Spring Hill Spring, Columbia, TN 38401


Posted: March 3, 2014

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558 Carters Creek Pike
Columbia, TN 38401
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The address is the closest I could find.  This is across the road from the creek.  There is a pvc pipe coming out from the spring.  Water is very good.  There is a pull off right next to the spring.

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  1. Georgene Palka says:

    I submitted this spring. I didn’t have an photos at first so a bit ago I took some pictures and would like to post if someone could tell me how. Also someone has changed out the PVC pipe for a nice copper pipe.

    • Chris says:

      I am interested in going to the spring today and collecting my own water. I was wondering if anyone had it tested yet and how long have you been drinking the water? Please call or text me I’d love to ask you some questions. 9206763567

  2. Shantelle says:

    This is close to my house! Is it on private property?

  3. Sara says:

    Hi I would also like to know if it’s private property and also …how’s the water 🙂

  4. Beck says:

    Are we able to just walk up and fill our bottles? Would love to start using spring water

  5. Connie Chiodo says:

    I went to this spring yesterday. It’s right off of a 2 lane winding road but it does have a small area where one car can safely park. It’s not a busy road but be careful getting out as there are other cars on the road. Disappointingly, the copper pipe that Georgene mentioned has once again been replaced by PVC. Copper is highly sought after for scrappers, so I’m sure the spring was it’s victim. The water was super clear and I brought home several glass jars/bottle. However, I got a bit nervous about the PVC pipe and what it might leach into the water. Mold? Bacteria? So I ended up throwing it out after getting it home. Anyone know about how clean the water really is? I also took pictures which I am trying to post on FAS’s Facebook page.

  6. Connie Chiodo says:

    Oh, and I don’t believe it’s on private property as it is literally off the side of the road with a huge rock embankment above it.

  7. Blake says:

    Any more info on this spring? I live in Nashville and it’s a haul to get out there if it’s not available to the public.

  8. Georgene Palka says:

    It is public open always. Worth the trip I am also in Nashville and I drive the 45 mins one way to get my water. Right off of the road.. I have not had any issues with the quality of the water. Someone had it tested a few years back and the results were 99% pure so I do not worry about it. I have been using it for months now and never had any problems with it. I use it for drinking and cooking. I do a lot of fermenting and I use it for that too.

    • Charles Byrd says:

      My name is Charles Byrd

      I live in Southern Williamson county about 20 minutes (near many Huffs and Sweeneys) from this pipe

      The water tastes quite good but it’s not a true spring

      It’s a trickle down through 25-30 foot of rocks and crevice runoff which probably does mix with some spring water

      I had the water tested.

      It’s hard of course …very hard and all else checks out ok except sadly the most important test

      Bacteria coliform which is damned high

      We were very disappointed as its apparent that animal waste runoff contaminates this pipe

      Because the water is great tasting water

      If anyone wants further info or see the test tube pic I’ll send it

      Yellow and the gel at top…..standard positive test


  9. Jeffrey Parris says:

    I don’t see how this spring found be on private property. It’s right on the edge of the road, state right of way if I had to guess. I stopped out there today and filled 10 gallon jugs. The water is great.

  10. Sabrina Wilson says:

    I love getting my water here! It is clean! Easy access and have photo but do not know how to post here!

  11. Kylee says:

    We just went there and it’s a great spring. I’m unsure about buildup etc in the pcv pipe but the flow rate is fast and consistent enough that I trust it.

  12. Ryan Bitzer says:

    Went there this weekend and filled up a ton of glass water bottles. Very easy to fill, very easy to park, and water is awesome. My kids helped me fill the bottles and we all liked the water. I would like to get the water tested just to be sure so figuring that out.

  13. jared says:

    Does anyone have any good resources to for testing water?

  14. MC Seals says:

    Hey guys, I tested the purity of water yesterday and it is crystal clean EXCEPT for the most important contaminant… coliform bacteria is super present. AKA animal poop. Don’t drink it guys 🙁

  15. Chris Aven says:

    Hi All, We went out to this spring last weekend 11/14/17. We collected the water and tested it. It did test positive for Coliform Bacteria. The test I did was not specific as to what type of Coliform so we do not know if it is E.Coli, Total coliform, or Environmental coliform. These are the three possibilities. I would to get further testing on it to rule out Total and E. Coli. Perhaps because it’s not a true spring – one earlier comment mentioned, it is getting contaminated.

  16. Carter says:

    What’s the status on this one? I work in Cool Springs and wouldn’t mind making the trip here now and then, but I don’t see much activity on this page in the last couple of years!

  17. Kelly says:

    I have seen many people stop at this place, everytime I pass there is a car sitting there filling up jugs. I can tell you my tap water is not clean what so ever, I am going to try it…the tap water kills my filters, and has left extremely large amounts of nasties in my coffee pot. It has been years since anyone has posted the quality and clearity of this spring. I heard a cheese cloth will filter out the bad stuff because something in the cloth traps the contaminants. I am originally from Western New York where the water is extremely clean and tasty…If anyone has test results for this water please post.

  18. Kaitlin says:

    Hi, are there any updates with this spring? Has anyone re-tested it? Would love to know if it’s truly drinkable.

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