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Posted: August 22, 2009

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Old Turnpike Rd.
Okham, MA 01068
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Beautiful, strong flowing spring in a peaceful and secluded pine forest. Well known to the locals.

This is an exceptional spring with a constant flow of interesting people to talk to.

Nearest Address

C / O Route 148 and Old Turnpike Rd.

Directions from Nearest Address

Take Route 122 North from the Worcester area until you pass Route 148. Bear left on Old Turnpike Road which is immediately after Rt. 148. Approx. 3 miles turn left on Crocker Nye Road. The spring is on your left side. It can’t be missed from the road.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 45
  • Temp: 54 F
  • pH: 6.12

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: The Healing Spring Map

Submitted by: NewDawn

  1. technoshaman says:

    I went to this spring mid October 2009…Filled up 2…5gallon carboys.

    When i got the ater home i noticed pieces of flotsam an the water itself had a slight brown tinge to it.

    I threw both bottles out.

    Im curious to know whats causing this spring to have debris and a brownish tinge to it.

  2. technoshaman says:

    I filtered the water through a coffee filter….got a TDS reading of 41. Ph is 6.4

    Im going to go back next week to do a follow up gathering/test.

  3. NewDawn says:

    My thoughts on debris in the water –
    I was filling up a 5 gallon glass carboy and my friend was trying to hold the pipe to direct it better. I looked at it about 10 minutes later and there was all sorts of stuff floating around. I conclude that moving /shaking the pipe loosens up stuff that normally isn't there. I've never had a problem at this spring before, but you're right in not wanting to drink it on this day.
    My thoughts on Mt. Hitchcock –
    I believe someone cut the pipe. I pulled it out and it was only 18 inches long. I replaced it with a longer pipe and did some work in an effort to restore it, but was unsuccessful. Maybe too much “activity” for the locals.
    TS – I found several others last week. One with a massive chaga growing next to it.
    Feel free to call. 401-228-4598.

  4. icewalter says:

    I got 15 gallons a crystal clear water on 10/19/09. That was first my first time, but will definately go back. Old lady in a pick up truck said it's great water she has been drinking since she was a kid. It's an easy water. I loved it, cold smooth replenishment. My body felt radiant over the next few days as I exchanged the filtered water in my body for the “healing spring water.” Technoshaman–keep up the good research, I also want to investigate the mineralogy of the area and find out how it got the name “The Healing Spring.”

  5. IcewaLter says:

    still only good experiences with this one, love it!

  6. NewDawn says:

    Sssshhhh. I know a secret. Mt. Hitchcock's flowing again. Prayer's get answered.

  7. wilderness says:

    Is that pH (6.12) good?

  8. NewDawn says:

    My well trained linear mind, tells me I'd prefer it more alkaline. I suppose it changes slightly on a day to day basis. I like to dab some on my third eye, drink till it runs down my chin, hold my hand over my heart, then thank God and the Ones That Came Before Us. ( and Daniel ! )

  9. lisa says:

    yeah! get some…

  10. IcewaLter says:

    I love this spring, but it needs some attention this coming spring. If someone is motivated a 3'x3' piece of wood will get the job done. The circular rock slab that covered this super-site is broken, (had already been cracked so does not appear malicious) heres the pic below. Pleases check out the whole QUEST album for more awesome supermagicstylespring pics! I will bring something to fix it next time I go, but my next trip is back to my fav–Cooper Springs Maine-so it may not be untill the snow melts that i get back here. .!/photo.php?pid=30594948&id=1219102796

  11. Atkocius says:

    What happened here? Just went out to get some water and the whole thing is torn down and destroyed…what a shame!!!

  12. NEWDAWN says:

    I'm stunned by this news. Please elaborate – bulldozer, vandals, municipality ?
    Thanks for posting. ND

  13. thirsty says:

    Don't know, but the whole thing is destroyed and not able to be used…I would like to know what happened…vandals or intentional?

  14. thirsty says:

    I just spoke with a lady at the town of Oakham offices. She said the spring was privately owned and the town had nothing to do with it. She said the water had never been tested and she didn't know anything else about it. She also said she had received “several” calls about it and was going to check it out herself. She was very nice but could give no more information than that.

