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Long Range Visibility Device: Dewalt DW0822LG Laser Level Review

Dewalt DW0822 laser level is a combination of line and dots laser with high accuracy and precision. If you are looking for a long-range laser level, then this model is suitable one for you. Once you set the layout and device in one place, there is no need to move it from one place to another. Let us tell you about some of the best features of Dewalt DW0822.


Weight: 798g

Warranty:3 Years

Batteries: 3AA

Laser class: II

Leveling Type: Self-leveling

No of beams: 02.

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Pros of Dewalt DW0822 Laser Level:

IP54 Rated:

Dewalt DW0822 laser level is IP54 rated that is responsible for protecting the device from any external factors including rain, debris, and dust. It also keeps the internal parts of the device safe from any damage and it also helps in enhancing the life of the device without replacing any of the parts.

Full-Time Pulse Mode:

This device has also come up with the full-time pulse mode which is quite an advanced feature for beginners and experts. This feature can be used with a detector to extend the range and to enhance the visibility of the device. It also helps in maintaining the bright beam of laser level even if you are working on the outdoor applications, you will be able to see the beam in odd lighting conditions.

Batteries and Accuracy:

This is one of the top rated laser levels you can add in your collection, and it has come up with 3AA batteries which are durable and ensure it’s working properly. The accuracy is about +/- 1/8” at the distance of 100ft. This device is perfect if you are working on the rough surface and the construction site.

Locking Pendulum:

Dewalt DW0822 laser level has a locking pendulum system as well which is responsible for enhancing the visibility of the beam. Locking pendulum is also responsible for keeping the device safe from any kind of damage while you are transporting the laser level from one place to another.

Self-Leveling and Magnetic Mount:

The self-leveling feature is a major advantage for all beginners who can’t adjust devices after short time intervals. The self-leveling feature helps the device in adjusting itself according to the surroundings. Other than the self-leveling feature, the magnetic mount is also in the kit to adjust the device anywhere, whether it’s a smooth surface or rough one. The magnetic mount is strong enough to attach the device with itself without losing a grip.

Cons of DW0822 Laser Level:

Strong Beam:

There is no such problem recorded from customers regarding DW0822 laser level than it’s beam visibility. You won’t be able to see the beam in bright light conditions, and you may need other accessories for bright light.

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DW0822 laser level is an ideal one for all the professionals out there who are in search of something exceptional, and that can simplify the job. This model is worth your investment, and you will enjoy it’s functionalities as well.


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