Woodbury Spring, Woodbury, Tennessee, TN 37190


gassaway rd
woodbury, tn 37190
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Spring is on the right very soon after turning left onto Gassaway rd. Only room to pull one car off the road at a time.

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  1. Vivian Wu says:

    OMG TASTY WATER!!!! thats some fountain of youth shit, ima be young forever, so delicious. Ill be hydrated for years

  2. Kip says:

    Water tastes good. Comes out at 60ish degrees. Anyone have TDS reading or know about contaminants?

  3. Aaron says:

    I have been getting water here for a few years now. We live over in Murfreesboro, so we fill up about a dozen 5-gallon jugs when we go. have not had it tested, but I know that many people stop here to fill up too, because sometimes we have to drive past the single parking spot, and wait around the corner at the intersection for a while for them to finish up. I have talked to people, and this spring has been here, in active use since at least the 1950’s. On my most recent trip there, (10/21/2015) We noticed that someone has put new gravel down in the parking spot too, and a bit of maintenance was done to the stanchion holding up the pipe at the end. The pipe is about 1″ in diameter, and fills a 5-gallon jug in about a minute or so. Very tasty water. I also use this water to make my home-brewed beer.

  4. Karen says:

    I wonder, have all these springs that are submitted been tested to be pure without any contaminants? Looks great. Hoping it is clean & can’t wait to try it!

  5. Elliot says:

    This spring is the same as the other Uspring that is listed close by called named Spring; I figured that out after seeing the pictures. the flow was irregular which is odd but it has been very dry outside lately with wild fires not too far away in Hamilton County. It filled up my six gallon container in about 7 minutes. Very good tasting water. I saw a whole family that walked to the spring to get a drink after I filled up my containers shortly after I left.

  6. Elliot says:

    I also wanted to mention it is Located on Gassaway Rd on right half a mile after coming from US-70S E. approximate address is
    600 Gassaway Road
    Woodbury, TN 37190

  7. Tamara says:

    I visited this spring yesterday and the water is running at full force, ice cold and delicious! there is a scent of oil smells like the essential oil i use for digestion (Digize). There is construction going on right before the parking spot, so watch carefully for the spot so you can pull over quickly, since it is one way traffic right now. Enjoy, i certainly will be taking more trips back for fill ups

  8. Nathan Green says:

    On a job assignment I happened by this water source. Being curious about it I talked to the guy running the counter at the Cannon County Arts Center where I bought some Kombucha (delightful btw). He said that if the water table gets to high, after a hard rain, the water can get somewhat contaminated. Since it hadn’t rained for three days when I got there I filled up a glass bottle and drank 4oz and waited a day to see if it was going to make me sick in any way.

    The next day I felt just fine and through the course of the day I had 32oz or so. This water had no negative effect on me so, try it! Good luck!!

  9. Shui says:

    The water is not contaminated from the farms around? I find it hard to believe.

  10. Tina says:

    Hope this isn’t stupid. But is there a charge or is it free?

  11. Rebekah says:

    An extension to the pipe has been added recently, making it easier (and safer) to collect water. No more climbing on slippery rocks! The spring usually has good water pressure unless it is extremely dry in late summer/fall.

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