Stanley Spring, Rome, GA


Posted: October 21, 2009

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Old Dalton Road NE
Rome, GA 30165
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Spring belonged to a man who passed away about 10 years ago and left the spring open to the public. It is in a gated area with parking spots. This water has low ppm and is a great “light water” to drink! Anyone who is looking for great drinking water will truly be impressed!

Nearest Address

Old Dalton Road NE, Rome, GA 30165

Directions from Nearest Address

If you’re headed West on 140, turn right onto Old Dalton and go exactly .4 miles and it will be in a chain link fenced area with parking and several big white and red signs. There is a donation box which is optional but nice.

Vital Information

  • Fee: There is no fee, but there is a donation box
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 47
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Stanley Spring Map

Submitted by: Joe, Jeremiah Smith

  1. Ela says:

    Just got back from Stanley Spring in Rome Georgia. Once I was within 1/4 mile from the area the air started to smell fresh like juiced cucumbers.

    Turns out that I made a simple error in driving by taking a right instead of a left at one point so I asked an old man with a soft voice and a foot long beard if he knew the location of the spring, he gave me perfect directions thankfully. But aside from that, it was easy to find. I just wanted to share a bit of my adventure.

    I filled up about 12 gallons of some of the best spring water I have ever had and left an appropriate donation. I took my shoes off, wore some shorts and a tank top and basically took a shower in the spring spout. It felt amazing! I felt like I was humming with energy for about 1 hour. I am very grateful for those that posted this information here on findaspring.

  2. sue says:

    I’m looking forward to finding it, too! Thanks for the info Joe and Jeremiah.

  3. Veggie Val says:

    Started using this Spring in Feb 2011. Ph was just under 7, clear and about 62 degrees. We even tested for particulates a few simple ways and none found (to the naked eye), all wonderful and this is some great tasting spring water. A tad heavier in taste to due mineral content. Using about 10 gals a week and have been back twice. In March, a small amount of green string algae was growing on the PVC spout, but hey! It was a natural filter! This is a very nice public spot with recent addition of gravel to the drive, so donations are being used appropriately. Gratitude!!

  4. MisterHAN says:


    First off, thanks to everyone that keeps this site going, and to Joe & Jeremiah Smith who foundaspring, for us all. This water is amazing. I pulled into the gravel driveway at around 10:00pm and the place was lit by several lampposts. 

    I filled up 20 gallons worth of nice cool spring water, and rinsed my hands and entire upper body in the spring. It took my about 2 hours to get back home, but my hands and hair feel stronger. I’m not even kidding, it feels like what “real” water would feel like. I’m blown away.

    Directions are spot-on, From Atlanta, take 75N to exit 306, LEFT off the exit. Exactly 13 miles on 140 and you’ll see a sign for Old Dalton Road. Turn RIGHT, go down 0.4 miles and it’ll be the fenced-in, graveled, and nicely lit parking lot on the LEFT.

    payitforward, BO

  5. Jeremiah Smith says:

    Just moved down to Sarasota FL and I gotta say, I truly miss our Stanley Spring adventures. 🙁 We have a few springs down here but nothing as clear and cool as Stanley in Rome. We’ll have to load the car up with jugs the next time we make a trip to Atlanta to visit family. Thank you all for the great comments! PS, anybody have a TDS meter to test the water at Stanley Spring? If not, SurThrival sells a great one:

  6. A.D. says:

    the spring is up for sale, does anyone know why or how much it cost? It would suck to lose the spring…. Went for a ride with my family to the spring and it was worth every bit of 45 each way… The water is amazing, nothing i have ever drinking from a store bought bottle including the high end water, like fiji water for example… I’m going back as long as the spring stays open….

  7. LauraW says:

    Looking forward to going, A.D has it been sold?

  8. Sunshine10047 says:

    I live not too far from where this spring is located (in front of the airport). When we moved we were told a spring runs underneath our neighborhood. Do u think this is the same spring? Id love to dig a well on our property to get fresh spring water everyday! Someone said something about high mineral content and i know our current well system has VERY high mineral conent. Im just curious to any suggestions on if it is the same one or a different one…

  9. A.D. says:

    The for sale has been taken down…

  10. Trip says:

    is this spring still open to the public ?

