Saratoga Spring, Saratoga Springs, NY



Within Saratoga Spa State Park. Parking lot and pavilion hosting 4 free-flowing spigots. A fifth spigot serves a sulfurous-smelling mineral water.

Filling station is most convenient, however there are many mineral springs in the State Park allowing water collection.

Spring Data:

45 degrees F
ph 6.8
TDS 175.5 ppm

TDS Breakdown taken from posted sign:
Sodium 3.00
Potassium 0.15
Calcium 32.00
Magnesium 4.40
Iron 0.40
Bicarbonate 104.00
Chloride 4.50
Silica 5.00
Sulfate 22.00
Other traces elements
Total TDS 175.5

48 degrees F
ph 7.4
TDS unknown

Nearest Address

Saratoga Spa State Park and Avenue of the Pines

Directions from Nearest Address

Less than one mile heading south from downtown Saratoga Springs on Route 50. Make left at 4-way traffic light intersection onto Avenue of the Pines. Take second driveway on left across from the Saratoga Automobile Museum. Travel 200 feet to pavilion and parking.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 175.5
  • Temp: 45° F
  • pH: 6.8

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Saratoga Spring Map

Submitted by: Jahrun Chilam Balam


  1. Hi, I get the spring water from Saratoga Spring, something has changed in the flavor of the water, what has been your experience recently ?

  2. There are many different springs in the park.. Some have different flavors/aspects to them, but the one mentioned here is the clear water spring that most people fill jugs for their home unusual taste to it–just clear drinking water.

  3. I grew up near these springs. Each spring in the park has a different flavor and some are naturally carbonated. A true delight!

  4. The spring inside Saratoga springs state park is awesome, easy to find and totally open throughout the year. Just go down avenue of the pines into the park, make a right at the first fork in the road and it is soon after on the right!

  5. This spring is now CLOSED the park says it is down for maintenance but within the last year has been closed three times. It appears the spa park and city of Saratoga have lowered its priority and do not budget for its repair. Reopening details unknown. 11/16

  6. I used to work on Geyser Road and I would stop at this spring almost every day. It is supposed to be confined aquifer sweet spring water. I love the taste and I hope it never runs dry.

    Just across Rt 50 on Geyser road is the Saratoga Water bottling facility.

  7. Love visiting and doing our spring tastings! Bring your honey and a couple of champagne glasses. Drive around and try all the springs in Saratoga, I think there are eight. Bring some large “coke” type bottles to bring the carbonated water home. You must try the baths as well, ever have a bath in carbonated water before?

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