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Posted: November 4, 2009

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An urban spring in the middle of a neighborhood. The old lady I met said it was “clean and tested annually”. She also said she had been drinking the water here since she was 3.

Nearest Address

Intersection of Forest St. and Oak St.

Directions from Nearest Address

The spring is on an unmarked road. (google maps calls it Oak Street Extension). As you drive up Oak St you will cross Forest St. at a 3way intersection. Head down the unmarked paved road, go down the little hill, there is the spring on your right.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: The Spring in Exeter Map

Submitted by: John Phelan

  1. Justin Case says:

    This spring is easy to find, its about 50 yards from the intersection of Forest St. and Oak St. I filled a bottle but was too chicken to drink it before boiling it!

    • Robin says:

      You can drink without boiling. I used to get it when living not to far and drank it for a couple years with never a problem. We recently moved from a home and had an artesian well with delicious water. We have moved to an apartment with city water and even after filtering with Brita can stil taste the chlorine, yuck! I’ll be going back to this spring again as my mother lives up the street.

      • Chris says:

        Robin, Brita does not remove chlorine nor fluoride.  Try Aquasana. They have great filters. I have the under the counter in the kitchen with the spout, You may need a plumber to install it and then going forward for filter replacement, you can do it yourself. Also have a shower filter to remove fluoride and chlorine, and my hair and skin feel great. The shower filter is really easy to assemble.

  2. Aemartin4 says:

    We come from Mass. to get this water and have been for over a year. It is awesome. Sometimes there is a line to get it! We saw the Public Works Dept there one time and they say it is tested at least once/year. It’s delish!!

  3. Anthony Percoco says:

    Privately Funded Lab
    Analysis of Exeter Spring by Northeast Environmental Labs in Danvers, Ma by
    Anthony Percoco (

    Date of Report



    Alkalinity (as CaCO3)
    22.3 mg/L    (Accepted Range: 30-100)


    Arsenic < 0.001 mg/L   (Accepted 0.01 maximum)


    Calcium 16.3 mg/L  (Accepted Range 50-150)


    Chloride 106 mg/L (Maximum Range 250)


    Conductivity 410


    Fluoride 0.05 mg/L (Maximum Range 2.0)


    Hardness (as CaCO3)
    52.3 mg/L


    Iron 0.05 mg/L  (Maximum Level 0.3)


    Lead < 0.001 mg/L (Maximum Level 0.015)


    Magnesium 2.84 mg/L –


    Manganese < 0.01 mg/L  (Maximum Level 0.05)


    Nitrate 3.98 mg/L (Maximum Level 10)


    Nitrite < 0.01 mg/L  (Maximum Level 1.0)


    Orthophosphate (as P)
    < 0.1 mg/L


    pH 5.98  (Range 6.5-8.5)


    Potassium 5.3 mg/L


    Sodium 61.6 mg/L  (20 maximum)


    Solids, Dissolved
    (TDS) 245 mg/L   (Max Level 500)


    Sulfate 15.5 mg/L  (Maximum Level 250)


    Total Coliform,
    Colilert,  present /100ml


    E. coli is absent in the

    ** I would love to collaborate with anyone who has used this spring.  There is coliform present in the test, and I would like to retest at a later date. Also, Sodium levels are high lowering the PH, thus I am wondering if salt run off is impacting the source.  Any questions, feel free to email me at the above address.  I hope this info helps.  

    • sally smith says:

      I am concerned about he spring in exeter but would love to save money on bottled water.
      I am not good at reading and deciphering the testing results. Have you retested it lately? Obviously I want the alkaline to be higher and less salt . What do you have concerns about? My daughter is pregnant and I surely do not want ot expose her to anything possibly harmful. What bottled water do you trust? Thank you ,Sally

    • Joe says:

      We have been using this water for over a year now. We like it a lot. To be on the safe side, we are thinking about getting it tested. We have a call into the State. Any other thoughts about testing. Has any been done since your test in 2012?

  4. Shawn says:

    I just tried it for the first time today. There was one person ahead of me filing 5-10 one gallon bottles. I filled two five gallon jugs, and one smaller one. By the time I got those filled two more cars pulled up behind me. The water tastes great and I’m hoping that it will be overall better than my tap water that’s full of fluoride.

  5. outcastcustomcycles says:

    I worry about this water. We live in a place where you can see the spring and drink from it regularly. There is always a rust colored fluid leaching up from the ground around the spring and today when we were down there we saw a giant puddle as black as ink. It is downhill so everything from our neighborhood runs down and goes right into the spring. I wonder if annual testing should be replaced with say…… daily testing?

  6. outcastcustomcycles says:

    No more than 5.0% samples total coliform-positive in a month.
    (For water systems that collect fewer than 40 routine samples per month,
    no more than one sample can be total coliform-positive per month.)
    Every sample that has total coliform must be analyzed for either fecal
    coliforms or E. coli if two consecutive TC-positive samples, and one is also positive for E.coli fecal coliforms, system has an acute MCL violation.

  7. Craig says:

    What are people using to get the water into bottles? Would love to get some but want to be prepared.

  8. Ryan says:

    I have lived in Exeter for most my life and drank this water on and off growing up. Now it’s about 90% of my water intake. My wife and I usually fill up 15-25 gallons every trip depending on what we take with us. There is usually a line so we tend to go a little later, even after dark since its a little creepy and keeps most people away.

  9. FRANK says:

    Visited the Spring in Exeter NH today (1/7/15) VERY cold New England day today however; there was still 3 cars waiting to fill up. Brought along my TDS meter: TDS = 131 Temp = 53 Degrees
    This water is excellent and has a nice silky smooth finish. YUM! Best of all, this spring is only 35 minutes away from my home.

  10. Kimmy Davis says:

    I suffer from electrolyte issues and began drinking this water solely a months ago. Since then my labs have improved, so the mineral content must be good!!

    • Kelly A Mertinooke says:

      Thank you for sharing this important information! I live near the spring and drink the spring water religiously. Exeter water has gone way down hill and I’m afraid to drink it because it tastes terrible now, compared to what it was 15 years ago, and I take a lot of medications. I’m just not sure what kind of chemicals is in the town water that could interfere with my meds.

  11. Lillie James says:

    I went here in January 2016 and it’s easy to find. It’s called the Jailhouse Spring on googlemaps. There was a lady there when I got there who said she had been drinking the water for 40 years. There were 3 more cars waiting by the time I collected 5 gallons. The water was good and alleviated the issues I have with Boston City Water. No charge, easy parking, I recommend.

  12. Desi says:

    I have walked down to this spring many a time to refill all my bottles of water, and it is delicious!
    I have never heard of, seen, or gotten sick myself from this water. It comes out clean, and they recently replaced the runoff spout!

  13. Steve says:

    Sample Date 5/23/2017
    pH 7.4
    TDS Est 267
    EC 0.44
    Cations 3.8
    Anions 3.8
    Sodium 62
    Calcium 15
    Magnesium 3
    Potassium 4
    Total Hardness 50
    Nitrate 2.6 (SAFE)
    Sulfur 6
    CO3 < 1.0
    HCO3 25
    Chloride 100
    Total Alkalinity 21
    Total P < 0.01
    Total Fe < 0.01

  14. Steve says:

    Proposed development could threaten this spring, this group is opposed:

  15. Mike says:

    Water collected 5/12/2018
    pH: 6.48
    Conductivity: 449uS
    TDS: 330 ppm
    Salinity: 0.23 ppm

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