Tioga/395, Lee Vining, CA


Posted: October 13, 2014

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tiopa pass...near the 395 intersection
Lee Vining, CA
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This is a sacred spring revered by many eastside sierra nevada locals, outdoor enthusiasts, and savvy rock climbers traveling along the 395/yosemite corridor on their way to the next climbing crag.  please respect it and if you see trash…pick it up!  Drive toward the yosemite entrance from lee vining, while looking to your right…eventually you will see a grove of aspens…it will be very obvious due to the contrast the grove gives on a mountain slope full of sage and pinyon pine.  Turn right on a dirt road…exactly across the HWY from a camp ground road.  go up the hill about 30 yards, drive through an open gate and the spring will be on your left.  If you start to make your way up the steep tioga pass grade…you’ve gone too far.  If you find yourself at the yosemite national park entrance…you’ve gone way to far.

  1. Kyra says:

    Whats the deal with the barbed wire gated building, and the warning signs saying confined space where the water comes out of? Is it safe?

  2. Kathryn says:

    I searched all over this area. There isn’t a spring.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I search this area for an hour. There is no spring here. Not anywhere near the dot on this map at least. There is a free water station on the 120 but it isn’t flowing.

  4. Greg Reis says:

    Pin on the map is in the wrong place. Take the NEXT road to the west.

  5. Alessandro says:

    Thank you so much. Mni Wiconi!

  6. Sarah says:

    Entrance is across the highway from the Lower Lee Vining Campground entry.

    Water is crisp, icy cold, and delicious! Grateful to have found it. ????????

  7. Damien Jones says:

    Its across the road from the Lower Lee Vining campground, a couple of miles from the 395

  8. Mari says:

    Great directions, wonderful spring – thank you! Just don’t try to go to the spot marked on the map, it’s wrong. As written in the directions it’s only about 30 yards off the main road.

  9. Guisepi says:

    This is truly a wonderful spring!

    Exact coordinates are:
    37°56’02.7″N 119°09’08.8″W

    It is approximately 2.7 miles from HWY 395.

    There is a small building protecting the spring, tucked under the trees. The water flows out the side of the building.

    I was able to get my short school bus up close to the spring, but not close enough for my 25′ hose/pump to fill my water tank.

    Water on 5/3/18:
    – Decent flow
    – 50F
    – 34 PPM
    – 6.0 PH

  10. Kim says:

    This is the most amazing w@ter I’ve ever drank! This place is very very sacred! Last visit was in Sept of 2018 and it was delicious as always. Please pick up any trash.

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