  15. IcewaLter says:

    Ouch, not the update I hoped to find. See my post from 4 months ago stating the cover to the eye of the spring was broken. Regretfully, I did not get back in time to repair and sounds as nobody else did either. How is she now? rehab? After all-unless the area looks contaminated we should be able to resurrect her.

  16. Hillshaman says:

    I was just their with my friend today and is seems the pipe was some how redirected to a lower area, right next to the previous one. (or where i presume it was) The flow and clarity seemed fine to me. We both thought the water tasted just fine. They are doing some work on that road so be careful passing.

  17. Matthew says:

    This is very good to hear. Thank you to however did the rehab on the spring 🙂

  18. Alison says:

    I used to bottle water here as a kid…..wish i could find a spring closer to me in Lake Peekskill NY

  19. Thewaterfilterman says:

    Back again after a year ago. Suprisingly with the amount of snow on the ground..a well-worn path was cleared and the white PVC pipe was flowing well. Pulled a TDS of about 90 and a PH of about 6.2. Water temp 52 F.

  20. Area Resident. says:

    Water Here Is Amazing! For Some Of You Who Are Not From The Area, Spring (Mud Season) Is Near, And Usually Between March-Early may, The Road Is Very Rutted Out, Just Watch Where You Park, And You Should Be Good.

  21. Bill says:

    I haven’t checked it in the last four months but about that long ago I did a quality check on the water from this spring and was very disappointed with the results of the bacterial portion of the test.
    Everything else was great but the culture showed very high levels of bacteria. I didn’t submit it to a lab so I don’t know which types of bacteria they are. However, symptoms of illness went away when I stopped drinking it.
    Also, I left a bottle of it sitting in my kitchen for quite a couple of weeks and it developed an algae growth on the sides of the container.
    I suspect the cistern the water is flowing into, before it goes down the pipe, is contaminated.
    I plan to do a follow-up and I’ll post my findings.

  22. Kiki5433 says:

    I started drinking this water consistently over a year
    and a half ago. Ive had no issues. A few tips on this water… dont leave it in sunny areas since it is a wils eater source it will act like that… algae and bacteria. If it develops a strong scent boil it. A water specialist who is my client described it to me as safe but a gassing off scenario.

    My home supply is kept in a dark closet or in the fridge closed up until i need it. Never longer than 2 – 3 weeks. If you treat safe water with mindfulness… and oay attention to your body

  23. Anonymous says:

    April 7, 2012 Went to the spring today after a number of months away and noticed an algae-like substance growing on the inside of the flow PVC pipe. Took a sip of the water and it also has the slight taste of algae. Has anyone had the water tested? What is this growth in the pipe? Safe to drink?

  24. kingsteve says:

    4/21/12         I have never commented on this site. However, I love it and visit it frequently. I have been going to the Healing Spring for several months now. Pretty much a weekly to bi weekly basis. I went with my wife today to find that some little punks had vandalized it… The PVC was completely gone and the spring was just running off of a rock from the ground…

  25. Kdalton says:

    I went last week also,(4/21/12) and was very disappointed that the pipe was removed. There was water flowing into the cistern but very slow, and didn’t look to be as clean as what I was used to. I hope it does get rebuilt and back to what it once was.

  26. Anonymous says:

    6/3/12  Went to the spring today. Someone fixed the damage that some hoodlums had caused. There is now a piece of vinyl down-spout in place of the plastic pvc pipe that was there in the past. I am not sure of the quality of the water since all the chaos so i am going to boil it for now. I thank who ever it was that repaired the spring.

  27. Paul Evans says:

    What is the present condition of the spring?

    • Cory Coolman says:

      area resident.

      Went Yesterday, Monday Sept 24th, There Was A Line Of 3 Cars When I got There Filling up. The Water Is Flowing Nicely From A Down Spout. I Took 20 One Gallon Milk Jugs, And The Running Rate Of This Spring, Filled One Gallon In About 10 Seconds. I Have Been Drinking This Water For Years, Never Had Any Troubles with Taste Or Anything Like Other Posts Have Said.

