Waterfall Glenn Well, Lemont, IL


Posted: December 6, 2009

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Bluff Rd.
Lemont, IL 60439
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A little bit of a hike is required to reach this well but it’s worth the time. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Additional info: http://www.dupageforest.com/Conservation/ForestPreserves/Waterfall_Glen.html

Nearest Address

East on Bluff Rd off of Lemont Rd just south of the I-55 exchange. Located in the Waterfall Glenn Forest Preserve.

Directions from Nearest Address


Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:

Open daily one hour after sunrise until one hour after sunset.


N 41° 41.378 W 087° 59.420

Map Link: Waterfall Glenn Well Map

Submitted by: Eric Butler

  1. Katie says:

    Can someone please tell me if this is a spring or if it is an artisan well? I usually travel to Wisconsin for my spring water, however, I literally live in an apartment complex right next to Waterfall Glen. I'm just looking for the scoop on this one… 🙂 Also, where is this spring/well located specifically? I'm familiar with the main trail.

    Thank you,

  2. Chelle says:

    Im going this weekend to look for this spring, I'll let you know what I find. If I dont find it, would you be interested in carpooling to WI for water?

    • mike says:

      I wouldnt drink water from this area. I know for sure there were the US first two Nuclear reactors buried In an area next to Red Gate woods along archer avenue. I believe this was possibly what was known as the first argone. This area is not to far from water fall Glen area. There have been ground water tests and radio active contaminants were found in the ground water even as far south of Joliet. About 12 years ago they fenced of an area in these woods and did some sort of clean up. There was even a spot called plot M which contained Contaminated waste. If you hike through these woods they have stone markers. As far as water fall glen The actual water fall where the water is, is contaminated with treated sewer water from Argone labs facility. I was told this by a forest ranger when I asked about small signs that were posted near the falls on trees.
      I would be careful and do some due diligence before consuming water from this spring.
      About the smell some of that area in lemont / lockport have notoriously smelly well water with a high Iron content.

      • Laney says:

        Mike, I appreciate you posting the information you came to know about. I wish it wasn’t so sad, but I also know what corporations get by with and how little they care about nature–land, water, air, animals, people. (As if our so called government ever gave a damn about it’s people.) My God, it is heartbreaking. I’m not too far from this site and felt so hopeful of something being nearby. But I’d rather know the truth. So, again, thankyou for the information you posted. I suppose, in retrospect, that anything near a large city like Chicago would be tainted.
        But then, you never know. I heard there were over 7,000 toxic waste dumps in the most pristine areas of Alaska….oh, my heart hurts to find that out. What people do for money! It won’t be long before everything comes caving in, in my vision. There’s only so much abuse Nature will tolerate before the consequences are felt by all. I trust the info from the forest ranger, in fact, I’m sure he has a lot more.
        Thankyou, kindly, Mike.

        • Rpk-inc says:

          hi laney,
          I like your attitude and concern for nature. we need more people like you (and I) .
          There is another site you might be interested in about preserving nature (if youre not already aware of it):

          remember though that 50+ years ago they didnt have the same concern or realizations about nature and were learning about the nuclear stuff!! 
          sad but what can we do accept not let it happen anymore!  A friend of mind lived near Argonne in Burr Ridge and was proactive in helping spur a group that got them to clean up a lot in the WFGlen preserve!

          • Pitochio says:

            To you all I am aware of the contamination first hand and the lack of honesty by Argonne and Department of Energy. I would not drink the water if I was dieng in a dessert, I’d rather drink my own pee or Cyonide, Argonne claims for the water to be safe, and provide their own evaluations, Science is not sophisticated enough to tell you what the future dangers could be and if they can be detected at this time, and if they knew they would not tell you, at least not right away, Pilcher park used to have a well I believe it dried out, I used to go there as a kid with my dad and bring gallons for the whole family for the whole week in the 70’s

  3. Kevin says:

    I live minutes from here. So excited to hear about this. Maybe I will take a jog later today and try and find it.

