Crystal Hot Springs

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Just 30 minutes west of Logan and 90 minutes away from Salt Lake, this year-long hot springs is a favorite family getaway location because of the variety of activities they offer.

Started in 1901, the healing water of Crystal Hot Springs has 39 times more minerals than the famous Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. Compared to the Hot Springs National in Arkansas, the water here has 178 times more minerals. There are already a lot of stories that support the richness of the water at Crystal Hot Springs.

Crystal Hot Springs has cold and hot pools for swimming and soaking. Pool passes are counted per head (including children). For kids two below, they can enter for free.

The management is adamant in providing information about the benefits of the hot springs. The pools are noticeably dark or reddish, and this is caused by the rich iron content of the water. The build-up on the pond is calcium.

During an interview with Utah local channel show “Long Way Home,” the managers noted how people are not usually aware of the insufficient minerals we need in our body. By soaking in the most luxurious hot springs in the region, visitors can replenish that much-needed mineral, and they come out feeling refreshed and satisfied.


Crystal Hot Springs also offers other recreational activities like fishing, which visitors can do in their pond. The fishery is purely recreational and is on a “catch and release basis.”

“Spearing, stoning, shooting or any other form of fishing, crawfish, or wildlife harassment is not tolerated.”


Crystal Hot Springs has a lot of camping locations. They can accommodate trailers “under 30′RV/5th wheel under 35′” as well as tents. Campers will have access to water, sewer, electricity, and fire pits.

In 2018, the management launched a new lodge (building) – the first building since they renovated back in 1914. There are more options for suites that have similar features to a traditional hotel.


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