  28. Paul Evans says:

    Thanks for the FYI Cory, I’ll be stopping by this weekend to fill up.

  29. Jason White says:

    GPS: 42.358,-72.097

  30. mike says:

    anyone been there recently? bout to head there to check it out sick of nasty ass north brookfield town water.

  31. Jason White says:

    I had the water professionally tested. Results here:

    • dee says:

      Hi, Jason I also appreciate you having the water tested. I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in going in on and sharing the cost of even a more comprehensive test, especially if hopefully we may be able to find others as well willing to pitch in? THIS NOTE IS ASKING ALL OTHERS READING AS WELL TO PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING ONE ANOTHER BY PITCHING IN FOR A COMPREHENSIVE WATER TEST. If we all chip in perhaps each of our cost would be very little. If interested please contact at Thank-you and God bless and keep you all!

  32. Simon says:

    Thank you Jason, for having the water tested and sharing your results. Thank you to the Guardians of this wonderful spring who keep the cistern and pipe in good repair. Thank you Mother Earth for this amazing gift that is The Healing Spring. I am so grateful to all of you.

  33. Sean says:

    Is the presence of coliform bacteria in Jason’s water test something to be concerned about? The test doesn’t mention the measurement per 100ml. Thanks.

  34. Simon says:

    I have 24 cases (6 bottles per case) of empty Poland Spring distilled water bottles if anyone wants them. Perfect for re-filling at the Healing Spring. See my CL ad (link below) of 9/8/13 if you want them. Do not reply here in the comments section: go to the actual ad please:


  35. Kara Daly says:

    Does anyone know the condition of the spring right now? We are in Boston looking for somewhere to collect water. Thanks!

  36. Dee says:

    Hi all! Does anyone know what is going on with the 5 orange traffic cones around the spring!!!! Just went and drove 40 minutes each way today and resisted getting water when I saw the cones there as I am not sure what is going on with it or for sure what it means!? Anyone perhaps know? God bless and thank-you!

  37. danielle gately says:

    I have been recently getting my water in Exeter. Is this water safe a d good?

  38. Emily says:

    Hi there,
    My husband and I get water here every few weeks. Fill up with about 40+ gallons each time. We have been coming here for over a year now and never had a problem with the water. It always tastes delicious and keeps well.
    Thinking about getting glass jugs to store the water in versus what we use now which is hard plastic. Anyone have experience with glass? Not sure how we will lift a 5 gallon glass jug full of water. Sounds heavy!

    • Vicky says:

      to EMILY: Yes, we use 4 L recycled Fortissimo wine jugs (green glass). We have about 22 of them. We store and carry them in zippered grocery type carrier bags (2 bottles in each bag with cardboard under and between the bottles), have used this system and these same bags and bottles for at least 10 years. They are easy to carry this way, fit into the car, fit under the pipe at our favorite spring and we can rinse the bottles in the sink at home, if necessary. best system yet.

  39. Karl Evans says:

    I have been filling up here every couple of weeks. It is fantastic water.

  40. Joe Mercadante says:

    Is anyone still using this spring? I looked for it the other day. There are “no trespassing” signs on much of that road making me wonder if they closed it down. It’s also possible I was just looking in the wrong place.

  41. Don Bullard says:

    Went today,got a 35 on the TDS/PPM meter not bad I guess but I can do better.

  42. Michelle says:

    I went to this spring on 7/3/16 and the water seemed fine, I didn’t have more than a few 32oz Nalgenes on me so that was all I took but I drank it for the week and felt great. While we were there hanging and hiking a handful of other cars came with people filling up coolers and jugs, so it had to have been ok at the time. Am thinking of heading out there tmrrw or soon, weather permitting, so I’ll try to remember to post an update in a timely manner.

  43. Carrie says:

    This spring is a lifesaver for my family and neighbor (if not more). Our wells dried up a few months ago and this is our only access to clean water. We have 9 5-gallon jugs we bought to carry water in, hoping for a spring renewal.
    We have had no problems with the water quality (and one of us has a sensitive stomach) outside of the occasional leaf or twig.

