Dalhousie Springs

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Dalhousie Springs in Witjira National Park offers over 100 different springs all throughout the area (roughly 80 are active and can be enjoyed by the public). These natural artesian springs offer the traveler a place to get away and relax in temperatures somewhere between 40 – 43 degrees Celsius.

Many people enjoy the Witjira National Park as it’s a good place to begin a tour across Australia as you end up in Queensland.

There are also a bit of wildlife you can view while staying in Dalhousie Springs. They have some individual fish species that are only known to be in that part of the world and can be seen in several of the springs.

Because much of the park is wilderness you will have to travel a bit to get from hot spring to hot spring. The Great Artesian Basin supplies most of the springs thermal water and you’ll find extremely large pools all the way down to smaller cold sections. Whichever you prefer you will be able to take in some very scenic views of Australia and the vegetation around.

This South Australian hot springs does also provide people the option to camp. Recently there has been some upgrades which has improved the popularity of people bringing their 4 wheel drive vehicle for some off roading and touring. At night the stars come out in full effect and the views continue well into the morning sunrise.

Some camping facilities you can enjoy while staying in Dalhousie hot springs are:

– Toilets
– BBQ Pits
– Hot Showers
– Laundry Services

The park does require that you call in advance to book your camping.


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