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Residents of Salt Lake City don’t have to travel far to get crystal clear water from a natural well. The Artesian Well Park at 800 South and 500 East is fed year-round by an underground aquifer.

Spring water from a well established during the pioneer days of Utah.

Walk north from liberty park on 500 east. The well is on the corner of 500 east and 800 south.

Public access.
Continuous flow.

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  1. Construction on this spring is complete. It’s very pretty, with three continuously flowing spigots to easily fill any sized container. I was there today and the water tastes great.

  2. I’m grateful to have this spring right down the street from me. However, I was recently told that the city has “tapped” it. Not sure what that means or if it is even true. Hmmm . . . I have some to look into this further. Do you have any insights?

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