Spring Hill, Anaconda, Montana  5/5 (1)


About 5 miles West of Anaconda Montana on State highway 1
Located on “Spring Hill”
Signs don’t point at water source but if you round the bend there will be a long straight stretch with an uphill grade, the road splits from single lane either way traffic to slow vehicle lane (only part of the road to Georgetown Lake that splits like this)
At the top of the straight stretch on the left there is a tourist sign explaining about one of the local mountains
Just past this turn out is the road to the left and the spring (set up back in the 40’s with spigots and all)
The spring is only about 300 feet past the turn off with easy access for any type vehicle from semi to the smallest of automobiles
It is specifically set up for travelers with 3 open spigots and a full running sink


  1. Wonderful spring water – some of the coldest and purest water I’ve ever found. There is a historical marker regarding when the spring access was established.

  2. Been here. A great spot. There are 3 fountains to get water out of. So tasty and a safe place to get out, since it is off the main road.

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