The AWE Center, San Marcos, CA


390 Cox Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
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Well pump about 6 years running, on a 10-acre ranch.

Located on a beautiful ranch, riding and lessons available, goats, pigs, camp for kids. Also a 4 bedroom ranch house available to rent, with the well water pumped through. Nancy is a hoot!

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Nearest Address

390 Cox Road

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Vital Information

  • Fee: contact Nancy Tarsha 760.510.0029
  • Access: Private
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 8.4-8.7

Hours Spring is Open:

By appointment only. Please call Nancy Tarsha 760.510.0029.


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Submitted by: Rebekah

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  1. Christian says:

    Because it is a well and has a pH of 8.4-8.7, I suspect there may be a bad calcium issue (typical of pumped wells). I would only use this as a last resort. Let’s find more springs near LA!

    • Teri Canzone says:

      Why would u Diss this water Christian I have seen documented papers of the ingredients and only good news i will continue to drink for the health of my bones my teeth my skin and every inch of my 54 year old body maybe i can be Hugh Heffners oldest Bunny if i Bleach my hair Blond!

      • Esarahbaker says:

        from my understanding… the best ph level for water is 7.4 – 7.6. the higher the ph, the more alkaline it is. the higher the alkaline the more toxic it is.

        • Teri canzone says:

          hi esarah, i was at an alkaline water store in santa monica ca last weekend and had the water from the awe center tested by the lady who had a little machine to test with she told me it was between 7.5 and 8 on the reading. so i have seen a difference in the way i feel drinking the alkalline water from the awe center and the water i drank from the store in santa monica, it was interesting i got the gitters for a bit and a bit of a light head not sure what that was from, i have felt very grounded and cleansed from drinking the water at the awe center, I will continue to share my health benifits with frends and people i meet along the path of life, there is a gentleman i met last weekend in malibu who has parkinson and I am going to take him 2 , 3 gallon bottles to see if it will help him. You never know till you try… should get some of the water it is very healling in my opinion. Sincerely, Teri Canzone AWE CENTER Friend

          • Susanhturner says:

            i am so looking forward to trying this water it would be great to love your water in minnesota we just turned on the tap in duluth nest to lake superior no one ever eventalked about the water so spoiled hope to find that good clean refreshing taste again here anyone tried the carlsbad water for comparison?…….

          • Darilyn says:

            Surely hope it meets up to your expectations, I know great water is getting difficult to find. I’m planning on checking this out in mid March, so please post your findings!

      • Rick D says:

        Teri, I would not trust Christians advice. He used to and maybe still does, sell NCD, natural cellular defense, which is a product contaminated by plastic. He was friendly w me until i did not by his product now he ignores me. Just saying, I think he is a nice person.

    • C. V. says:

      There are NO SPRINGS in LA… If that’s wrong they’re private and/or anonymous so good luck finding one… better luck buying a lotto ticket you have a better chance there… This is like everything, use your own discretion but i’ll err on the side of what God made vs anything else!

  2. Eternalpum says:

    This spring is amazing. I’ll update if I see any groundbreaking results but so far I am seeing fast transformation in my skin. The water has 0 contaminants and theres something very special about it. Chef BeLive interviewed Nancy:

    If you go there tell her Matt sent you!

  3. Fiorecanzone says:

    just started drinking the water on a regular basis i feel great in the morning when i wake no coffee necessary, feel relaxed but clear. will continue to drink and feel the benifits. i have noticed my breath and whole mouth feels cleaner and without any stale feeling or dry mouth. these are just things I have noticed in the last few times i have been drinking the water consistiently for a day or more, I am buying a singlew membership to obtain my 2 dollar gallons of water to take back to Encinitas where i live. The Bheau View Ranch is one of the most beautiful horse properties around, , The AWE CENTER AND RANCH are a New Gift in my life that came at a time when HEALTHY BLESSINGS are Welcome, I do not have health insurance and am not worried because i Believe that this water will keep me Happy and Healthy. wanting to be around for a lot longer on this planet. There is still alot to do! Sincerely, TERI CANZONE

    Who i call my friend and a Full on HORSE

    View Ranch is one of the most beautiful properties I haved been on in San Diego. I look forward to spending much more time there. Nancy Tarshe

  4. Astralfish says:

    Nancy is changing the way that we pay for the water to make it more efficient. Basically the more gallons you buy, the cheaper per gallon it is. Does anyone want to do biweekly pickups with me? We can either all drive up at one time or carpool there. Send me an email if interested:

  5. Majesticumph says:

    i just tried calling the number on this site and it was disconnected…and i tried calling a number i found on the AWE center website and the lady that answered told me she didnt know anything about a natural spring well, or water for sale?? im not sure what im doing wrong but i live in san marcos and would love to start drinking pure clean water….can someone please offer me some advice or information on how to obtain this treasure?

