Fountain of Youth, Schiller Park, IL 21502  5/5 (1)

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Hand pump 20-30 yards walk from road.

“This spring is hand pumped out, people have been collecting water for years. It gets busy on the weekends (LINES) so come during the week. I tested the water with home test kit. Lead -negative pesticide- negative Nitrate/nitrite no trace total hardness pretty high, as all water in IL is 120-250 Bacteria- the test turned purple means none detected Chlorine- none water very cold and keeps cold.” – Paul

Nearest Address

Cumberland and Irving Park intersection

Directions from Nearest Address

On south side of Irving park road (IL 19) west of Cumberland (IL 171) very easy to get to, in and out.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 490-500
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7-8.5

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: Fountain of Youth Map

Submitted by: Paul


  1. What is the ideal container to pump into? I have never done this before but I am so sick of feeding my son chlorine and fluoride and want to try this well. Is there bacteria in the water? Would it mess up the molecular structure to run it through a charcoal filter? Any advice is much appreciated!

    1. I like this water as is. I really think it is the fountain of youth. It’s a little hard, but it’s good mineral water! Comes out cold and quick, and it passes my feel, taste, and intuition test. Drink up!

  2. Hey folks! I too want to stop drinking chlorine and fluoride water. I’ve started drinking this water, but am also wondering where it’s from, what’s in it, etc. I called the County and they said the state Dept of Public Health is responsible for testing all the wells in the state. I was told they only test for bacteria and nitrates/nitrites, not for other contaminants. There are many contaminated wells in the country, and I imagine there’s been plenty of underground oil tanks, spills, and myriad other types of industrial waste in the area. There’s even underground nuclear waste storage along the Desplaines River! Anyway, it would be good to know what’s in the water, especially considering so many people drink it as their main water supply.

    IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO SPLIT THE COST OF TESTING THIS WATER WITH ME, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST. THE TEST COSTS BETWEEN $79-$169, DEPENDING ON HOW MANY CONTAMINANTS WE WANT TO TEST FOR. WE COULD THEN POST THIS INFORMATION AT THE WELL FOR ALL TO SEE. I contacted the Public Health lab and they haven’t gotten back to me yet, but I’m fairly sure they haven’t conducted a comprehensive test (because it is pricy). Though anecdotal stories about 90 year olds are good, I also think it’s important to rely on some scientific data (some people smoke and are 90, but that doesn’t make it safe). I’d just like to get some data behind the idea that this spring is very healthy.

    1. I went to this pump today 2/3/12 and the handle was taken off and a red tag was applied ti the handle stated its being tested for treatment???? What’s the number you called to find out what this means and how long it will be shut down and why was it shut down….. OR has this pump been purchased by a corporation… Blue Gold or has it been shut down because of chemicals???

      1. .Spoke to Gloria today and they should get tests back today or tomorrow. If the water test negative for contaminates they will put the handle back. So, no worries everyone:)

      2. Can’t we just contact the Cook County Forest Preserve and ask them what’s up? I wanna go buy a 5-gallon thingie if everything checks out;)  But one question: I think I drank from this thing and it smells like rotten eggs. Is that the sulphur and how could the water be so alkaline?

      3. I ended up buying a RO system with the waste water being used for laundry, so I will be taking back my offer for testing funds.If you find out a corporation has taken over this well, please let us know.  Whether I use this water or not, it’s just plain wrong and most likely illegal to give a corporation sole rights to bottle it.  And if you know what government officials to contact also post that.
        It would be a real shame if the county would exclude residents to use this as a source of revenue.

    2. I could pitch in $10.  I like the water and like that it’s free of chlorine and not fluoridated.  It would be good to know what’s in it, especially compared to tap water, which of course is polluted too.

      Just an fyi to all – this is a well, not really a spring.  By definition a spring naturally flows out of the ground without a pump.

    3. I still plan on testing it, but need to do the research first. If anyone has any layman’s info on water contaminants and how to interpret water tests, please forward the links.

