Wilhoit Spring, Molalla, OR 97038


Posted: September 3, 2014

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38160 S Wilhoit Rd
Molalla, OR 97038
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Wilhoit Springs is a county park located in Clackamas County, Oregon, deep in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, roughly 8 miles southeast of Molalla.
Around the turn of the 20th century, the spa and resort there was one
of Clackamas County’s most popular tourist destinations. However, in the
first few decades of the 20th century the facility lost popularity and,
in 1928, closed down.


  1. Ali says:

    does anyone have an insight on this one??

  2. Adam says:

    This is the site of two springs. One is a Soda Spring and the other is a Mineral. It’s a beautiful location, once the site of an old bath house. Now just a small park with a few picnic tables. Easy access to the water.

  3. Brian says:

    I went there with my son yesterday. It’s a cute park and the spring is an easy 100 yard walk from the parking area. The spring, surrounded by the deck in the picture, has a metal cover on it, which you lift off to access the flow coming up. This water has a heavy mineral taste and is certainly “an acquired taste.” Interesting thing about it is this water comes from the spring with quite a bit of natural carbonation. One of the bottles we filled burbled all the way home and into today.

  4. Brittany says:

    I’m planning a trip to this spring to collect water for the first time . Does anyone know if there’s a pump? I’m new to this and don’t know if I need equipment to tap the water.


  5. Brittany says:

    I went here today to fill up on the soda water and it’s still easily accessible. I brought a dolly to cart my 5-gal carboys back & forth which was really helpful.

    The mineral spring pump is broken & taped over, but the soda water well is just covered with a steel lid. Bring a siphon or small bucket to ladle out the water, you’ll need it!

  6. Amanda says:

    Nothing came out of the pump. But the spring that is covered with a lid and surrounded by a covered deck was easy and fun to access. More of a one-time experience in my opinion, it tasted like salty metal! Only slightly carbonated, so I’m thinking that one is the mineral spring? I’ll try to post a picture, it clearly has a lot of iron in it. TDS meter hovered around the 360 range.

  7. Maria says:

    I’m wondering if anyone who has been to this spring site has had any testing done by a local lab etc.? If not I may do so, as I just want to make sure that it has not accumulated any pesticides from nearby farmlands on its journey.

  8. Amy says:

    I found this spring very easy. The first thing I looked for in the park was the gazebo. We opened the lid and took some water home, it was clear in my glasses but I wanted to boil it for 3 min at home. It was clear until I boiled it then the water turned orange brown like the color of the inside of the pipe and stream running from it. After it cooled it settled to the bottom but the entire water was still brown orange. I filtered it using a coffee filter & it collected a lot of it but it still wasn’t clear water. I decided not to drink it. I talked to someone that lived a mile away and she said there use to also be a pump that pumped the spring but it broke and the covered it & doesn’t look like they will fix it anytime soon. The water flows out from under the lid and flows into a steam close to it I looked at the stream & tons of mosquitoes where flying over it. Even though we didn’t drink the water it was fun to explore for it!

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