Lawson Spring, Lawson, NSW, 2783


Hughes Avenue
Lawson, NSW, 2783
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This spring is located north of Lawson, a town in the mid Blue Mountains.

Drive to the northern end of Hughes Avenue, Lawson.  You can leave your car here.  Walk down the bush track straight ahead (not to the right).  There is a sign with a few local bushwalks marked on it.  After about 30metres, there will be a right hand turn that goes down a little windy track.  Follow this path for about a minute, and you end up at the spring.

The spring is located in a very cute little grotto, and is tapped with a terracotta pipe.  A magic little spot.

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  1. S says:

    PH 4.5


    • L. says:

      Thanks for the information S…I’m a complete newbie, does this mean it’s safe? Good quality? I thought 4.5 would be too acidic?
      I have concerns after the bad bush-fires that occurred there and the levels of asbestos that were believed to be in the area.

  2. Sophia says:

    Hi all,

    I took this water to SLS lab and here are the results – sorry about the copy & paste. The only thing that is higher than <0.0001 is barium, manganese, & zinc. Email me if you'd like the results from the lab forwarded to your email address:

    Analytical Results
    Sub-Matrix: WATER Client sample ID sample 1 —- —- —- —-
    (Matrix: WATER)
    Client sampling date / time [14-Nov-2016] —- —- —- —-
    Compound CAS Number LOR Unit ES1625860-001 ——– ——– ——– ——–
    Result —- —- —- —-
    ED093F: Dissolved Major Cations
    Calcium 7440-70-2 1 mg/L 2 —- —- —- —-
    Magnesium 7439-95-4 1 mg/L <1 —- —- —- —-
    Sodium 7440-23-5 1 mg/L 9 —- —- —- —-
    Potassium 7440-09-7 1 mg/L 2 —- —- —- —-
    EG020T: Total Metals by ICP-MS
    Antimony 7440-36-0 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Arsenic 7440-38-2 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Beryllium 7440-41-7 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Barium 7440-39-3 0.001 mg/L 0.009 —- —- —- —-
    Cadmium 7440-43-9 0.0001 mg/L <0.0001 —- —- —- —-
    Chromium 7440-47-3 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Cobalt 7440-48-4 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Copper 7440-50-8 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Lead 7439-92-1 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Manganese 7439-96-5 0.001 mg/L 0.025 —- —- —- —-
    Molybdenum 7439-98-7 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Nickel 7440-02-0 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Selenium 7782-49-2 0.01 mg/L <0.01 —- —- —- —-
    Tin 7440-31-5 0.001 mg/L <0.001 —- —- —- —-
    Zinc 7440-66-6 0.005 mg/L 0.008 —- —- —- —-
    Boron 7440-42-8 0.05 mg/L <0.05 —- —- —- —-
    EG035T: Total Recoverable Mercury by FIMS
    Mercury 7439-97-6 0.0001 mg/L <0.0001 —- —- —- —-
    MW006: Faecal Coliforms & E.coli by MF
    Faecal Coliforms —- 1 CFU/100mL <1 —- —- —- —-
    Escherichia coli —- 1 CFU/100mL <1 —- —- —- —-
    MW007: Coliforms by MF
    Coliforms —- 1 CFU/100mL <1

    • Craig says:

      Hi Sophia,
      Thanks for getting the labs done!
      Are you able to email me a copy please?
      Thank you

    • Marek says:

      Can you please send me the test results as well?
      Thank you

    • Kate says:

      Hey Sophia,
      Can you email me the results too please?
      Thank you for getting it tested. I think we may have met you there one day as someone we met told us they had it tested ????????

    • Luke says:

      I’d also like the test results please. Thank you ????

    • Kunji says:

      Hi Sophia, I have been drinking this water for over 5 years and it always felt amazing however I do appreciate that you had it tested. Would you be so kind and send me a copy of the report as well please. What I can see is that the results show a very gentle water with fairly low mineral content. In any case I love this water and all the little tokens leave at the site. It,s magical.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Sophia
      Were you able to send me the lab results, what’s the best way to give you my email address with out posting it here for the world to see.


    • Micha says:

      Hi Sophia, thank you for your results. Please email them to me. I would love to have a better look. By the way how hard is it to have water tested? I live on rainwater and if love to know what is inside these little water molecules. Is it pricey too?

      Thank you for your info again!

    • Andrew Plim says:


      thanks for posting

      I am new to this mineral water stuff and want to know more solid facts like you have posted. Have you done other testing of springs australia… ? If so I am interested…

    • Andrew Plim says:

      Can you please email me a copy …

      Thanks for offering these results

    • Craig says:

      Hi Sophia,
      Please could you mail me a copy of the report for Lawson springs.
      many thanks,

    • Raquel says:

      I dont really understand test results in layman’s terms is healthier to drink than tap water ?

    • David Griffiths says:

      Hi Sofia,
      Thanks so much for having this spring tested. I would live to have a copy of the report please if you don’t mind . we have some members of our family who have complicated medical issues and having the report would help me to feel more confident bring the water home. Thanks so much .
      Looking forward to visiting the spring .

    • Bezza says:

      Gday, may I please have an email copy of the lab tests? Thank you Sophia.

    • Mary-Kate says:

      Can I please have the results emailed. Thank you so much.xx????

    • Grant Markert says:

      Hi Sophia can I get a copy of the water test results please. Regards Grant Markert

  3. Jemma Hughes says:

    thank you Sofia for kindly getting the water tested for the community! I have minimal knowledge of health mineral content levels, so are these results all in all good? or are the trace minerals not as evident as hoped? whats your take? I’m going to check out the spot today!

  4. Karen says:

    Hi everyone I am new to this site. Is anyone still using this spring currently? Also as mentioned in previous questions what does the water test results mean. Thanks!

    • mitchell says:

      Hey Karen. People definitely still use this spring and I just visited 2 weeks ago and filled up for my 3 weeks before I head back in a week or so. In Sydney I don’t think you can find better water than from the Blue Mountains. 🙂

  5. Jemma says:

    I used the spring in Feb 2017 and it was fab and tasted great. ive uploaded the photo above. directions were spot on and its so so easy to access and carry water a few pathetic metres back to your car or whatever..

  6. jack says:

    Damn wishwe had a spring in Sydney

    Now hose` people are going to drive that far .
    And so many people are going and using the SPRING..
    And none of u had a cellphone or a camera to take a picof the Place ??

  7. Craig Talbot says:

    I just tested the pH of this with a reliable pH meter.
    that’s pretty acidic.

  8. Bezza says:

    Gday …. Sophia, may I please have a copy of the Lab results emailed to me?

    thanks for getting the water tested, regards.

  9. Craig says:

    I had this water retested 24/10/18
    ( $200). Looks good to drink no bacteria or heavy metals.
    It is pretty acidic (4.7), as previously reported.
    Which is fine, though might be an idea to add some CaCO3 (chalk) or NaHCO3 (Baking Soda) and use a pH stick to bring the pH up a little to 7.
    To put in in context, even though the water is acidic – Orange Juice (pH3) and Coke (pH2.5) are both more acidic than this still. Enamel in your teeth dissolves at 5.5

  10. Neecy says:

    Wondering if anyone does anything to raise the PH level of the water prior to consuming and if so what please? Thanks Sophia for getting the water tested and sharing on here!

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