      1. I can put some money towards this too.  Unrelated: has anyone here noticed a change in skin tone from drinking this water?  I visited family this weekend and they remarked that my skin looks yellowish.  Maybe a result of high sulfur content?  I’ve been drinking this water almost exclusively for about 6 months.  It’s the only thing I can think of, since I’m not eating loads of carrots, and health-wise I’ve never felt better.  Any of
        you other frequent spring-goers experiencing this? 

  3. My whole family has been getting water from this spring for the past 10 years. We use 5 gallon water jugs with a water fountain. The initial investment is higher then other methods but it pays off in the long run and is very convenient. The jugs have to be cleaned once every 3 months due to algae growth. But it’s no big deal. I clean it with baking soda and bottle brush and rinse with hydrogen peroxide. 
    The water tastes great, and none of us have ever developed any health problems that we could attribute to it. One time I met an older gentlemen by the pump who said he’s been drinking this water for the past 50 years. He was 90 at that time and he praised that spring for his longevity. 
    The place gets very busy in late afternoon hours (between 5 pm — 8pm), and on the weekends. It’s a good idea to have a funnel or a small piece of a 2 by 4 or something else to put underneath the bottle so it aligns with the pump outlet. Otherwise, the bottle has to be held at an angle by hand and in the Winter it can be too cold to hold it in place.
    I also heard stories of folks having their cars robbed, so it’s important to lock the doors, especially if it’s dark and busy with folks coming in and out. Some people leave their trunks wide open, so it’s easy to invite opportunistic thieves. 
    It’s also very common to see large herds of deer very close to the pump. Unfortunately, people bring left over food and feed it to the deer, and it’s a problem. So please do not feed the deer, they can find their own sources of food in the close by woods. 

    Does anyone know how deep this well it? Any geologists aware of the rock composition that the well is going through?

  4. I recently visited this pump yesterday for the first time. 10-25-19 . I have been drinking this water now for over 24 hours. My tds tester stated 475 .
    The quality of the water tastes very rich and pure I doubt its contaminated or I would be very sick not able to login from my home healthy enough to comment. I also ran into several individuals locally here at this pump, who had nothing but good to say about this water. They have been utilizing this resource for decades. Also the comments here on this website, from individuals that have verified that this water is great. So my experience of collection for this water is that it tastes natural, with a cooling to it. Very clear and great tasting. So this is now my water alternative. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends now that I find it safe testing it on myself first. I would recommend for anyone to always take precaution into checking the clarity of the waters appearance for your own protection for consumption all the time!

  5. This is an Artesian Well. Not a spring. People have been coming to this well

    since I was a child and I am in my mid-50’s. The Italians in the neighborhood would come here to get water to make wine. I know folks who, for the most part won’t drink anything but this water and will come to the well at least once a week and stockpile the water.

    This explains how Artesian Wells work.

    and, this explains Springs

    And, I hate to be “nit-picky” but Nathan, if you are going to correct people, whether on content, accuracy or semantics, it is imperative that you are 100% correct in your entire post. You used the word “infers” ; ” spring water infers [sic] that it originated from a spring”

    1) I believe you meant to say “Spring water IMPLIES”. In my explanation, I IMPLIED you were incorrect. From my explanation, you INFERRED that you were incorrect. Please, do look it up. Additionally, spring water need not flow down a mountain collecting all sorts of contaminants along it’s way. In actuality, a spring is underground, much like a well. Often, when one things of a spring, it is similar to a “babbling brook”. Generally, a spring is often times, free flowing, while a well is generally pumped.

    There are dozens of other errors in your post, but it is not my intent to “grade your work” only to suggest that you may want to make sure YOU are 100% correct is anything you write when pointing out that someone else is wrong.

    That is all.

  6. The Fountain of Youth is good to go! I called the Well Division of the Cook County Forest Preserve at the number (708) 771-1551 and the Gloria who works their was very helpful told me that someone has been stealing handles from the pumps and that a police report was filed today. Also, they tested the water and it tested well (pun). So call Gloria at the number above if you have any other questions about any wells in the Cook County area.

