Stokes State Forest Spring, Branchville, NJ 4.5/5 (1)


Posted: June 8, 2009

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1 Coursen Road
Branchville, NJ 07826
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Fantastic spring that you can pull your car right up to. No fee to access the spring except for admission to the state park. Metal spout makes accessing water easy.

Nearest Address

1 Coursen Road Branchville, NJ 07826

Directions from Nearest Address

Follow the road into the state park, when you get to the first intersection, take a left and go down till you see the spring on the right side of the road. You can pull your car right up to the spring and fill up.

Vital Information


  • Fee: Park fee $5.00 weekdays, $10.00 weekends
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 33
  • Temp: 52 F
  • pH: 6

Hours Spring is Open:

24 hours.



Map Link:  Stokes State Forest Spring Map

Submitted by: Jeff Skeirik & Dhrumil Purohit

  1. Anthony says:

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    awesome place…this water is amazing and the place is wonderful to visit.

  2. Scott says:

    I did a 'boil off' test of the water from this spring, and it unfortunately left quite a bit of white scale behind in my pot.. means that there is bad calcium in this water, and it's not an appropriate spring for drinking..

  3. Name says:

    I have not encountered the scale Scott refers to and Ive been getting water there for months, and done such a test. I also know a few local residents who for years now get their water here with no such result. its still one of the areas best kept secrets.

  4. Anthony says:

    I agree…the tds is very low here. Scott might want to make sure his bottle is really clean. Even if so…there is going to be something in there. He can keep drinking distilled if he is so turned off, but I would never ever abandon stokes unless something really serious came up. This water is so great.

    Scott…if youre close to NYC, check out Cold Spring harbor in Long Island.

    • Tameka111 says:

      hello,i am going camping u no of any places or things we can do while in stokes?or area attractions? the way that water is the  best water i have ever had..we bought some home too…lol

  5. Name says:

    There is no fee if you go off season or off hours. The gatehouse is closed between Labor Day and Memorial Day and after 4pm during the summer. I've never had to pay to get water.

  6. Scott says:

    alrighty.. i'm going to give it another shot.. going there today to fill some bottles and see what I get 🙂

  7. Scott says:

    alrighty.. i'm going to give it another shot.. going there today to fill some bottles and see what I get 🙂

  8. Tom says:

    I canot tell for sure from this video but the spot the they are shown taking water. is not the spout of the original spring. The state let the original grow over I believe it was call Kitatinny Springs and I can remember 40 years taking water from that spot of the original spring the best water I ever tasted ,The other water taps dont compare

  9. Alpinelude99 says:

    Just visited this spring for the first time. TDS reading was 47, temp 14c, ph near 6(used strips)

  10. Val says:

    Is the Spring still open now in January to go and fill up?

  11. Alex38 says:

    Yes definitely open for the winter. I filled up here today and can confirm that it’s super easy even with lots of snow. I literally parked about 10 feet from the spout and quickly filled up three glass bottles.

    The only strange thing about it was the flow regularly increased and decreased every minute or two. The flow probably doubled or tripled during the increase. Does anyone know what the story is there? It didn’t strike me as something that would happen naturally, but I’m no aquifer expert.

  12. CosmicCrystallineWater says:

    Awesome video! RAw and wild water food-living,
    I’m a local N.J., hometown resident, and I would to know how this area of the park looks? Where is it precisely? At the present moment, is it covered with snow and ice? I do my absolute best with only drinking the purest source of water. And the closest, most best that I have is a local spring, here in Clifton, NJ. But I am ready to take my Cosmic Water Shamanism to the next level.

  13. JuicingArt says:

    visited this spring on the coldest day of the year – it was about 14 degrees F, and the spring was still flowing nicely. The water here tastes so pure, it’s worth the drive – not to mention the beautiful scenery. is a photo blog entry with more details about our visit to the spring.

  14. Lumberjak1984 says:

    I went down there in the middle of the night..spoooooooky. Bear country. The water was ok. But I wonder if it’s a real spring!

  15. Rui1981 says:

    does anyone know where is this spring located at CLIFTON NJ ?? WHAT STREET??

  16. Treespirit says:

    Does anyone know of any springs in South Jersey- Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic or Ocean counties? There must be some… we have the huge Cohansey Aquiferhere  in the Pine Barrens.

  17. zman says:

    Very good spring.  Filled up today – TDS 38.  Pretty far out in Sussex county, but worth the trip. 

  18. jd says:

    Hi, I recently tested the water here and the ph was a little above 7. The TDS was 52 for water that was 2 months old and and 51 for fresh water 🙂

  19. Just went back the other day…36 ppm on the TDS meter, and so cold. It feels so good to be drinking that water again. Its free to enter the park until memorial day! Sometimes the flow would be really strong and then it would weaken a bit…this water definitely isnt pumped. What a treasure…

    • John says:

      I agree, Anthony !! My wife & went up for the first time today, as our long-time spring in Mine Hill is closed (at least for now) in the wake of the owner’s passing. Hoping that Mine Hill Twp buys the spring, as the mayor hopes they will be able to.

  20. Lauren says:

    Just went for the first time and filled a bunch of jugs! Beautiful park and amazing water! I couldn’t be more excited! Cars were lined up to fill up! We asked the park lady about the water and she said people travel just to fill up from there. She said the same people are always coming back too.. What a treasure is right!