  4. Chelle says:

    Found it today. Its an artesian wellm and it's located right near the police shooting range off of Lemont Road. There is a path that goes right past the shooting range parking lot. After you pass the lot, look for a path to the left; you will hear the spring. If you hit the “no swimming” sign, youve gone too far.

  5. Kevin says:

    Thank you! And how was the water? Did you stock up?

  6. jenk57 says:

    I grew up in the area and currently live in Homer Glen. We have well water which contains much rust and tastes terrible. I currently purchase 5-gallon bottles for drinking/cooking. As a child I remember getting water from a spring along Bluff Road in Lemont. But the pipe has been removed years ago. I am sure as people moved into the area, it became a traffic concern. I am interested to learn more about the Waterfall Glen well. Is it a far walk? Would it be feasible to carry 5-gallon water bottles to fill? From the picture it looks as if I may need a hose, its this a correct assumption?

  7. jess says:

    hi…someone tell me ..what is the difference betw bottle water and spring water…and talking about spring water,, it is safe or do I have to make something to make it safe?

  8. chris says:

    so i see that there is a way to drive there if you go down the path the police must use to access the shooting range. im not sure if its a good idea but then again, i dont care. im driving as close as i can get with my 5 gallon

  9. chris says:

    i went to this well today. i brought home 2.5 gallons of water. it smells funny. does anyone drink this water. trying to find out how safe it might be. i went when it was raining a little bit, so im wondering if this would cause the water to smell funny. i also did some research and it looks like the land where the well is located, is near argonne national labs, where in the past radioactive waste may have been buried. so could this waste pollute the water? i dont know of any other water sources near me. i need to find one. at this point i am prepared to drive up to 2 hours to get clean water. i am done with city water

  10. chris says:

    no you will not be able to walk there with a 5 gallon jug. but what i did, is ride my bike, with my kids bike trailer attached and the 5 gallon jug in the back…but you can read my other posts to see why i am unsure about drinking this water

  11. Dee says:

    Did you end up getting the water tested?
    Are you sourcing water from elsewhere>?

  12. ADAM says:

    Can Anyone please test this water with a TDS tester??? would tell us how good of a quality the water is. Thank you!!

  13. Chris says:

    No, i was thinking i should do some research to see if its cheap to get the water tested. I don't have a TDS meter, so i dont have any idea. I am still looking for a place to get water nearby. The closest source that i know of, other than this one is 2 hours away.

  14. Chris says:

    This was the location of many nuclear reactors right? Does that concern anyone? There is a lot of strange “stuff” in this forest.

  15. ADAM says:

    Well if it smells funny it could be iron or some sulfur. Anyway if it smells then it probably is not that great to drink. I bet it has a high amount of TDS. I go to Rock Springs in Wisconsin.

  16. Adam says:

    Can any one buy a TDS tester and test this water ? This way we all know the quality of the water…. TDS testers go for about $15 ….

  17. HFG says:

    This artesian spring is not marked on any of the forest preserve maps you get from DuPage county. To find it orient yourself facing south on Lemont Rd, at Bluff Rd, on the east side of Lemont Rd you see a trailer storage lot, you also see two sets of high tensions wire towers. A vehicle path goes under the high tension tower, there is a chain that blocks the path, just before you reach the chain there is a spot you can park your car (when facing East it is to the left of the vehicle path). You will have to walk roughly 2/3 to 3/4 of a mile East (you will pass under 6 (six) high tension towers, and will have passed the Lemont Police dept shooting range). About halfway before you reach the next (#7 from Lemont Rd) high tension tower you will find a grass covered path on the left which seems to double back a bit towards the West, follow it a few hundred feet. On your right you should be able to see a pond through the trees, as you get closer to the well, you should be able to hear the well before you reach it. The path is rough, make sure you have some good shoes or boots on, if you have a folding hand truck bring it along, you will be glad you did.

    • Laney says:

      Dear HFG,
      Thankyou so very much. I appreciate the effort you took to share the information you have.