  7. I went there today, a week day.  It was worth the hour drive to get there.  The water tastes clean and pure with a fairly high mineral content.  The pump worked fine.  Since it took me awhile to get there I filled up a bunch of bottles – odds n’ ends of bottles I’ve saved.  While there a few other folks came for water – some to fill cups or water bottles, one with a 1/2 gal. bottle, and a couple with 5-gal. bottles.  No one had to wait more than a couple of minutes for a turn at the pump, which was working just fine.  Everyone who came by while I was there was from the area, and said there are always lines on the weekends.  So glad for this site, and loving the  fluoride-free, chlorine-free water!

  8. I went today and got water at a different pump in the forest. It came out clear but when we got home all the water was yellow. Is this normal? Safe to drink? Thank you for any info!

    1. I don’t think that’s normal.That might be ground water. The water I pump from the spring here is crystal clear. Do you know if the handle was still missing in that main pump?

      1. I did drive by the pump and no one was there. So I’m not sure if it has been fixed. I went to a pump on the street that runs into Irving park. I guess that pump gets water from a different source?

    2. We used to have a pump in my backyard as a kid. It always came out yellow when no one used it for a while (can’t remember how long it would sit). All we had to do was “prime” it – – meaning, just pump a bunch of water out until it runs clear. My guess is that you just needed to prime it.

    3.  I did the same thing and when we got it home it turning yellow. I’m not sure if were going to drink it yet. The main is still not operating so we went into the forest to pump. It also had a egg smell 

      1. well the only difference is that spring water flows continually without the use of a pump right? but still has the same beneficial properties I would assume since it has not been exposed to the environment  

        1. On principle alone I must respond to this, spring water infers that it originated from a spring—i.e. Mountains flowing downward, filtered through sediments and other naturally occuring processes which add algaes, flora, and other various balanced systems of life. Well water, well comes from within the Earth, tracing its source back to above ground bringing with it all the wonderful pesticides inherent in our capitalistic pesticide and chemical based society. I have personally gotten sick after drinking well water(E.R. multiple times, liver damage, had to go Veggie/Vegan for 3 months..), most proportedly from the toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis modified corn,
          which soak through the ground from chaff and leftovers of the corn product left in the fields to help with soil erosion used to prevent infestations of insects. Please research properly where you are getting your water from, considering that the last “spring” I checked out on here was beneath an active cemetery which has people who died from cholera there and the water has been deemed unsafe decades ago and has ever since and will be dangerous into perpetuity. Just saying there are worse things than chlorine and fluoride in so called “spring” sources, this used of the word is a misnomer. Its ok, Ice Mountain isn’t Spring based either, its actually just lake Michigan water handed out to the midwest region, is it actually safer—well it got a D rating, considering the best bottled water gets a B and most get a F who knows…


    All this talk of fluoride, I thought I’d provide a good read.  This pump is 3 miles from my home and I’ve driven by it a hundred times.  After reading this forum, I will be gettin g my water from this source from now on…cheers

  10. Spoke to maintenance at Indian Boundary (Cook County) today.  The pumps are only shut down if handle is gone due to contamination or dried up.  This pump has a tag for testing so it should be up within a week!

  11. Has anyone done any tests on this water as of late? It is currently 12/16/2011, and the website isnt showing the dates of anyones posts on my screen for some reason. I live about an hour away from this particular well, and I read some people saying it has been tasting odd as of late, and wanted to verify if that is still the case or not.

    1.  I went tonight to get some water and the pump handle was taking off and red tagged for treatment????? I guess there’s a problem with the water or some corporation is buying it. You know its the the blue gold… Oh well I guess no more pumping for us at this site for while…. SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM

    1. The water is already tested by the state for bacterial contamination. There is absolutely no bacterial contamination of this well. Hundreds of people drink the water, and have been for decades. I called the County a couple weeks ago and they informed me that it is tested for nitrates and bacteria.