  11. Cognac says:

    I just got back from up there, and it is still open. After reading some of the comments from earlier, I was worried it was being sold and wouldn’t be open. I got there about 11:00 PM, the gate was still open, and the parking lot was illuminated, which was nice compared to the on in Augusta that I usually go to. It was very clean, and the drive wasn’t bad either. I enjoyed it, and I’d recommend it to anyone who just wants something other than filtered or bottled water.

  12. Christopher says:

    Just got back from Stanley Spring. It was our first trip out for real natural spring water and only an hour from home. Cool and refreshing straight from mother nature.

    I took some good daylight photos I would like to contribute to the website, but don’t see where to upload them.

    Thank You to the people that keep this spring not only available but also well maintained, and also to you great people for bringing us this site.

    Peace and Love!

  13. Frances Fowler says:

    This is delicious water and it’s so wonderful to still see some things that are still free (though donations are graciously accepted) and pure. That isn’t always as available anymore. It’s a beautiful area, and I would like to thank all those responsible for their thoughtfullness and generosity.

  14. J Brun says:

    Visited Stanley Spring today. What a treat! The water is very light in taste. Really appreciate the nice parking lot & easy access. Easy to find,the directions are perfect. I did leave a small donation & plan to visit again.

    Added bonus was finding Lowery’s Farm stand on 140. Picked up some nice veggies & a nice, clean roast. Much better than buying from a conventional grocery. Better products.

    Can’t wait to visit again!

  15. Brodie says:

    I went to the spring for the first time today. It was such a refreshing experience. I was a little apprehensive to drink out of the spring(being that I have never been to a spring before), but after reading comments on here and seeing the cleanliness of the water in person, I could not wait to take the first sip. The water was amazing! The water was clean and there were no issues. Thanks everyone for posting, Thanks to the free spring of God’s refreshing goodness, and thanks to Stanley! MisterHan gave great directions from Atlanta, spot on.

  16. Ana Vasquez says:

    A bit of a newbie to spring water, someone here mentioned filling up 20 gallons. How do you store it?

    • jacques says:

      Late, late reply, but I just saw this.
      you can fill up whatever you want.
      I use those blue 5 gallon containers Whole Foods and Home Depot (and others, probably) sell to buy their water. They are BPA-free and work pretty well. There are 3-gallon containers as well (lighter).

  17. V Stewart says:

    Is this spring still in operation and if so, has anyone had the water tested lately?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. livingston frost says:

    Went to Stanley Spring today. Water is clean and delicious. There were others filling jugs too while my daughter and I stopped by.

    • James Conlee says:

      I have stopped by this spring hundreds of times for drink of water. It has always flowed and did not miss a beat even during the 2007 drought. Just there about a week ago. It is not a recreation area and is just a small parking lot with easy access to the spring. If in the area be sure to travel north on old dalton rd to Everett springs rd. National Forest, john’s mountain, creeks, Everett springs, keown falls(usually dry,good hike). Areas to cookout, great day trip area.

    • Tiffany says:

      This spring is an excellent water source! This is our second trip, got 65 gallons in just a few minutes! We filter the water in our Berkey and the water tastes great. Thank you for continuing to make this available to the public.

  19. B.J says:

    Update address 3388 old Dalton rd NE. 2 doors down on left inside fenced in area. Nice and Cold 7-26 17

  20. James Conlee says:

    If you have to make a drive to get to this spring consider bringing empty water containers, there are people that have been coming to this spring for years. Make a day of it and visit Berry College. Bring a fishing pole and spend some time at Rocky Mountain Project in Texas Valley or Sloppy Floyd Park. If you enjoy the outdoors it would be easy to spend the whole weekend romping.

  21. Jacques says:


    34°23’08.2″N 85°07’23.2″W
    34.385621, -85.123109
    (From Google Maps)

  22. Nicole says:

    Just visited this spring and it is in fact still there and open to the public. Very accessible, has a parking lot, and a box set up for donations. Used a TDS reader and it read 47 ppm, 100 us/cm, and was 17.1 Celsius. Water tastes pure and light.

  23. Ivo says:

    Crystal clear spring water! Tastes great! Today me and my family went to this place for the first time and filled about 36 gallons.
    Thanks to the people keeping this natural drinking water open to the public.

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