Lion Heart Spring, Near Brighton, East Sussex, England

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A great little spring coming out of a pipe and leading into a shallow stream which then runs next to the road. Flow is good and continuous. Excellent quality water. On public land, surrounded on all 3 sides by pasture land and fencing indicating that considerable lengths have been gone to, to keep it accessible to the public.

Nearest Address

Clappers Lane near Fulking

Directions from Nearest Address

Driving down clappers lane from Fulking, go past Brook Cottage, past a double bend in the road, where the lane starts to go uphill slightly, and there’s an area on the right where there’s space to park a car. Walk up from there about 50yard, until you see the stream that runs along the road veers right. Follow that right to the end. See youtube video and you can contact Elwin at

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 93
  • Temp: 5° C
  • pH: 6.45

Hours Spring is Open:



Submitted by: Elwin Robinson


  1. Hi Guys,
    I farm and own the land to the east of Clappers Lane. There are many springs on the
    farm which we think are artesian  – apart from some ‘greensand’ much of the land is
    a heavy clay  where this is punctured there will be a spring – or at least a persistant
    wet patch. The farm buildings and house used to have its own spring water system
    but in the 1930’s the local water company started sinking bore holes at the foot of the
    Downs which lowered the water table to the point when the spring water largely dried
    up. All the existing springs are intermitent depending on how much water has soaked into the chalk hills there is a kind of time delay from periods of heavy rain to when the
    springs become active. We dont interfere with them or the  farm drainage system which was installed in 1893 – and as we are virtually organic ( no chemical sprays or fertilizer ) the water should be good – happy slurping!     

  2. If someone could post next time they are there if they find it is flowing again asap after then I’d appreciate it. Takes a 5 hour round trip from where I live and last time I went a few weeks ago it was just a trickle. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Hadley, we went a week ago and it was flowing. However i would recommend you visit the Fulking spring, it is alway flowing. My partner and I both found the water from fulking to be of a much higher standard than the lion heart spring. Fulking’s water is crystal clear whereas lion heart’s was slightly murky in comparison. 🙂

      1. Thanks for taking the time to post Jess 🙂 Do you have any tips for finding the source of the Fulking spring? I went there last time and couldnt find it (to anyone reading who doesnt know the roadside outlet at the pub is undrinkable). How far is it from the pub? Do you have to go right up over the large hill? Thanks again, Hadley

    2. Visited spring for first time with family yesterday 5th Jan 2013 and positively gushing out and flowing down middle of road! Fulking village spring like a small fountain! Can anyone reassure me that the water is totally safe to drink. Only just come across the idea of drinking from a spring but as I’ve got young children just wanted to be extra sure. Just realising probably far better than my tap water though!!

      1. Thanks for the update Eleanore. I went to the lionheart spring yesterday, good flow….. I tested the water and got 75 TDS and PH of around about 6.75, which all indicates that it is PROBABLY good, but I guess we can never be totally sure. One thing I noticed with bad quality water from elsewhere (actually it was a while ago from the Fulking fountain by the road) was that after a couple of days sediment built up in the bottom of the container – so to my (admittedly amateurish) mind it might be a good idea to leave water from any source that you’re not completely sure of for a couple of days to see if it stays totally clear.

        Would be interesting to hear of any experiences of people using this source long term……

        Btw anyone thinking of going to this spring – if the ground is wet or muddy then you’ll certainly need wellies or some sort of protective footwear to be able to reach the spring and get the water back. I had normal type boots on when I went and it was very muddy and wet and was almost impossible to avoid falling down several times as you’re basically squirrelling your way along the side of a very muddy and slippery ‘riverbank’ trying to avoid the water, all the more harder on the way back carrying water! If you’ve got wellies and don’t mind walking through the water flowing then that’s probably the best option for most people, so it’s worth being prepared. With dry ground for a lot of people it probably wouldn’t be an issue, though there is a little climbing involved

  3. Hardly continuous: not a drop on 5 visits during the summer. Lovely water when it does flow but Fulking is a sure bet. (Elwin’s not sure about the purity – do you really think a thousand years of local habitation backs up your opinion?) And finally, since when have the South Downs been ‘mountains’?

  4. Happy to Say, retuned this Friday and it was gushing away furiously.   Thank you for sharing this wonderful secret.   Also, turning us on to the wonderful part of the countryside where it is.    

  5. today is April 15th 2012.   We were  at Lion Heart Spring, on Clappers lane.
    the bad is news is the pipe has dried up.   not a drop of spring water to be had.
    Have you been there lately to see for yourself.   We wondered if the farmer on the adjacent land might have cut of supply to conserve for his own use.  As there is a current water hose pipe ban in this area.   Anyway, please let us know if there is a change or if you have discovered any other source.   We did go to Fulking spring and it collect some water after testing, and the readings were 250.ppm TDS.
    Ph.  about 7.8.  with good flow.

  6. I went to Faulking a couple of months ago….it’s really hard to get at and several fallen trees in the stream now….would anyone be interested in making access easier by making some steps down as it’s such a steep climb especially with glass bottles…I’ve always put the wster through a funnel and some very fine netting so as not to get any bits…

  7. Hi everyone, I have been looking for this clappers lane spring but I am struggling. We have been drinking the water from the Sheppard and Dog pub but we are not convinced is great as TDS reaches around 300. Can anyone show us where to collect best wather around clappers lane please. Thank you

  8. Is this spring still all good?, going to make the journey up by bus and on foot in a couple weeks, would be grateful if anyone could give the all clear 🙂

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