      1. It would be reassuring to know the chemical concentrations in the water – airport and Industrial runoff, golf course and lawn chemicals, etc. It’s great having a fluoride and chlorine-free water source, and it would be good to know how the water compares to city water for the same chemicals city water is tested for. 

        On the other hand, plain common sense makes it hard to imagine it could be worse for toxic chemicals than surface water is.

    1. I’ve seen many other manual pumps along the line of the Forest Preserve but never any folks actually using them. As a matter of fact I check out some of them myself and it seemed as if they were sparsely used. 
      One explanation could be that they are not easily accessible, so folks do not frequent them. Another explanation is that they are not as good as the one listed here. There’s no evidence to prove any of that. Until all of them are tested officially we can’t say which one should be used. 

    2. It’s a misnomer calling this a spring.  Both spring and well water originate underground.  The difference is that springs emerge from the ground naturally, while wells require a pump to bring the water to the surface.  So this is actually well water, just like the water coming from other Forest Preserve pumps.  As Primal says, unless the water is tested it’s hard to say much about its quality or how it compares to water from other Forest preserve pumps.

  12. I went to get this water last night, and the handle for the pump had been removed! So I couldn’t get water. Does anyone know what happened? Or who to call to get it fixed?

    1. I went yesterday, too, and saw that it was broken. Do you know if this is in a state park? I thought about calling the Chicago park district, but I don’t think they maintain this park.

      1. I was devastated I couldn’t get my clean water this weekend. I am going to call the

        Chevalier Woods (Cook County Forest Preserve) telephone number
        (773) 625-9630 in the morning to see if they can fix it or why it was taken down.

  13. New to the area and have been getting water from this location and loving it. We noticed a similar pump just south of Devon at intersection with River Rd(slightly closer to home). Is anyone familiar with this source?

    1. There are many similar pumps anywhere, but I guess, the water is not potable in all of them. I think the water should be tested first and meet all the requirements to be registered as drinkable. I would not try any water is not registered. Event it is registered, you have the responsibility to test it to give it to your family.

  14. I collected water from this location on 03 March 2011. My PH papers read 7.0-7.2, and my TDS meter read 490-500. The nearest spring to this location is about an hour away in Kenosha, and the TDS there is better.. 350.

        1. I tested the water with a test kit I bought. The water is excellent. It meets all the purity required for a drinking water but one: it is too hard. The # of hardiness should be 50 ppm. This water is 425ppm

        2. Ok here is my take on it. I have consumed two gallons of this so far, there is a slight hard water iron, eggy (sulphury) taste to it. But the key word is “slight”. I spent my summer youth on a farm in northern, WI and our water tasted the just like this. It tastes much better than Chicago Tap. I spoke with someone I met there yesterday and he told me there are other hand pumps across the road that you can drive up to when this one was too crowded. Just have to enter the park. I found one of them right away. Plenty of parking on other side also.

          1. I think this water tastes really good. If you crave water from the spring then it is usually of good quality. Water that is hard is not necessarily a bad thing.

      1. me and my family have been taking water from there on regular basis and we love it. it doesn’t taste eggy or weird …well i guess if you’re use to drinking bottled water then the good stuff will taste “odd”-lol

  15. I uploaded the Water Test Results in the picture above. (Circled are the results)

    Hard Water like anything in Illinois, but very very clean as you will see 👀.

    Test Date 11-7-22

  16. I used to be very pleased to find this net-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this glorious read!! I undoubtedly having fun with every little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  17. This well and the other forest preserve wells are regularly tested for bacterial safety. Anyone that has a well water concern about this well or another in Cook County don’t hesitate to give us a call (847) 818-2841.

    1. My friends and I have been using this well for at least a year now, last week there were some signs of contamination, does anyone know anything about this?

  18. Is this pump up and working again? We went there a few weeks ago and the Forest Preserve of Cook County took the handle off the pump and labeled it “under testing and construction”. Please advise if you have any current updates. Cheers!

  19. Just went to get water today and the pump was shut down! There was a plastic band around the pump and I cannot remember exactly the wording but maybe something like “closed for testing”. Anyone know the story?

