Meadow Hot Springs

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Meadow Hot Springs is considered one of the most beautiful soaking pools in Utah. Located south of Filmore, many go here not only to take a relaxing soak in the springs but also to get mesmerized by the quality of the water.

At first glance, you’d see how crystal blue it is. The deeper the water, the darker it gets. The natural stone formation on the sides and the floor of the baths genuinely make the experience authentic.

There are shallow and deep pools. The shallow ones have a warmer temperature, about 100 degrees. On another hand, the deeper ones can go up to 120 degrees.

Natural Hot Springs Pools in Fillmore, UT

You can also go swimming down on the deeper pools to see the floor. On high noon, when the sun is striking straight into the pools, it is possible to see the bottom without diving in.

There are three pools for you to enjoy. These are located on private property so make sure to read the instructions and follow them to a T.

There are no entrance fees, but it’s encouraged for visitors to clean up after themselves. Respect the area and use it responsibly. A rope is stretched across the pools so you can go in the middle and enjoy the warmth of the water.

There are numerous improvements in the property including a trail and a fence. The place is open all year long, but it’s more ideal during late spring or early fall. If you soak for a longer time, make sure to bring water because the activity can be dehydrating.

Nude bathing, shampoos, and soaps are also prohibited. Bring extra towels for drying off. Also, pets are not allowed inside the pools.

Since this is not a private resort, cleaning is a public effort. A way to contribute is by bringing a large plastic bag and help collecting trash you can see around the area. A little extra effort can go a long way in protecting the beauty of Meadow Hot Springs, Utah.

Getting There

From Fillmore, UT – Head south on I-15 from town and take exit 158. Make a left at the stop sign, passing beneath the highway. Head south passing a gas station on the right, and passing the tiny town of Meadow, Utah. Once you past the last of the town on the left, you’ll see a dirt road on the right. Head on this road until you reach the parking area. The springs are a short walk from there.


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