test – POSTIVE !!!  WARNING it is HIGHLY LIKELY potentially harmful bacteria were detected

    DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER as of March 2012.  There is some type of bacteria in the water, and this water needs to be tested professionally.
    We are not going to drink it until that has been done, but this test is enough of a warning to STAY AWAY !

    • Bettyann says:

      Thank you so much for letting us know.  We cannot afford to get it tested and was told that the locals always get it tested each year. Please if you get it tested, will you please write back in and let us know how it turned out, Sincerely and thankfully, Bettyann

  6. Pat says:

    I just got the results back from the Hardin County Water Distric Plant #2 and it’s NOT GOOD.  It tested at 25 for Ecolie.  He said it’d be like drinking the local river water.  I did pay for this test and will NOT be drinking the water from this spring.

    I got the bottle for testing from the County people, took the sample directly from the pipe at the spring and drove the sample straight to the testing lab in White Mills. 

    This really saddens me, as it’s the only spring within 50 miles of me.

    Thank you Steve for the heads-up.

  7. Pat says:

    Sorry, the date of testing was March 21st, and the call was this morning, March 22nd, 20012.

  8. Larryandme says:

    So if 25 on the ecoli test is bad, how will it make you sick?  What are  the symptoms you would you get, I know many people who are drinking this water and seem healthy. It makes me wonder if someone peed in the water before you got there.  I know it sounds bad but sadly there are people who would do such a thing. One thing, I’m scared to drink it now and I am very sad too!!

  9. Larryandme says:

    I also want to say thank you to Steve and Pat!!!

  10. Pat says:

    I had been getting my water here for almost 2 years. Had it tested in July and the Ecoli was HIGH!!! DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER. Tested professionally by Hardin Water.

  11. drank from it several times in 2017. I never got sick but I have a strong immune system and E coli lives in our intestines it depends upon the strain of the bacteria

  12. Daniel says:

    The Spring is actually ACROSS the Highway from #79….It is on BRUNER Ridge LANE. Go down this gravel road for about a quarter mile. As soon as you see the water crossing the road there is a road to the left. About 100 yards long. The spring is there with a huge cement tub. Water comes out of a pipe that comes out of a cave.

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