  20. My son and I went today, June 26, 2017, and the water was glorious. It was a Tuesday after on and several people were there filling up containers. Just wish we lived closer (we are an hour away) so that we could get it all the time!

  21. Hi everyone,
    I am just going to try spring water from here. Do you filter it or not. Anyone one here tried the Glen Well spring water? I hear something about nuclear testings. If this is spring water coming from the depth does it get contaminated. Hope to hear from you. Best regards Keep healthy 🙂

    1. I had the water tested for contaminants. It came up completely clean. I love this water. I’ve been coming here for about 10 years, and met many people whose families have been coming here for generations.
      If anyone wants to see the test results ….please email me….

      1. For those of you who want a water report for this location…..if I do not respond with in 2 days please email me again in case it went to my spam

        1. Hello! I am very interested about finding out more about this water. I am simply someone who is tired of all this contaminated water as well as plastic bottled water. I simply want what Earth has to offer for us without it being touched by man. Is this water still drinkable today, and are we still able to get some during the winter?

      1. Yes, this well is still in operation. I was there 2 weeks ago. It is very delicious and cold. Very clean. I try to save water in glass containers, but if you are worried about breakeage in driving back with it, you can put it in plastic bottles (will weigh less, too) and make the transfer to glass bottles once home.

        Fun note: Someone in another post a couple years back said that Italians come to this particular well to make wine. I have had chats with some of those older Italians and they told me that back in 1955 the Pope had visited Chicago and was taken to this well. The Pope blessed this well. Many say this well has healing powers. I think it does, too. Except it would be because of the rich and balanced minerals contained in this water.

        The reason the well was closed ini 2011 was because of over flooding by way too much rain. The city had to make sure the well wasn’t contaminated with outside bacteria from nearby rivers and waterways.

        It is just a few minutes from O’hare International Airport. I’ve been going on and off since the mid 1960’s. Happy pumping!

  22. Hello everyone. I’m trying to raise the funds to get this water tested at a professional lab. The cost of the testing for 46 different contaminants is $495. This is very expensive for one person, but if we can find at least 50 people that are willing to split the cost it would just cost $10. If anyone else is interested please see the fundraising page. Once the funds are raised and water is tested I will forward the results to all involved! Link to the fundraising page:

  23. I just went to this location January 29, 2014 and the pump is not working. It seemed to be broken not pumping water. I live far away can someone close by post comment if its working please.

  24. Hello
    Today is January 24, 2014. I went to get some water from the well today with no luck. There was no water coming out of the pump. I guess the water froze because the cold temperatures we have had. Has this happened before? Do you know what would be the temperature to get water again?


  25. Hey, i am planning on going to this well today or tomorrow to get some water. Can anyone confirm that it is operational. Today’s date Thursday August 29, 2013

    Thanks, JJ

  26. Talk with people at the pump, hear their stories, then do your research & you will find out its called the silurian-devonian aquifer. It is essentially sourced under/around lake superior. All the wells for it in Illinois are deep beneath the bedrock. There were & would still be springs if the area wasn’t so developed. You can still find real springs, yes springs plural, around the Waterfall Glen spring where most of the springs are located on a dragonfly preserve, different aquifer though.

    If you get a chance, listen to Daniel Vitalis talk about Artesian wells. He equates them similar to unripe fruit as you are pulling the water out of the ground a bit early opposed to it flowing out naturally. That is why the TDS & mineral content can be a little high. Thanx again D.V.!

    Oh, the paleo-water is fantastic btw!

How to Collect Spring Water

Drinking pure spring water is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Our bodies are over 99% water at the molecular level, so water affects every aspect of our biology. Yet, not all water is created equal. Almost all the bottled spring water available is pasteurized for shelf stability, which neutralizes many of the powerful health benefits such as increased hydrogen, healthy probiotics, and crystalline structure. For more about why unprocessed spring water is the best water to drink, read this.

