Sulphur Warm Springs


Posted: November 7, 2019

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Darrington, WA 98241
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Washington is bountiful when it comes to hot springs. There are artificial pools and natural ones all over the state. However, if you’re looking for the latter, Sulphur Hot Spring is the choice for you.

Hiking Trail

The trail is actually the main adventure when you go to this location. Yes, the natural hot springs are still the treat, but the well-maintained trail is casually challenging and enjoyable.

There will be a mile of trekking along the path. Be mindful in following the path because, since Sulphur Hot Springs is not that popular, the trail is not as clear-cut as you may expect. Still, if you follow the route, it will lead you up to the hot springs.

After the first mile, you will have to hike for a couple of minutes. It’s not that steep though. Then, you will see a log bridge. Once you reach this log, the trail becomes less formed, but you can follow the stone steps to find the pool. While doing the trail, you can bask in the incredible old trees that line up along the trail.


The hot spring itself is very small. It can fit just about 2 people – 3 if you count in at least one kid. It’s the perfect humble getaway for the family or a romantic bonding activity with your loved one. It’s intimate and that also makes this special. Since it’s not a main public hot spring nor a resort, few people visit here.

If by chance you get here with just your crew, you can enjoy that privacy which you can rarely afford when you’re visiting other resorts and pools.

The pool is small and the hot spring’s water temperature usually runs at 90F.

It’s highly recommended to go here during the daytime.

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