Lithium Spring, Lithium, MO

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It is a highly mineralized spring, more like water for healing…Not your everyday drinking water but will definitely start to heal you. I drink it every once in a while, additionally to my regular Spring water from Mountain Valley Spring.

Nearest Address

Lithium ,MO

Directions from Nearest Address

From St. Louis, MO 270 S to 55 S, Exit off on Brewer (take Left), come to a T_bone in the road (take right), then there will be a sign on the left hand side of the road that points to Lithium take that (which is a right) and then look for marker 922 (take left), and there will be a road marker 921, (take this) and your there! I know kind of lengthy directions but I promise you’ll get there! It’s very country out there!

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Submitted by: Debi Dibella


  1. Thanks for this information! Are there any other springs in Missouri? I am moving just outside St. Charles, MO. and would love to have more options. Thanks! Lydia

  2. Just visited today, and am sitting across the road from the gazebo. There is a water analysis from earlier in 2018 attached to a post on the gazebo saying total coliform and e.coli are present, and the water is unsuitable for drinking purposes.

    I wouldn’t have drank from it anyway. Flow from a pipe in the back corner was covered in algae and the gazebo clearly hasn’t been maintained.

  3. Can I collect water to take home when I get there? I don’t want to travel all that way if I can’t take some home with me 🙂 I’m new to this whole spring water thing so I just wanted to check! Thanks.

  4. 10/12/2015 –Nice serene place, good flow of water, tasty spring water. PH 8.0-8.2, alkalinity greater than 240 ppm, and hardness (CaCo3) greater than 425 ppm (or 25 gpg) —

  5. When I went to this spring I was afraid to drink from it. It wasn’t flowing but in a well type of thing with lots of moss and leaves in it. I was afraid it was contaminated as there just wasn’t any movement and I suspect a lot of run off would get into it.

  6. I was just there today, and yes, it is a lovely spring. The directions stated though are misleading.
    Everything is correct up until the sign for lithium. The turn for Lithium is to the left, and the sign is on the right hand side of the road.
    When you finally find 922, which is about 4 miles or so down, it is a turn to the right. The road will curve through a very small township, you will pass a few houses, a sign for a baptist church, and cross a very small bridge over a creek. Right after crossing the bridge, you will see 921 on the left, and the spring is there on the right, covered by a white gazebo.
    It is amazingly lovely, and used by locals.
    If in doubt about directions, just go to lithium, and find someone to ask.

  7. PCR 921, lithium, MO. Visited on 3/29/2014.

    This place is around 4 miles off i55. Grep for “blue spring lane” if PCR921 did not work in GPS app.

    Here’s the route: Take the M highway from i55 towards Lithium and roll for around 4 miles and then take right to PCR 922, then left at PCR921. Water is fresh and flowing all through the year. Its so country around the place. Water tastes good. Hoping to find more springs around St. Louis

  8. The directions are wrong from above. Take Brewer exit off hwy 55 south, turn left. At stop sign go right. Then make left on M which says to “Lithium”. About 2 miles turn left on 922, then left on 921 and spring is on the right covered by white Gazebo. Also a small playground next door for the kids. The water tastes amazing. 🙂

  9. I just visited this spring on 9/01/13, it’s alive and well. The water is cold and clear. Very refreshing on a typically hot day. There’s a neat building around the source to add a nice touch and shade. I’d add pictures if I could figure out how to edit them in here. It’s quite picturesque.

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