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Located in the West meadow beach park is either an artesian well, or a spring. I have only heard what locals have said, which is that people drink from it all the time and some people collect from it. Despite long island not having mountains it seems like a nice source. The area and park around it is very beautiful as well. Depending on whether the beach next door is charging parking, that can be an issue but I believe they don’t charge once the lifeguards leave.


    1. Hello since this is most recent review can you tell me where it’s located like where to park and do you have to walk far? Thanks!!

      1. Sure, park in the parking lot for the beach, there is only one parking lot. There is a running/walking/bike path that runs parallel to the beach. Follow that path for 5-10 min and you will see a sign for an 88 acre marine conservation. turn left down the dirt path and you will see a house/structure. on the left side of that house there is a pipe coming out of the ground which has water pouring out of it 24/7, that is the tap.

  1. great site. The Cold Spring site had more than one outlet. The one on 25A seawall was closed off but there used to be another outlet down a side road across from a house. As of two years ago that one was still running. I moved and don’t know the status of that outlet today. The shutdown was a B.S. move by the town to stop all the traffic stopping and people crossing 25A in traffic. The water was fine. I got it tested every month. Bacteria. Baloney.

  2. I went here a few days ago thanks to find a spring. I was able to find is easily. But I posted about it on Facebook and I got a bunch of people (including a retired water tester) saying that this water might not be safe because its from the first level. The first level gets all the runoff and pesticides… so im not sure whether or not to continue drinking it. Id surely love to because it tastes great and its from a natural source. But the whole reason I got the water in the first place was to avoid chemicals.

  3. This water is fantastic and its the only public source left on this island. I have drank a lot of it. GORGEOUS BEACH TOO!

  4. As of 4/7/17 — The spring is still active.

    The exact coordinates are:
    40.9363584, -73.1442264

    It’s behind the Dr. Erwin J. Ernst Marine Conservation Center. To the left of the green building.

  5. Delicious water. Very energizing. Live in the area and drink this water for about 5-6 years. No problems although probably should have it tested independently

  6. I went to the spring today and it’s still open and seems to be pretty under utilized, one person jogging down the road didn’t know about it. The pipe is located to the left of the Ward Melville Heritage Organization building. This building is located .4 miles from the white service gate, which is locked, so no driving down the road. The area is also a turtle nesting ground. It’s quite a trek with the weight of a jug, I recommend bringing a cart, the road is paved. The area is beautiful, beach and wetland and their were a lot of visitors out enjoying the landscape. The water is delicious!

  7. The well is actually directly adjacent to the house, down the side street. Sort of hidden, but it was still there as of August 2016.

  8. The well is actually directly adjacent to the house, down the side street. Sort of hidden, but it was still there as of August 2016.

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