    • Rpk-inc (richK) says:

      very good description!.  I was just there the other day. stumbled upon it by accident looking to fish in the quarry/ponds? there.  Its more overgrown right now than the picture appears to be and since the spring made it swampy flowing towards the pond, the mosquitoes were really heavy at the spring. 
      back by the lake/pond the mosquitoes were a little less intense.!  fishing wasnt any good there to be worth the walk in.  I took the train tracks there after parking south of the Des Plaines river. parking is limited! and the trains come almost hourly in the afternoon.
      Discovering the unknown spring was a nice suprise! but nothing glamorous.  and I wondered if the water is pure for drinking with the Argonne plant being uphill to the north. There was known to be some contamination spots up in the park at one time.

    • Rpk-inc (richK) says:

      very good description!.  I was just there the other day. stumbled upon it by accident looking to fish in the quarry/ponds? there.  Its more overgrown right now than the picture appears to be and since the spring made it swampy flowing towards the pond, the mosquitoes were really heavy at the spring. 
      back by the lake/pond the mosquitoes were a little less intense.!  fishing wasnt any good there to be worth the walk in.  I took the train tracks there after parking south of the Des Plaines river. parking is limited! and the trains come almost hourly in the afternoon.
      Discovering the unknown spring was a nice suprise! but nothing glamorous.  and I wondered if the water is pure for drinking with the Argonne plant being uphill to the north. There was known to be some contamination spots up in the park at one time.

  18. Ryan J. says:

    Thanks for the excellent directions HFG. It’s an interesting area with a huge Hindu temple nearby and those old limestone structures. I am worried about people drinking this water because the Argonne Laboratory that sits in the middle of this land! I found a couple of old articles mentioning groundwater contamination in this exact area. Google “waterfall glen” “cleaning fluids” This place is 15 minutes away from where I live (Woodridge, IL) so I really wanted it to work but I don’t think I’ll be drinking any water from this spring. I like the idea of carpooling to Wisconsin or the spring near Peoria. I would be up for this but probably not until mid March 2011.

    • Laney says:

      Thankyou Ryan J.

      I’m in Woodridge, too. A while back they expanded Woodridge to include land south of I-55 in what used to be Lemont. I’m aware of the temple you mentioned. The thought of that water being tainted is just heartbreaking. The picture up above looks sooo nice. How sad that anyone would pollute such a precious resource. I wonder now about the other ones in Illinois posted on the main map. I found Mike’s comment at the bottom from one month ago to be very significant, and sad. You may be interested in reading what he has to say. And now with the fallout from Japan the USA’s prior nuclear testing maps have surfaced on youtube. What a mess. Thankyou for your information about the cleaning fluids. I will read all I can, thankyou so much!

  19. Mrjaw says:

    I agree with Ryan J. I live in the area as well and there has always been a shroud of mystery as to some of the goings on and testing that has been done at Argonne National Labs…never forget the space suited team that showed up at a home in Lemont a few years back as an employee was caught bringing some work home with him. Not sure what happened to the employee…however, there have been various stories about the testing over the years, I would be afraid it would be contaminated as well. Do people go in and actually take water from this spring?

    • Laney says:

      Thankyou for that warning! Argonne employees…the space suited team…in Lemont!! It reminds me of the movie “Silkwood”. My God, would it happen so close to home! Oh, Yikes!

  20. Peroto777 says:

    Here  is  a  link  from  Wikipedia   about   the  buried    reactor  :


    After  reading  this  ,  I  wouldn’t  go hiking   in  that  area  let  along  drink  water  from  a  spring  there . It  was  buried   60 years  ago and  only  God  knows   how  many  hundreds  of  years  it  will  take  for   the  area  to  become  safe  again .
    The  amazing  thing  is    the  stupid  bastard   conducted  the  first   Nuclear  reactor  test   right  in  the  Middle  of the  densely   populated  Chicago   ,  without  any  cooling  or  protection . Who  knows  how  many people  got  cancers  after  that  experiment    and  blamed  it  on  their  bad  fortune ,  never  knowing  the  truth  that   they  were  victums  of  “progress ”