The best way to guarantee you are getting real unprocessed spring water is to collect it yourself. This is a short and simple guide filled with information about how to gather spring water. We will cover how to find a spring, how to collect the water, how to honor the spring, how to store the water properly and other tips. is the best resource for locating a spring near you. However, not all springs are on the map. First, check the map to see if there is a spring in your local area. If there is, look at the reviews and comments. Has anyone shared helpful information about flow rate or posted a water test result? Is the spring in a pristine area? Do a bit of research and make sure the spring is safe to drink from. If you have any doubt about the purity, don’t risk it and get a water test, HERE. If you don’t see a spring on the map in your area, there still might be some that aren’t listed yet. First, ask the older generation who have lived in your area a long time if they know. You can also ask people in your community who might already get spring water such as people at a health food store or at a farmers market. Another great option is to view A US forest service map, where many springs have been marked. You can view these maps through the Gaia GPS or All Trails hiking apps on your phone. The map overlay you want is USGS Topo. Not all are easily accessible or ideal for drinking, but some are and it can be a fun adventure to find them. We have found over half a dozen great springs this way.

Once you’ve found your spring, figure out how you are going to gather the water. Is it right on the side of the road and easy to access or do you have to hike to it? We recommend storing spring water in glass instead of plastic to preserve the purity of the water. It is better for the environment, your body, and the water. Even BPA free plastic has toxic chemicals that can leach into water and cause health issues. If you do want to use plastic for safety reasons when filling at the spring, we recommend transferring the water to glass as soon as possible. FindASpring is sponsored by Alive Waters, which offers beautiful reusable glass. They have a 2.5 gallon option, which is a convenient size for carrying that isn’t too heavy. They also sell handles that you can use to transport the jugs even more easily. If you have to hike to access the spring, we recommend putting the water jugs into an extra large backpack to hike the water out with ease. We use Osprey packs that hold 2 jugs each. You can also use a wheelbarrow or even a stroller depending on how easy a walk it is.

Filling 2.5 Gallon Alive Waters Jug

When you get to the spring, remember to first give back before you take. Springs are considered sacred in indigenous cultures around the world for their life giving water and also as a connection to the inner earth. A powerful and simple way to give back is to clean up. Is there any trash that needs to be collected? Could you move any dead leaves or sticks to improve the flow rate? Show up in service. Some other wonderful ways to give is with a moment of expressing verbal gratitude, singing songs to the water, offering the water an ethically sourced crystal, a feather, or some other physical gift. Flowers are a popular and beautiful thing to offer, but please be careful to source organic ones as most flowers from the store are sprayed with pesticides and can be toxic to put near a spring. Also, flowers can attract bugs as they decay, so it can be best to offer them to the flowing water directly or a little downstream from the spring head.

When gathering the water, fill the jug as close to the spring head as possible, never gather downstream. Be very careful as wet glass is extremely slippery. Make sure the lid is securely fastened. When transporting the spring water home, the jugs can sometimes slide around the car. Secure them in place or wrap them with towels or something so they don’t crash into each other.

How you store your spring water is essential. It is not pasteurized like spring water from the store, so it will start growing algae if left in direct sunlight. This is good because it means it’s alive! If the water you drink can’t even support the most basic life forms, how do you think it will support your body? Store your water in a cool, dark place such as a dark corner, pantry or closet. The fridge is ideal if you have room. Some people prefer to filter their water through a Berkey filter before drinking, but if the spring is pure, it’s not necessary. We drink our spring water completely unfiltered.

How long the water stays good for depends on how cold a temperature it’s stored at. Spring water is best fresh. We personally do not prefer to drink spring water past 2 weeks old. However, we know other people that will drink it at a month old. It’s great to get in a rhythm where you know how long the water lasts you and put your collection day on the calendar in advance.

I believe that water is calling us to reconnect with her in the deepest way, to gather our own water. Just like our ancestors did. Our ancestors didn’t have fancy water machines. They also didn’t create villages or settle where there was no water. Water was revered as the center of the community and the nodal point around which life could spiral out and take root.

Here’s to restoring the sacred connection with the waters of life.

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