Swain Park Artesian Well, Brooklyn, MI 49230

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A continuous Artesian Well located in Swain Park


    1. Lorrie, if you see this, you should be able to get water testing kits at a Lowe’s or Home Depot. The kit itself will have instructions inside regarding what to do and how to read results. Thanks so much for your efforts! Blessed be!

  1. I live near here and I am willing to go and collect water for testing- someone tell me where to get the tests and what to do. Thanks Lorrie 810-333-5754

  2. Anyone know if this spring is still up and running? Or if the water has been tested? It’s a bit of a hike for me. Just want to double check before I make the trip.

  3. Can anyone put in efforts to test this water? I would travel from far away to collect it so I would prefer to know if its clean enough to make it my primary water source before making the trip. Thanks!

  4. Spring is easy to find, there is a pipe coming up from the ground with a constant flow.
    I only wish I could find more information about the source, how often it’s tested, etc. I’ve searched, but not easy to find online. I gathered water from here on Sunday and have been drinking it since then. It is now Thursday and I have felt weak and sluggish ever since. I don’t know for certain that the water is to blame, but it is the only thing that has changed for me since I’ve started feeling this way.

  5. the spring is running and tastes great, will be testing it within months here and can report back soon. we love it as a family!

      1. I went there today. There was a thunderstorm at the time. I parked and could see it from where I was, but didn’t get out.

        I went to eat hoping the rain would let up later. It did, and I returned and filled some jugs. The water is obviously high in iron because of the red stains on the drain where it flows into the river. My TDS meter says 350ppm. It tastes so so. I’ve had better water elsewhere, but also had worse. I probably won’t come back to this one, especially since it’s not that close to me.

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