  21. JoeS_lemont says:

    to the doubters below writing about not drinking from the well and the dangers, etc…..I don’t believe any of it. I grew up in Lemont and as a kid hiked and fished back there several times, always filling a canteen or bottle with water from the well and aside from my twigs glowing in the dark, I find myself in perfect health (kidding)….seriously, I drank from that well dozens of times when I was a teenager hiking back there….actually googled it and found this as we were there today (I am 50 years old now)…..we filled a couple of water bottles and hiked back and I’m still here to write about it…that water can’t be any more harmful than the stuff pumped through your home faucet I say…

    • Keyman424 says:

      You are probably right about the faucet water. However I do know for a fact that the US government fenced off a large area along archer and had a team of people up there cleaning up leaking stuff. I talked to one of the guards thru the fence the years they were doing it. I have also read reports about leakage in the ground water in local papers in the past. Hickory Hills used to mix well water and city water and regarding discussions about what was buried along archer they stopped doing it. The reports also showed radio active materials found in the ground water as far south as Joliet that came from the site along archer next to red gate woods.

      It would be good if someone can have this well tested or find out if it has ever been tested. If I was thirsty enough I would drink it but Im not so I wont.

      Also radioactivity or particles are not immediately dangerous and what it may do to one may not happen to the other. strength of contamination is also a factor.


    • mikew says:

      Do you happen to have a good way to get back there? The easiest looks like to hike down the road the PD uses to get to the range but was wondering if there was a better way.

  22. RawThrival says:

    this was posted on just weeks ago @ http://www.dupageforest.com/Conservation/Forest_Preserves/Waterfall_Glen.aspx

    “”DISTRICT ALERT: The District will treat a section of Waterfall Glen with aquatic-approved herbicide using targeted ATV and helicopter application the week of Aug. 19 if weather conditions are favorable. For more information on plans for aerial treatment of invasive vegetation at Waterfall Glen, click here.””
    …;please look into this further!

  23. Diana says:

    Any updates on this spring? Does anybody know if it is still running? What other springs do you all go to? I’ve never gotten water from a spring before but I would like to start doing so. Thanks.

  24. Daniel says:

    Has anyone actually had this water tested? I’ve been drinking bottled water from the grocery store but I’m much prefer some clean spring water- but I would definitely want to be sure of its safety first. Can anyone verify its purity?

  25. Erica says:

    It really doesn’t seem worth it to touch this water based on the concerns.

    Where else to people go around here for water? That place near Peoria?

  26. Annna says:

    Hello all,
    I am from the Rockford area, and I have been searching for a pure water supply. After skimming through what is available in Illinois, I’ve found Artesian Well at Paradise Cove in Winslow, IL. I’ve read multiple reviews and watched some videos with positive responses. The water is tested 2x a month, and there is a spout to easily access water. Just thought I’d share this with you all.

    Now, I’m sure this is much further for most who are looking for pure water near the city, but I can rest assure you it’s worth it, and a great day adventure to get a month long supply of water. If anyone is interested in a water delivery service to your area, near the city or suburbs, I can deliver in glass jugs. If you are interested contact True Hippie at (608)313-4693. I also offer natural cleaning products and services. Good luck on your search, and stay hydrated! Peace & Love – Anna

    • Timothy says:

      I’m on the late show, however I can witness all of the credits that are due. I learned about findingsprings.com while reading an interesting article of the Northwest Quarterly (Holiday/Winter 2018 edition – page 29) about PARADISE COVE PARK in Winslow, IL. I live a few counties east of there! Thanks!

  27. RyanB says:

    Was just at the well today after visiting this website. I find it better to park in downtown Lemont and walk the tracks all the way to the well, instead of parking on Lemont RD (because its illegal). The well is flowing really good. The water IN the well didnt smell and was super clear. But some water around the well have a rainbow film around it, a sign of oil or something else you wouldnt want to drink. Still a great hike though, but I wouldnt drink it.

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