  44. Amanda says:

    Went to the spring today, water was ice cold and flowing steadily!


      I’ve been going to the spring for 28 years. I drink only this water. I call it my fountain of youth water. I bring my empties and fill…I enjoy the ride to the spring too. I’ve meet many people there, 3 of which, we have exchanged phone numbers and stay in touch. Thank you Healing Spring.

    • Nancy White says:

      Been searching for a source of good spring water & bingo! Cold, good strong flow, easy fill & just a 100yds on the left on Crocker Nye Road, Oakham. Couple of turnouts on the road for cars. Hooray!

    • Mike says:

      Only a trickle, something moved with all the rain.

  45. Heather says:

    We go out to this spring every other week to fill up water bottles for our home and my mothers. We live an hr away and our house water smells of bleach due to the chemicals in the water that is pumped into our homes, for me, I am happy with a leaf or a frog or two in my water anyday!

  46. Kt says:

    I love this Spring and I get water regularly. However, when I visited this place last on 11/18/2018 the water was not flowing. Initially i thought may be the water has frozen, it was not, instead the spring had changed `its direction and the water was just flowing in from random places instead of a constant stream.

  47. Robin Scarrell says:

    I have been getting water here for 25 years….heading out today. It is always fast flowing, cold and wonderful tasting. I am not sure who maintains this, but thank you so much!!! I always bring a plastic trash bag with me to pick up any trash around the area. It’s the least I can do for this free resource. Thank you again.

  48. MaryAnn says:

    I had the water tested for bacteria – it came back with ZERO coliform bacteria
    However we went out to the spring yesterday and something is wrong – the water has been diverted and is no longer flowing through the PVC pipe. Does anyone know what happened?

  49. Harold says:

    What happened to the spring? Obviously was recently disturbed and compromised. Water was down to a trickle. Usually fill up 50 gallons worth of jugs. Left with no water.

  50. Lance Butler says:

    I was using this spring for most of 2018 for drinking water and it was lovely. I was there 2 months ago, and some locals said that the town had “done some work to it”. Whatever they did to this spring was unfortunate; the black pvc pipe which typically had a beautiful, full stream was barely trickling. And, most of the water was coming out of the ground next to the spring, heavily contaminated with sand. I don’t know if anyone has been to this spring lately and if it has been corrected, but if you go here, plan on spending a long while trying to fill jugs with a minimal flow.

  51. Mike says:

    Does anyone know if the spring has been fixed? It wasn’t flowing through the pipe, except for a trickle, but flowing from the ground level. Hope the owner of the land fixed it. I sure miss this water, drinking it for years.

  52. Pete says:

    Just went to the spring~ something wrong here~ took 30 minutes to get 10 gallons. The flow is poor. With all the rain we have had here the flow should be super.

  53. Deskman says:

    The flow rate of this spring has really gone down. 4 minutes / gallon now

  54. J says:

    Just visiting the spring as I post this. Seems the flow has decreased a great deal. Something underground my hve shifted. Took nearly four minutes to fill a gallon jug. Quality is still great, hopefully the strong flow comes back.

  55. J says:

    Just went today, flow has decreased significantly. Took nearly four and a half minutes to fill one gallon jug. Quality is still fine, but hopefully the flow will come back up.

  56. heather says:

    This spring has been closed the last 2 times we have been. Heading over today, does anyone else know why it has been closed?

  57. Sky says:

    UPDATE: May 2020. Someone has COMPLETELY rebuilt this whole system! I submitted a video and picture. Flow rate is 7 GPM!

    I haven’t tested the water, but this looks professionally done!

  58. Matthew says:

    Alert folks: The healing spring seems to be in danger of potential harm to it’s aquifer from a pending land sale. Let’s attempt to save it!

  59. Nickie says:

    Yes, it is true.

    We have created a facebook page (we are not town residents, though, so am not sure what we can do.

    The Facebook site is one place for people to connect and hopefully find a way to save this spring.

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