  6. best ph level for water is 8+ in my point of view because if the ph is higher then there is more alkaline in it.

  7. Darilyn says:

    So how are we now suppose to get this water with the phone disconnected when I called as well and appointments are needed?
    See Majesticumph post below. Anyone know what’s going on there?

  8. Bheau View Ranch says:

    The current phone number for Bheau View Ranch is 760.877.1055.
    The email is

  9. Engellawfirm says:

    I have been drinking the water at the ranch for about 6 months. Within the first month the cancer on my forehead went away and the little skin “tabs” on my arms began to fall off. The water tastes better than any water i have ever tasted.
    There are many stories i have heard about this water and many people that I know that have had amazing results…i’m one of them! I don’t give out recommendations lightly.
    John Engel-attorney at law

  10. Joseph says:

    My name is Joey and I started drinking the water at Bheau View Ranch and the phone number posted is incorrect. The new phone number is 760.877.1055. You’ll love the water, like I do!

  11. Alicia P. says:

    When it comes to an animal, there’s no placebo effect, no faking a miraculous recovery. My 13 year old Weimeraner “Silver” had problems in his hips and legs which I had decided were giving out, but then he began to degenerate. His whole lower half got thinner, bones sticking out, his abdomen looked caved in and his stocky short tail suddenly was just loose skin and bone. He needed help getting out of bed to go out. I feed him raw food and take good care of him. I took him to the Awe center and put him in the water hole. Surprisingly even though it was quite cold that day he stayed in and drank some water while in there. I bought some water and after 3 days I noticed his face was clear, he was alert, ears up and didn’t need help getting up. I went again and bought 5 gallons. He is a changed dog. He’s put almost all the weight back on, he gets up and comes out into the living room just to hang out and be petted, and goes for walks around my condo complex grounds, and looks like a puppy face clear eyes. When I drink the water I also feel clear and full of energy. I just bought 5 more gallons so that I can start drinking more too.

  12. Tommy says:

    It is a good spring, her name is Shara that number is right and the water is great. I recommend you to trying it!

  13. Kfarnan says:

    what is the cost of the water?  What is the tds?  Is the water treated at the pump?  thnks.

    • Tommy says:

      The water is 5$ per gallon. The water was tested and it has 0 contaminants in ppm (parts per million). So that is why this water is so unique and sacred is because it is a deep water well, which they usually are too contaminated to drink especially being so close to the ocean. It is a great place to visit and I personally have experienced many health benefits since I started drinking the water in late 2011. No filters no treatments, the water comes as is and it is great, I drink nothing else now. Also some positive affirmations while drinking the water is a great way to go!!

  14. Bheauviewranch says:

    The water is natural and is 370 tds and has natural minerals and a 8.3-8.7 natural ph. The phone number is 760 877 1055

  15. vinnie says:

    i met nancy, a very nice lady. but she charged me 5 bucks A GALLON i had 13 gallons but decided to do 10gal for $50 to see if it was legit. the water had a weird taste to it, after the first 5 gallons i put the rest through a activated coal filter. i think the thought of me being swindled made the water taste lifeless. i would get water from there if she didn’t charge so much, just because its deep ground water without flouride. hyping this water up so much and slapping a fat $ sticker on it is too suspect for me. she told me putting the well in was expensive, which i don’t doubt. but originally she installed it for the horses, so shes already getting what she payed for. and when you have a water store you dont sell your water like gold after you’ve payed thousands for reverse osmosis filters on top of cost for maintaining the store.

    • Michael Goggin says:

      Try Carlsbad spring water 80cents a gal. They are closed now installing a new pump. But when they open try them. Check website to see if open let..

  16. Jennifer says:

    I developing eczema after having my baby, after months of eating healthy and eliminating allergens as well as taking a lot of supplements-I found this amazing water. I am thankful everyday for Bheau View Ranch and its healing water. My eczema is 90 percent better-the only thing that worked to heal me. $5 a gallon is nothing if truly love yourself!

  17. lulu says:

    What are the maim minerals present?

  18. lulu says:

    Nope, they don’t sell the water. They said that they are applying for permits and it might take a year or more. What I don’t get is that they ask how I heard about them as if nobody is supposed to know about it when clearly they’ve already sold water to people as stated in previous comments

  19. Luba Katz says:

    What is this spring water for profit nonsense? Why are we supporting that on this site?

  20. Amanda says:

    They DO NOT offer water to the public. I called and Nancy let me know she has been trying to get her info off of this website for years.

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