The Jefferson Street Well/Diamond Parking Lot Spring, Olympia, WA


421 4th Street
Olympia, WA 98501
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Spring flows freely from a pipe set-up in the middle of a city parking lot. Seems grim but it’s actually kind of cool. Check out the photos.

The person who took us says the water from this spot was tested and found to be one million years old. Wow. It tastes minerally to me, and was sooo good. Here is an excerpt from the Olympia wikipedia entry: The Jefferson Street Well: The current publicly accessible well, on the corner of Jefferson and State streets, is made available due to an agreement made the Thurston County PUD, the City of Olympia, and the property owner, Diamond Parking. This agreement states that the PUD will test the well to make sure that it meets drinking water guidelines. The City of Olympia pays for the testing. This agreement is considered a temporary solution to the access issue as the property is for sale.[3] Prior to current testing agreement, the testing was paid for by Friends of Artesians. Friends of Artesians also sought a permanent solution to the well issue, but was unable to achieve that goal. They disbanded and wrote an open letter to the City Council and the Mayor which was published in a local newspaper WORKS IN PROGRESS. [4] Friends of Artesians had also been providing the testing for the well in terms of human consumption. Their disbanding left the testing issue unresolved, which meant that public access might be denied. [5] A group of citizens formed a group called “It’s Still the Water” and advocated for public access during the process that resulted in current agreement. [6] Members of “It’s Still The Water” realized that they needed to form as a non-profit organization for the long-term goal of a permanent solution to the artesian well access. This group is now called H2Olympia: Artesian Well Advocates. [7]

Additional info:

Nearest Address

Fourth Avenue and Jefferson Street, in the parking lot of The Manium at 421 4th Street.

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Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: The Jefferson Street Well Map

Submitted by: Elarael Burdette

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  1. junglegirl says:

    Would love to see a group of people get together to buy this property if it is still for sale and erect a proper hexagonal springhouse on it. I'd do it myself if I could!

  2. WaterGirl says:

    I work with the Artesian Well Advocates for Olympia…. good news is, the city is buying the property, the government is on-board to create a nicer facility for artesian water users.

  3. WaterGirl says:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The City of Olympia purchased the Diamond Parking Lot and will be having their city parking there…. we now have 3 designated parking spots for Well users and an upgraded facility is in the planning stages.

  4. Ladybug says:

    This water is WONDERFUL!!! I drive almost 40 miles to fill my containers. I don’t drink any other water, nosiree 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    We had a little difficulty finding this with the directions above.  Thankfully we were persistent! The spring is in the middle of the parking lot between 4th and 5th streets West of Jefferson.  You might not see it from the street, depending on which way you’re coming.  We parked on the street on Jefferson between 4th and 5th and then walked into the middle of the parking lot.  The yellow painted concrete benches are a good clue that you’re close.  The spring was very mineral-rich and delicious!

  6. Melissa says:

    Also, there’s some cool artwork on the side of the building next to the spring – probably only visible from the street if you’re heading East on 4th.

  7. Ladybug says:

    Does anyone know what all the construction is about? What are they adding/subtracting (?) from the well site? Thanks!

  8. jessica says:

    just went by there last week and they are remodling everythig… putting benches and stands up… it is going to look very nice when it is done… they have been working on it for the past month. still can get the water when they are working on it, they just re-routee the water 😀

  9. Rebecca Cody says:

    You’ve got a few things skewed in your description, and other things have changed. The spring is, indeed, in a parking lot in downtown Olympia, but it is between 4th and 5th Streets, not State, which is a block north of 4th. The parking lot is now owned by the City of Olympia. They have cleaned up the lot and made some improvements to the site in the last year. Apparently the city gave up the idea of closing the well, because so many people objected. The city also tests the well monthly, the last time I talked with a city employee about it.

  10. Craig says:

    I found the spring at 4th and Adams downtown Olympia. The area isn’t that big just drive around and you cannot miss it. The spring/well is always flowing and has be fixed up a good deal recently and is really nice. Many people filling up last weekend, but really no wait. Everyone is very cooperative. If someone is filling up like 30 big bottles they will take a break and let you fill your 2. Some of the very timid youth of Olympia like to “pose” as menacing retards and can be a little annoying. But they don’t hurt anything and the cops roll through a good deal. Was there on the weekend though, but guess is weekdays and school hours it is all business. 


  11. Ladybug says:

    I wish they’d enforce a NO SMOKING area near the well. There is usually some moron sucking on a cigarette right where you are standing to fill up your containers. Such rude A-holes some folks are.

  12. Craig says:

    If you have not seen the spring before, it is way more spiffy looking now than the title to this post. It flows well and is GREAT water. Drive from Seattle to fill up the bottles.

  13. Ward says:

    I liked it the way it used to be. It had such a nice sound running on the rocks and it was easier to keep it off your shoes, and the dogs could drink without help. Why does everyone have to dress down nature? The water is great! Just don’t upset the powers that be because now that they ‘improved’ the site they can take control of the water within minutes if they want to.

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