  21. Mina says:

    There are two spouts now, so getting water is so much easier. This water is great! And this website is awesome, thanks for the information!

  22. D says:

    Went earlier in the week to fill up a bunch of glass jugs but for some reason one of the spouts was closed up. It is just amazing that I can go anytime–day or night–to get this refreshing cold water!

  23. YC says:

    We traveled 2hrs for NYC just to get to this Spring and it was worth the trip. We talk to many of the locals that have been drinking out of here for ages. They even took us to Sunrise Mountain Scenic Overlook. All the info about this Spring is correct. The best water ever.

  24. kenny says:

    do you have to boil the spring water?

  25. Stephen L says:

    Has any one did a test on this water to see if this water has a heavy metal such as Lead……ect are at safe levels. Thank you

  26. John McGrath says:

    Hi All,
    My wife & I made the trip up here today, as our long-time Artesian Water Spring in Mine Hill closed this month in the wake of the owner’s passing. Though it’s a 38-mile trip for us….I too can vouch that it is well worth the trip. The quality of the water is second-to-none….ice-cold & crystal-clear. Started using it tonight for tea & cooking…and no scale or residue on the pots. So excited & happy to learn of this spring. The folks here got it right…it is a treasure. I highly recommend it !!

  27. Eric says:

    Hello. When was the last time anyone checked the fluoride (or lack of, hopefully) content?

    • Monika says:

      I just did a water test on it and everything tested perfectly

      • brian says:

        Hi Monika, could you kindly share what water testing lab you used ?

        What was the level of Fluoride ?

        thank you Monika

        • Susan Wolford says:

          FYI: The fluoride that occurs naturally in water is the compound they did the cavity studies on, and it is not toxic. Naturally occurring fluoride NOT the same toxic fluoride compound they ADD to many city water supplies which is a byproduct of the aluminum industry, and they wanted it put in water so they didn’t have to pay to get rid of it as toxic waste. It is poisonous, which is why many tubes of toothpaste come with a warning to call poison control if you swallow more than a pea sized amount. It is toxic to the brain and causes cancer. I would hope this water only has the naturally occurring fluoride which I believe is Calcium Fluoride, and the toxic fluoride is sodium fluoride.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Monika, would you be able to share the test? My email is … looking for level of fluoride, heavy metals, etc. thanks!

      • Laura says:

        Yes, Please post results of water test. Thank you.

  28. Karolyn says:

    Was here today. TDS was 42. Didn’t check the temp, but it was cold. Really really great taste. Best I’ve found so far (I mostly gather in NY). When you go into the park go past the toll house and the surrounding parking lot. Make the first left on to a road. It will be on your right. You can pull your car right up to it and there is plenty of room though there will likely be other people. It’s a popular spring.

  29. Greg Thomas says:

    I went to this spring on 1/1/18. Make sure once you enter the park, you take the road to the left. I went the wrong way and had a hard time finding the spring initially.

    At home, my TDS read at 0045 ppm. It was a very cold day but the water felt fairly warm. It tastes amazing.

  30. Erika says:


    My friends and I just visited the spring this weekend. We collected water to use for tea ceremony and wow is it good! We used it unfiltered and it left no residue in our kettles. It is fresh and not too mineral heavy. (Will report back once we test the TDS and whatnot.)

    We were told by locals that the water runs year round. The spring is easily accessible by car and easy to find upon entering Stokes State Forest park. Just follow the water signs. The park seems to be open year round, charging only Memorial-Labor Day.

    • Erika says:

      I finally got a chance to test the water. The TDS number is 47ppm at 72 F degrees.

      We also used a test strip to test for a variety of things using a color code. It tests clean of nitrites/nitrates (fertilizer) and with a pH of about 6.4. You can see the test strip image here:

      We have used it in our clay kettle and glass kettle for a couple weeks and have no residue left behind.

      • John says:

        Thanks Erika for the photo of the test strip! Greatly appreciated!

        In the last 6 times in visiting this spring since June 2019, the water was consistently 5.5 – 6.0 PH which is the only thing I’m not too enthused about. Our ph test strips are pretty high quality 3-color but maybe they’re getting too old. Also, we’ve gotten a consistent TDS of 47PPM. I would LOVE to know the mineral breakdown of the 47PPM. Hope it’s not too much inorganic calcium.

        Thanks again!

  31. Andrew says:

    Greetings, I was there yesterday the tds was coming out at 30ppm and ph was around 6.5. I am curious what the large building behind the spouts are for? If anyone is familiar with this spring please let me know. The water did taste good and is coming out really cold which is a great sign. I would like to know more about the spring and if it has ever been tested for mineral content/contaminants?

  32. John says:

    We were at this spring 6 times since June 2019 grabbing about 50 gallons each time. Just got back from the 6th trip today. It’s about 1.5 hr drive for us and we try to get there at 7:30AM to avoid a few cars waiting in line and for free access to the forest before 8AM. I always bring a TDS/Temp meter and high quality PH test strips. The water is CONSISTENTLY around 47 ppm and the PH is CONSISTENTLY 5.5 – 6.0. Today (July 26) the water temp was about 13C/55F.
    The only thing we’re concerned about is the low PH level. This has been our only source of drinking water for the last year. What could cause a low PH of 5.5 – 6.0? If it was closer to 7.0, I wouldn’t be as concerned. Over all, nice place to visit. It’s beautiful up there!

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